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  1. Um for my avatar, i didnt want the same pic as in the sig i ment the other one that had nevermind ill post it again Thats the pic that i ment and remember i want the guy in the red hat
  2. O and when you do it, can you make two versains that say "Rex Raptor" (That you already now) and "Dino Ryukazi"
  3. Ill give you half my points if ya send me the text font file and make the picture of rex be non transparent (if ya can do that) and also change the letters from green to the same as you did for father torque Edit: o and ill evven send you another half if you make me a avatar with the first pic i gave you (like i said the guy in the red hat) and matrix code letters moving down
  4. or if not you cant do that pic than you can use this pic instead oh ya sorry for the double posting !!!
  5. Ill pay you if you make me one? Just make me a the same same as Torque said except i want the name to be written "Rex Raptor" and the picture to be is this and want the guy in the big red hat not that little green dude and you should resize it also if ya want extra points like all my points that i have pm the font file of that matrix font text you put in torques sig pic
  6. Well topshot it wasnt really supposed to say "Tk-99" but Rex Raptor because i use the name Rex Raptor on a diff forum
  7. So hows that sig going topshot?
  8. I dont really care just something cool
  9. ya i know you made me one dark but i want to have two sigs of that oh ya and i dont want this image in my sig pic its way too comon and i dont want it in the sig
  10. Can someone make me a sig pic that says Rex Raptor in and use these pics Website 1 Website 2 -Thanks
  11. yo i want to save the avatar shoemaker made me but i can only save it as a bmp and i want to save it as a gif?
  12. Watching this war on iraq made me watch the movie ''Hot Shots 2'' for some reason because saddam dies in it, i think
  13. OMG, hes 27 and hes been on tv too this is sorta funny tv
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