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  1. So, I've got a friend using a mac (poor guy), and he recently got JKA for mac. He installed it and what-not, and SP works fine. However, when he loads up MP and tries to connect to a server, it goes to the "Awaiting Gamestate" screen, then the game just crashes (no error message or anything). He's installed the 1.01 patch, he's tried lowering video settings to bare minimum, and nothing works. Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time, GOB
  2. Hey all, I just got a new pc, and installed JK2/3 on it today. However, when I start up a mp game, it closes out after it finishes loading the server. No error message or anything, just closes out without a trace... any help would be GREATLY appreciated... Gabe
  3. GOB1029

    add npcs

    well, soon after posting, i remembered how, but i am still having trouble. i have downloaded a darth vader skin, and i'm trying to make a vader npc. i made an "extras.npc" file, and added the info, the npc name being "rebornvader" and the model being the same thing. it had the shape of the model, but the grey/white colors for the skins. there is no error in the path as far as i know of, and i don't know how to fix this. there are other npcs that i have added that do the same.
  4. GOB1029

    add npcs

    i'll just get to the point...how do i ADD npcs? i can edit them, but i can't just ADD them. all help is welcome!
  5. GOB1029


    i need a little help, please. everytime i try to play Jedi Outcast, it pops up and says: Z_Free(): Corrupt zone header! if anybody can help, please do!
  6. HA! maybe this time ive got one! after you take over the person's body, if you type "setforceall 0", after the effect wears off, you will stay as that person until they get killed.
  7. oh. guess i dont get any jelly beans.
  8. Okay, this will either sound really stupid if it's already known, but if it isnt, then i deserve a HUGE mound of jelly belly jelly beans. If you type "setforceall 9" in the console, whenever you use the Jedi Mind Trick on an opponent, instead of just temporarily having them on your side, you control them, like with the droid controls or the "control {npc name}" code. I thought this was extremely cool myself, and i hope it hasnt been discovered so i didnt just waste a lot of finger movement.
  9. It's me again. I recently downloaded a really cool multiplayer map from jk2files.com, but whenever i go to play it in SP, it starts the saber-bar thingy, but then it goes back to the menu with an error that says: Missing sound pack. (see above) and there's nothing above. But, it always does this, and does it on other maps ive downloaded too. Help needed.
  10. Okay, I start up singleplayer, and it shows the console, then goes to the full screen game, but only for a half-second. It immediatly goes back to the beginning console with this error message: Z_Free(): Corrupt zone header! if someone could help me out, i sure would appreciate it!
  11. GOB1029


    Whenever I try to start a new single player game, it give me this at the console: ERROR: filename length > MAX_QPATH ( strlen(Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast/GameData/skins/models/) = 75) if someone could help me out here, i'd really appreciate it. I tried shortening the folder names and stuff to the C:\Games thing, but it still refuses to work. Help need desperately!
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