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  1. I can't help but think you're both being ignorant. Some people enjoy playing saber only as this is really the only online game where you can use the saber system. I enjoy fighting others with saber only, in an FFA without someone shooting a rocket in to the middle. That being said, on the servers I play on if anyone decided to DFA.. they've be quickly picked off by the others. I enjoy saber only, but I also enjoy using guns for siege and CTF. FFA is free for all, it doesn't say anything about how the game is shipped or whether it's saber only. If he wanted a duel, you should have just given him a saber only duel and beaten him JA+ sucks though.. new moves, grapple hooks and chatbox protect. Jesus christ, whoever made that mod deserves to be shot.
  2. I',m not sure if this is a bug or just a nice touch but when using force mod 2 final beta if you fire a rocket at a bot on jedi master skill when they use force push and push it back at you, you see to use force push and push it back at them. This happens except I don't think u lose any force. This works when using the jetpack and when not. If it's a bug you might just wanna have a look into it. Thx for the great work!!!
  3. Oops... forgot to add my e-mail it's robbie_mcm@hotmail.com
  4. Hey Azymn, I've been a religious follower since ForceMod 2 beta 1 and it's my favourite mod! I was just wondering if it's possible for me to be on the list for beta 3? Thanks if you put me on and thanks for the great work even if you don't!
  5. I just wanted to know is there an oficial site where we can check up on all the updates made and the bugs you've fixed, one where we will also be able to download it from after you are finished. I love this mod, it's great my friend came and played it and wanted to download it for his game straight away!
  6. Someone help me, I'm trying to install the game on windows XP home edition and it comes up with this error when its on 2% of installation. Component: Game File Group: Game Files File: D:\GameData\GameData\Base\assets1.pk3 Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check) Someone please help me... I'm desperate. I love this game! :(
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