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  1. Okay, cool... Hopefully the new version will work. The previous versions worked just fine, both in menus and in-game. That's pretty much how it looks everywhere... When I click on secbase i get Mon Mothma and the Death Star plans but no text what so ever...
  2. But the problem is, when I enter the game i get no language at all... All forms of text in the menus are gone... How do I fix this? Most swedes know english, so I don't think that would be a problem, I just want to know how I get english text in the game... As of now there is none. Clarification: The problem isn't the language, the problem is a complete lack of text. With that said, I would still be open to help out if needed
  3. It would be awesome to help out, but I can see no text at all when I play the game... What would I need to do to get english text?
  4. Hey guys, as usual I love your work, and what I managed to see of it I loved, however... I didn't want to continue playing since I had no text in any menu, hence, it was pretty difficult to understand it. Any simple solution to this? If not, I'm okay with waiting for the updated version, however I managed to play a bit of Secbase and to my amazement it looked even better than in the last demo... I love ya'll!
  5. So, the second demo is still coming? Cause I would still love to play it...
  6. By the way, (I know I'm both double-posting and OT'ing myself but) does anyone have a picture of the "Ewok's Suck" easter egg? Seems the one picture I found earlier on the web has imploded and is now nowhere to be found... Thanks in advance.
  7. I don't really know how this place turned out to be about everything but the beloved mod it is based on, but how is the second (and now painfully obviously the last) demo going? I thought it was close to finished? If you wrap it up, you can officially close the mod if needed, but I just want to hear something from you guys! You still kick the major ass and have still released the best mod (quality-wise) ever.
  8. Saw the news post... Well, thanks for five kickass years you guys! I mean the community was almost as awesome as the mod in itself, in that you got so many people cheering for you and maybe it was a bit inevitable for a mod of this quality to die... But I still can't wait for the third demo
  9. Yeah, how are you guys doing? Don't die on us!
  10. Super to hear that you guys are making any form of progress
  11. Glad to see an update guys, although your site is down atm... You still do great work!
  12. I'm sorry if this sounds arrogant, but I think people are wondering since the website isn't updated. I think, if you would update it a bit more frequently (and maybe a bit more graphically) people would get that you guys are alive and kickin', therefore the rumor will spread and you guys will get guys to help out with the mod... On the other hand, to update you need to show something, and to have something to show you need people working on it, and to find people you need to update... Bad circle going on... I just mean that the forums are more dead than ever, and they definately did not use to be.
  13. MOTS had the same sort of level design as JK in that it was about finding/thinking first, killing second. JO is all about killing and no thinking at all. I never had any problems in JO, and never freezed or thought "crap, what am I supposed to do here?", unless I died over and over because an enemy was too hard... Just hack & slash...
  14. Definately worse than MOTS. Mots at least had the same complexity in levels and not just tons of stuff to kill... Jedi Academy was more fun than Jedi Outcast, and I appreciate the length of the game... So, yeah... Jedi Outcast is the worst by far.
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