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  1. Originally posted by Dark Moon





    Hope you like em' TK! As for the font, go to http://www.themeworld.com

    and search for miltown!


    I'll appreciate any points you can spare...

    Um for my avatar, i didnt want the same pic as in the sig i ment the other one that had nevermind ill post it again


    Thats the pic that i ment and remember i want the guy in the red hat

  2. Ill give you half my points if ya send me the text font file and make the picture of rex be non transparent (if ya can do that) and also change the letters from green to the same as you did for father torque


    Edit: o and ill evven send you another half if you make me a avatar with the first pic i gave you (like i said the guy in the red hat) and matrix code letters moving down

  3. Originally posted by Dark Moon



    Torque how do ya like it?


    BTW, could I have some points for my sig image? Thanks if you can...

    Ill pay you if you make me one?


    Just make me a the same same as Torque said except i want the name to be written "Rex Raptor" and the picture to be is this09.jpg and want the guy in the big red hat not that little green dude and you should resize it also


    if ya want extra points like all my points that i have pm the font file of that matrix font text you put in torques sig pic

  4. Originally posted by topshot

    Me likes it alot! Thanks, man! You rock :rock: !


    And Tk-99, I'll give it a shot. I'm not the best at making sig images, but I'll make sure not to include the one you posted earlier. Now what would yah want for text? :D

    I dont really care

    just something cool

  5. Originally posted by Darklighter

    Wish I could help you out TK-99;)


    I must say CoupeS, your work is mighty impressive. How did you manage to get that grated effect in your current av/sig? It utterly rocks ^^;

    ya i know you made me one dark


    but i want to have two sigs of that


    oh ya and i dont want this image in my sig pic ryu.gif

    its way too comon and i dont want it in the sig

  6. Originally posted by whitedragon

    are you kidding me that wasent funney. i want to slap that little kid. excuse me while i go to vent my anger by screaming at the top of my lungs AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


    whew much better:p


    He aint little, hes 27

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