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  1. Coke Card, 79 cents, $ 400 and a few more cards
  2. wow sweet ! wered you get those pics?
  3. TK-99


    i play Force Commander, Clone Campaigns, Warcraft III, Vice City, Unreal tournament 2003
  4. Welcome to the swamp and have fun ^-^
  5. think leia should be the main chara (because shes a jedi)
  6. TK-99


    i like the Dallas Stars even doe i live in toronto
  7. TK-99


    im amazed MOHAA still has 15 servers? its a pretty old game (well for me lol)
  8. TK-99

    Laser quest

    Well it cant be that bad:rolleyes:
  9. goodbye i guess and i hope you had fun here
  10. Welcome to lucasforums Cosmos Jack, hope you have fun
  11. Ya, hold shilf and press the butten left to number 1
  12. TK-99

    Laser quest

    will you guys might not like it but i will still enjoy it until ill be old enough for paint ball, lol
  13. What do you mean ''the lucas way''?
  14. cool thanks, Iv got alot of hacking to do now...lol
  15. its dousnt work Edit: it works now
  16. interesting........Change your msn?
  17. I never heard of her too before
  18. I speak polish at home and English outside of home (My Parents are Polish)
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