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  1. ThunderPeel, in GF max appears too, in Toto's tatoo parlor, when your'e in the back room you can see a poster of him . Max is very famous I see .
  2. Rofl maybe you have a point, but I actually enjoyed the length of the dialogs mostly lol. However I found the game too short (!). maybe it's the puzzlees being a little easy, but I finished the game in 3 sittings (One being a very long sitting in the middle of the night lol). Also some of the chapters before last were very short.
  3. Oh I so wish Amazon would send games to israel! I have GF (the boxed version) but I lost the box and this game means a lot to me, it's in 1st place together with TLJ . However that's not urgent, but I don't have CMI and would like to. Ah well.. Arg! Play.com dont send to israel either... Woot! I just found Discworld Noir in an israeli site! I've been looking for that. No price visible though.... lol
  4. Lol sarah, how can you wait a year to replay this wonder? About the rating, well, there isn't any difference between the games, except possibly compatibility issues, so maybe just a confusion, 3 year olds shouldn't play this game lol, and probably woudn't cause they'd get bored, cause the story is defiently deep and sometimes confusing. Even a friend my age (I"m 14), didn't get it all. Anyway, I agree that also the witch would scare the heck out of young kids, it's so well done. Hell, it scared the heck out of me too! Like those websites that scream after a while, only better and much mo
  5. I agree entirely, there are many war simulators out there, and even if this is the best one, it's far from original. Did noone ever think of a war simulator? Sure they did. So nothing new but how the idea is implemented, and that better be damn good if it wins. TLJ2 is a more original game because of it's story and new attemp at 3d graphics, but they can't really have a sequel win, lol, but I'm sure that even though it's a sequel, Ragnar thought of some of the most original things you could possibly imagine for it. So bassically, yeah, I agree. Lol, just noticed it's you marek!
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