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    Soy un argentino con la mejor onda, pero no te atrevas a provocarme, porque la venganza sera terrible.
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    Bs. As. , Argentina
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    ..er.....Jedi Knight 2??
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    unemployed :(

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  1. My time has come, my time to leave the forums. Im very sorry, sorry becouse i have been here for a very short time and i couldnt get to know all of you better. Sorry for wasting Rogue`s time, and sorry for asking stupid english/grammar questions:D Well, i was very pleased to meet you all, you give me a warm welcome when i arrived, so i appreciate that. The only reason i have to leave this place is becouse i found a better one, a JK2 forum of my own country...and with it´s own server!! I won`t be called "laggy" again:p Bue i will come to visit u once in a while, becouse u showed me that there are no obstacles such us distance to make friends and know nice peple. To Rogue Nine: don`t worry, "I will become a Jedi, I promise" Thanx for your time. To all of u: See u soon:) [align=right]Honestly, Dark Luke.[/align]
  2. oh, thats my little secret:D u`ll know when the right moment comes....
  3. Ok, knowing that.... Please!! someone with a kind heart (and lots of credits...) make a nice act and donate some to me:) Thnx! (i wanna change my username damn:( )
  4. Question: How many times can i ask for a kind donation? (i wanna change my user name i have few credits:( )
  5. Personally, i do not like aimal avs, like kittyes and little dogs..i don`t know...i hate that. Yur sig it´s ok, but is a little confusing the ">" thing... SAlu2
  6. I enjoy playing games (PC & Gamecube), i think is the only thing i can do forever and never get tired or bored. I like drawing to, in paper as in photoshop, i enjoy both. Soccer is one of my hobbies too, i do not play it as often as i did in the past, but i like the sport. I´m not a big reader, but if theres a book i find interesting, i can read the whole book without stoping. SAlu2
  7. HL i one of the greatest FPS of all times, al least the PC version....PS-version may be different, but the essence of the game is the same. The story is really good, in my opinion, a common scientist starts an experiment, including other dimenson voyages, and he gets involved in a journey, full of big monsters and stupid colegues:D I really enjoyed the game, i played several times and i didn`t find it boring, u might discover things u did´t check last time u play. (like where is going that damn G-Man:mad: ) The graphics has no matches for today games, but it has a nice ambience (?) If u have the money and like FPS games, buy it:) SAlu2
  8. Hello everybody, i know i showed up late, but better late tahn never, right? What do u thing?, my av is at sight, and here is my sig: well?
  9. I have a simple question about mods: Which mod is to JO, like Counter-Strike is to Half-Life? ( i´m really a begginer so i wanna know if there is a mod that i should be aware of...) That´s all! Thanx
  10. Thanx 4 that bilbo, i alrready check that out, but it`s gonna take me some time to get along with all that moves, considering the fact that i do not have the game in home, and the whole explanations are in english:D But i´ll do my best:) SAlu2
  11. C´mon, it was my first time....AND THEY WERE KICKING MY ASS!!! Anyway...i´m just a noob, it´ll take me time to be as good as other players out there...the thing is, i don`t have much time to play games...this whole university thing is consuming me... Anyway...i hope to meet one of u in a MP game sometime, that would be great, and u can teach me some nice moves too:D SAlu2
  12. Que los cumplas, feliz, que los cumplas feliz!, que los cumplas Hekx Noxu, que los cumplas, feliz! Hehe, Happy Bday from the Latin guy:D How old are u? SAlu2
  13. The other day i was finally able to play an inet game...i was so happy u know...my very first online game of JO....the thing is...i sucked... First of all, i couldn`t acomplish a single frag, they keep flying over me and stabbing me from behind... But that`s not it, i started to lag....i fire some lighting and the animation begins 2 sec after i press the button... They start calling me "laggy" or something....and finally, they voted me out:( Should i try again? This first experience was really awful... SAlu2
  14. That´s right, i always combine skins with saber color... SAlu2
  15. "mmmm......Oreos..." I L O V E that cookies...but they are just so expensive in my country:( I whish i could eat it every day... SAlu2 PS: i do not eat them with milk....i do not know why
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