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  1. i say prositiute the buggers out to kinky people and be a selkath pimp and rake in the credits
  2. In kotor 1 i was darkside all the way, apart form my initial game. I love the ls story, but ds credits were so much easier to come by! As for the sith lords, i dont know ill probably play it by ear and do lightside first again... but who knows!
  3. if you like jedi academy so much why dont you just play that kotor 2 is a role playing game.... and brilliant in ways that jedi academy will never be and vice versa...
  4. well my theory was if he wanted a bastila nude he may be stupid enough to delete the textures folder
  5. *officially seconds the motion of porting a male twi'lek
  6. the saying is actually pulling your swollen big toe
  7. id say you shouldnt cause this guy gave it to you in confidence. You should respect that, for all you know if you say too much it could cost this guy his job!
  8. personaly even though he was weak id love to see darth bandon... oooh oooh!!! or jolee bindo!!!
  9. i tihnk you have to use force persuade or mention the life debt or sometihng.... dont quote me on that though my memory is vague at best
  10. perhaps in mod view you get wookiee style break dancing??? looks excellent though
  11. i reckon ill play a character that kills the bad guys the first time... then ill probly be hte guy that kills anything that defies... then i might be the girl.... who knows
  12. you delete the file folder called textures
  13. im more then thrilled... im borderline obsessed with the fact theres a new kotor coming out, im usually just to lazy to express myself
  14. but would a jedi have time to polish his boots THAT well?
  15. awesome stuff that, cant wait to see her in game!
  16. it looks excellent, the boots texture looks a little bright "well for one thing. if i wore a kilt, i wouldnt wear highly polished boots" - - guybrush threepwood
  17. by far the useless to me and my style of playing would have been mission... t3-m4 was great due to his hacking skills... all she done was whinged about her brother or zaalbar at the start. and carth was great with cassus' armor and blaster, but he had such a negative sh*tty attitude on everything. trissk or whatever was annoying too... but he wasnt a main character so that doesnt really count
  18. well rodians would probably say the exact same thing about humans
  19. im not sure if it will work but do the genoharodan quests if im right doing one of their missions will possibly spawn a few tachs... but as everyone else says it isnt worth the time doin the quest for griff
  20. are you cheating.... cause i know some people who cheated had to restart as they couldnt go to dantooine it sounds like sometihng else though
  21. just out of curiousity does it have the ojp tags??
  22. its awesome i will be strongly looking forward to its release.. To doggy: If you tihnk it could be better why dont you go and try modelling out for yourself. Then you may find out how hard it really is... you should be grateful for any model you get! mo0dellers are a rare breed of people and they deserve respect as they devote their own time trying to make models not just for themselves, but for the whole community! Personally i tihnk its really good quality... great job!
  23. looks awesome dude!!! totally f$#%ing awesome!!!
  24. welcome back kevin great news you have!! and ben kenobis new head is amazing!!
  25. i dont know about you but i havent seen any activity here for 2 or 3 months... if theres an update the modeller himself will post... i doubt he will be sitting at home going "hmm now that doggy mentions it ive completely finished the model" reviving old threads does nothing for anyone
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