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  1. Master Swordsman, Master Pikeman, 4040 Medic... Though I'm thinking of switching some of those Pikeman skills out for TK...
  2. Well... I'm really thinking of dropping Musician... I'm not a Master right now... I used the respec to get X'ero to 4/4/4/0 in Swordsman... Right now he's 4/3/4/4 Musician, and Master Entertainer still.
  3. I thought there was more news on Atali? Huh? Huh?!
  4. X'ero still wears that green and black outfit... Except lately I've been in my Clone Armor (I love you, Tebra!)
  5. Eh, the CU was dissapointing at first, but I'm getting used to it... I'm not a fan of the forced grouping, but eh, it'll be fun once my friends get their computers up.. Right now they can only play at LAN centers.
  6. Good show, Corzip! It'll be on a Saturday... Grrr, I hope it's not after 6PM EST..
  7. X'ero's always been single, so don't feel bad. It's not like Tebra, Imreanna, Atali or any of your other cahracters I don't know about have to have a husband!
  8. Both, Jan. We're going to do our best to put on a huge show... and hopefully the show will give the devs something to think about...
  9. All you non entertainers can watch, too. It's not an entertainer only thing. Basically we all run in a huge group to a ton of cantinas across the galaxy!
  10. Cantina Crawl 18 The next Cantina Crawl is on Starsider! Tebra/Imreanna, I hope you'll join me in this!! May 21st.
  11. No cellphone (yet... But I will be getting a T-Mobile Sidekick 2 soon!). MSN = xeroanarian@verizon.net I've been busy the last few days, but These next few days I'll be on! I got suspended from work... lol... I looked at the schedule wrong and didn't show up to work last Saturday...
  12. Congrats. I still need to master swordsman, as well as Freelance Pilot.
  13. THe only thing I like about WoW is that you don't see trees just appear in front of you. They're already loaded. But SWG's trees are more realistic and the environments look better. WoW is boring, anyways.
  14. I read that. But I won't be happy until it's put into affect and I try it, and like it.
  15. Musician wise, I mean. I'll be gone in the field of entertainment. I'll just drop all my skills. The game is still fun, I just hate what they want to do to my beloved profession... That's what I meant, Corzip.
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