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  1. Ya im interested in those stuff myself, But the most stuff i like about space is aliens and other unkown planets, lol
  2. You could weild a lightsaber while standing when you press the walk butten instaed of the running one and cool Sarafan Raziel im Polish too but instead i dont live in Poland
  3. im 13 and ppl think im 15 sometimes
  4. ya same here, its looks better than the others.The others are just too dark and faded
  5. Are you Carth from KOTHOR
  6. it sux, Both Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft have monthly fees, i hope Lucasarts and Blizzard change thier minds
  7. Hey teutonicknight can you make me a avatar with the matrix background, you can use this image i think you should resize it
  8. @Katarn07:Hey Katarn howbout me? @InsaneSith:okay i didnt just join i just made a new account and i used to go on lucasforums but then stopped and came bac thats all, but when i was a member wit my old account they never had the point system yet
  9. its gonna be qite hard for you to model him with barely any refrence pics, theres barely any out there
  10. i surely want a glowing name can anyone please donate to me, im poor
  11. Death star troopers or Rebel Civs
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