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  1. TK-99

    Laser quest

    did your friend get sniped? i get sniped alot when im there
  2. look at my sig and i want stormtroopers in it
  3. no, really it is pretty good, i wish i had that kind of talent. what program do you use? i use Adobe Photoshop
  4. Has anyone ever gone to laser quest, iv went today and played two games. my first score was 780 and was at rank 4 and my second game i never found out my score and rank because i played as a Ghost because i was never on there Database, someone forgot to put me in, lol so i got a free game coupon
  5. Thanks alot, but im still asking teutonicknight for the matrix background in this avatar, but thanks anyways
  6. Wow dvader, thats some sig you got there.your really good
  7. They said that they will release the models when the Dark Forces mods finished
  8. all this war crap is sounding alot like that movie called ''Hot Shots 2'' lol, still im not supportinganyone here because ill ask this ''Douse anybody want World War III to happen?'' and if america douse attack iraq who knows they might attack america back too
  9. Glad youll still be in touch with us
  10. everybody has donated points Seph
  11. True.........America has never really experansided it
  12. i know, that navy model is really good and as so far as all the navy models or skins as thier called that this ones the best detailed one
  13. AH! My head hurts and i still didnt get pass the 6th quistion, i feel so stupid
  14. LoL, cool a space invaders star wars edition
  15. Alot of people could learn alot from this thread
  16. Name: TK-99 Home Planet: Earth Info: A rookie stormtrooper that is still learning and has joined the empire from a very young age Weapons: Rifle Gun
  17. lol, pretty silly spoiler
  18. I was just wondering if the Navy Trooper in the Dark Forces mod would be able for download?
  19. Great! Cant wait till ill be giving donations to this thread as soon as i get a sig pic and a glowing name
  20. you mean doing a jkII demo, not a movie and theres programs out there were you can do demos with them
  21. pretty weird, huh....the french some times dont ever make sense
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