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  1. no no no no dont even go there, we had thread after thread about BF vs GC! lol
  2. oh lol this is hilarious! but im not sure if hes serious or not? lol i want jedi, wah wah wah mommy it has no jedi boo for you. People have been crying out foir a game where you play just a regular old soldier. Yes there were jedi in the clone wars battle, the battle on genosis isnt the only battkle that happens in the clone wars, the jedi were there to rescue anakin and obi wan and stop dooku. There are battles going on all the time with out the jedi, onlty a small fraction of the battles would have involved jedi
  3. good idea, You cant win all the battles, but you should still be able to win the campaign, or have a major effect to the next battle because you failed to win, kinda like a penalty
  4. yeah i have heard some great stories from Hoth and Endor
  5. So what is your greatest/most fun/best moment? whether you were crushed, or crushed your oppenant or done some thing a little different. So whats your greatest SWBF moment
  6. well? *sits with headset on* *camo paint on my face* * shakes mouse*
  7. **somewhere on Bespin, Darth Vader battles Supershadow** George Lucas never told you about episode 7, 8, 9 supershadow He told me everything No supershadow, there is no 7 8 or 9! noooooooooooooooooo!!!
  8. well it wont anymore cos it keeps being delayed
  9. down at fragglerock ... *hums the tune*
  10. Yoda sez : Two there are, impossible to compare y'all
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