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  1. im gunna have to hold you to that!!! you rock man!
  2. why dont you create a new thread in the skinning showcase forum? thats bound to get it skinned by someone
  3. already finished?!? did you jsut use qui-gon or obi wan or windus robes?!? if not... WOW!!! id offer to skin it, but i cant im too crap and lazy
  4. how goes work on his head? cause it was looking good enough for me as was.... sort of (needed hair hehehe)
  5. Crowy

    Yun WIP

    aww i wanted screenies and i cant see any!! can somebody post some new ones?
  6. you are releasing them right??? cause they kick royal butt!!
  7. maybe hes putting finnishingtouches to the model YEAH THATS IT!!! if so i didnt pee my pants for nothing!!!
  8. I TOTALLY CANT WAIT FOR A PLO KOON!!! the way things are going hteres gunna be the whole high council soon!!!
  9. im new to this forum, but i could telll that everything here is quickly labelled, and iwas sure i seen an actual part of this forum called model requests..... SHOWCASING DOESNT MEAN SHOWCASING YOUR IDEAS FOR MODELS DOES IT?
  10. Quinlan vos totally rocks... he should have his own game by now... he kicks total ass... this model when released to the public to me will be a valued treeasure in the jk2 community!!!
  11. wow i totally cant wait, im a huge fan if eeth koth
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