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    Hey, and welcome to the forums
  2. What A bunch of ****! Iraq can just be hiding them or somthin
  3. well when you ppl are posting you should at least add this to the post: when your a boy you should say ''When i would be a girl for a day i would....ect'' but if your a girl you should include ''When i would be a boy for a day i would...ect'' so well all know what you guys are talking about
  4. TK-99

    Usama Dead?

    thought that guy was dead, lol Hes still sticking around i guess
  5. just wondering...........being nude......or with clothes on........lol
  6. If you were a diffrent Gender for day what would you do? If i would be a girl......hmm im not sur yet
  7. my son would be called Rex and my doughter Jessica
  8. lol, its funny but not that funny for some reason
  9. tt shoemake can you make me a matrix scrolling avatar background thing with my avatar that i have know
  10. well... i still need more points for my image sig,than ill worry about getting a glowing name
  11. nice work but were are you getting you ref-images of him when there are barely any of him
  12. nice! you should make his eyebrows a little bigger too
  13. Congrats on your new S-life and hope you dont leaver forever
  14. TK-99


    Its funny couse its true, lol
  15. just ignore the warnings, thats what i do
  16. if they did put it for PC and gave it Multiplayer wouldnt it be just the same as JediOutcast?
  17. Here i made this one day when i was really bored lol
  18. someone should make a new good stormtrooper skin thats better than this one
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