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  1. Crowy

    ROTJ luke

    hey perfect jamie, welcome back... looks very interesting, ill be keeping my eye in this one
  2. holy heartfailiure batman!!! thats some insane looking stuff
  3. i was amazed with the hilt... then i seen the models! great work on everything!!!
  4. im not sure if its just me but the heads skin looks lighter than the rest of the suit, or maybe a different shade of blue... i duno
  5. WTF!?! how the hell could you have registered in january in 1970!? i know its off topic and all... but WHATS GOIN ON!!??
  6. Crowy

    FF10 Auron

    i remember that one i tihnk actually, and the skin was done in like... ms paint or something
  7. keep travelling to planets with her in your party you should run into someone, it happened to me on manaan. although its been a long time since i played it
  8. Crowy

    FF10 Auron

    nah its cool, alot of people make this mistake, welcome to the forums
  9. Crowy

    FF10 Auron

    wrong thread dude, post in the editing requests forum, this is for showcasing work only
  10. Crowy

    Darth Malak

    HOLY SMOKES BATMAN!! ITS BETTER LOOKING THAN MALAK IN KOTOR!!! seriously ksk you should pat yourself on your back
  11. pretty spiffy dude, do you need any beta testers or anytihng??? ive been waiting for this model for a long time! also... about your malak, i know nothing about modelling but if i remember correctly with the old mandalorian model the hands werent weighted correctly.... is there any way of you to fix that and the bot files... cause we got sort of a pack shaping out here by you..
  12. yeah id like it, i play ja, and ive never seen this thing before, zappa has a point
  13. theres hundreds try nemos corpse in the first star map on dantooine
  14. unless you have destroy droid that destroys anything that is even semi droidable
  15. i cant see the model cause the pictrues arent showing up, but if its alucard IM THERE!!
  16. well in the xbox version on manaan where the air locks are you have to go in them alone down in the kolto base thing or whatever it is.. i know that if you strip your party off and go back in you can clone their stuff. but im sure you would know that
  17. i hope you arent just going to have blaster and launcher tags! what if your using chewbacca as say.... lowbacca or a jedi wookie of some other name!?!
  18. more side quests more freedom more customising of the main character... more than 20 levels of levelling up with more abilities... better looking jedi robes!
  19. i would much rather kotor, no lamers for starters
  20. this looks awesome, any idea on release dates and stuff??
  21. Crowy

    Darth Malak

    i whole heartedly agree with cosmos on this one. however my reasons are i have a 56k and big file sizes take too long, and malaks not a ninja so he doesnt belong in this pack, and im usually not interested in heaps and heaps of non starwars models but its still your work, and im just offering my opinion. excellent work though
  22. i got an idea what about if it were darth revan and malak.... just kidding!!! revan and vader??
  23. snatch any of the lotr series any star wars movies zoolander yeah right! any 411vm... anytihng to do with REAL skateboarding training day fallen any bruce lee movies haggard any marvel besides the hulk spawn hellsing trigun cky any adam sandler movie lock stock and two smoking barrells the matrix(plus reloaded/revolutions/animatirx) every anime ive seen besides perfect blue... that was just weird and pirates of the carribean
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