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  1. Welcome aboard, young man! As for me, Big Red Racing and Warcraft II were the first PC games I've played. But I believe that Grim Fandango was the first adventure game on PC (though Maniac Mansion for NES was my absolute first adventure game).
  2. garrythefish> Well, I can't exactly tell if it's official, but the translation and release of the Russian version of Grim Fandango have been issued by the now-discontinued Fargus Multimedia (Фаргус Мультимедия). A familiar friend gave it me when I visited Moscow around ten years ago and I still have it around me. Of course, I've heard rumors of high piracy rate in Russia these days and I'm sceptical whether that Russian version of GF is legal or not.
  3. I've sent you the Russian Grim.tab, let me know if they've been useful to you.
  4. Though it was years ago I've played, I recognize the song. Isn't it called "Hector steps in"? It's also played in other areas, especially when you read the note from Hector in Year 4.
  5. Ah, I remember having that conversation a few times... It makes me wonder how a bug could mess this up...
  6. Hello dear Grim_comician,

    first, excuse me if i'm wasting your time.

    I'm a great fan of grim fandango and i've played it many years ago. recently i got it again, but unfortunately it is italian. I saw in one of the forum's threads that you said you have the english subtitle file, and you'll give it if they PM you. then please, please give me the GRIM.tab file as you said it contains english subtitles.

    I'd really appreciate your kindness.

    Best Wishes

    Vahid (Vahidkh62@gmail.com)

  7. Johnny Thunder, actually. Johnny Rocket belongs to Little Big Adventure 2.
  8. I still haven't forgotten about those memorable characters, the places... the music. I wish there were more of those acoustic guitar tunes that enforces the atmosphere of the empty, peaceful places... They always bring peace to my mind, feeling like it's only me and the nature alone...
  9. I believe it's just a bug, because even I have managed to make a conversation with Domino in the third year a few times of all. I wonder what's the source behind this inaccessibility of the conversation anyway...
  10. I've tried out the metal detector on Toto. He has his own lines about it.
  11. There are more packages than you know! Those 3 packages are just examples presented by Manny. There could be any offers that helps you across the Land of the Dead. We've seen the walking stick, as well as coffin delivery ie. I could imagine bicycles, electric wheelchairs, donkey ride (sadly, they are "whole other bureau"), rocket ride (make your own) and more!
  12. Hehe, I'm planning to contribute with my music videos as well. It's my hobby now, so I'll make sure to release my first one with Grim Fandango this spring. (Earlier if we're lucky) The more fan works, the better attention for GF!
  13. Or not to mention the seven heavens.
  14. Nice map! Is it fan-made, and are also the locations we've never heard of, like Iago mines and Rim Tundra?
  15. I have recently bought Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, and it's exciting with some similar functions like Grim Fandango.
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