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  1. wow, im surprised the ja modelling communitys still alive. dont get me wrong its a good thing, cause im thinking of getting back into it all. models looking tight as always hapslash
  2. interesting... if this gets done i might just get back into JA, and star wars gaming in general, its lookin like its goona be a tight model!!
  3. pfft. you forgot darth trask man! what are you thinking
  4. i hope they make t3-m4 a bit betterer. NO USELESS CHARACTERS!! and i hope they focus a little more on you as a main character, instead of this bastila is more important then you! more character creation options, when i was a soldier, i rathered run around in my underwears then the uniform at the start! the side quests seemd to have no depth and there just wasnt enough of the blasted things... but at the same time if they changed bugger all, i could play it for not even hours, weeks on end!
  5. this model may very well get me to re-install ja! it looks so sick!
  6. im excited, im presuming the question of being excited was actually a rehtorical(sp?) question. and you were so excited yourself you just had to share with us forum goers of your excitement... i could be wrong though
  7. i think trask killed her on his climb to sithlord
  8. maybe t3's in it with trask! im going to kill that damn droid when i get my hands on TSL
  9. your first post on these boards were just smileys???
  10. dumb idea but... perhaps its a mandalorian flag, as the rakata were having trouble with mandalorians and stuff.
  11. oh pussies, i meant it as in pussy cats not the other thing. i didnt want it ot be offensive or anything
  12. i feel stupid but... what language? i didnt think i used any!
  13. wouldnt it also be illogical. say if manaan had a deathmatch arena it wouldnt make sense with them trying to be non violent pussies and all that. or how would a place like kashyyk get one with their lack of technology?
  14. well in theory wouldnt it be potential marketing suicide to put it out just after christmas?
  15. i went sith marauder cause it sounds cool, but since i voted like 10 seconds ago my mind has changed several times
  16. another advantage of a harddrive is the custom soundtracks! i have like hundrds and hundreds of songs on my xbox!
  17. i support australia cause i live here im not going to watch this years. i only watched the 2000 ones cause they were in sydney. why the f#$% would you want to watch overgrown women swin laps of a pool though?? especially some of the chinese swimmers, theyre scary.
  18. i have an odd feeling that Revan could be returning. i dont know how... but my reasoning why is the fact you faught along side him in the mandalorian wars but then again thats coming from my mouth. so its just speculation(sp?) at the present
  19. you insipid fools! isnt it obvious that the sith in the mask is trask!
  20. im sorry but i too would have to agree with achilles here, its definently Trask! besides malak was the most pussified sithlord ever! a gizka could do a better job!
  21. too bad lucas arts and obsidian arent an aussie company, its the last month of winter here
  22. exciting info indeed... i hope father christmas brinds me TSL instead of coal this year
  23. Dont do that!!! if you do ill never get to play TSL!!!
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