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  1. Saddam and Bush are guilty for doing what men have done in their position since the beginning of civilization. The problem isn’t the actions of the men in power the problem is the men in power don’t really represent their people. This is true no matter what country you live in. The difference is how they maintain their power. Saddam did what was necessary to maintain his power in the society he ruled in. Americans if anything are too gentle, because we expect people to do what we think is in their best interest regardless of the reality. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Go the saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.” Or You can give Arabs the chance for a better life, but you can’t make them stop hacking each others heads off. I look at it like this being a Dictator, President, or King whatever is like a big game. The people that know how to manipulate and control the world around them survive. If they make a wrong play they get hung in 30 days. SH should have been more willing to scratch the USAs back again. If so he would still be killing Kurds and waving guns in the air.
  2. It is something I have tried to mod in myself, but with little luck. Maybe for the next game or maybe with the expansion it will be easier to jerry rig. lol thx
  3. Darth_Torpid-PG Is there any possibility that it could be made so the player can command the fighters to launch instead of having them do so automatically. I always thought it would have been nice to make the Imperial fighters like the rebellion, but be able to place them in Ships like a troop transports. So drag and drop fighter squadrons on a SSD until all its slots are full. This way if you wanted a ship to carry all bombers and one to carry all Fighters you could do so. Same with AT-ATs and Stormtroopers. Being able to call units at the right time would be a plus. Having them auto-spawn into a fleet of Corellian Corvettes and getting mowed away then running out of them isn’t cool. Just a thought thanks
  4. Though if you’re down to 1 grunt unit I would wonder why bother. I would think though if you have a ship that's about to pop and it has its engines why you can't get only it out of the battle. Then you could come in the battle destroy some ships and retreat the damaged ships one at a time. Maybe that's why you can't do that. The retreat option should be a little more viable though.
  5. I really like this game. It's the best Star Wars RTS I have played, but there are some little things I was missing that I think should have been in it or changed that weren’t. Things I really think should have been different. 1. The ability to pick what units you start the battle with in Space / Land. I do see why they did this it keeps your from just flat out running over someone with all your toughest units. If you just send all your strong units then you can still do that. 2. A portable build/repair unit. I can't stand the pre-placed build pads and walls. It would have been nice instead to have a unit that you could build walls and turrets where you liked. Not unit producing structures, but just turrets and walls so you could fortify how you want. 3. In skirmish land maps the ability before the battle to lay out your base structures where you want them. Instead you're given a pre-made lay out that isn't always the best. 4. Maps that are more open and less constrained some maps feel too much like an obstacle course and less like a battlefield. Hoth is a good example it should have been a large flat field. With 2 or 3 spawn points on the right and left. Have the Rebs on the left and the Imps on the right. It would have made for a nice cinematic battle in game. This also goes for space maps. These would have been nice ideas, but not necessary for the game. 5. A game that started in EpII and progressed through EpVI. As tech changed your units changed from clone wars era to original trilogy area. 6. It would have been interesting if there were actual star systems with more then one planet per system. Like a circular grid and you could place your ships station anywhere in the grid. Hopefully there will be an EAW2 and they will up the anty on game play/complexity. For the most part I really like the game. It reminds me of allot of other RTS games all rolled up into one.
  6. Yes but that the way it has always been….. I think they stopped teaching that far back in History.. Bush’s Cronies have their own agenda aside from Bush. I’m sure they didn’t think the journalists would be forced to tell her source. My question is why was it relevant that the journalist had to use the agent’s name. Yep let’s just go globe trotting through the middle east and step on everyone’s toes. That will help us when we don’t even have land to stand on. There are places that can be changed more through political pressure and places that need a gun. As far as I can tell the media doesn’t think anyone needs to know about good things. Like it or not we are still there. I don’t pay attention to Fox News. (unless I want to go on a Christian bashing fest) I don’t see why anyone would. I read the military news web sights. A cop where I live lost his job, because he shot an armed drug dealer after the guy stuck a gun in his face and robed him. As for the old man I wasn’t there were you? It’s hardly cause for giving cops less power. I don’t care about what’s going on now. I mean where does it say that we tortured people to get info on Iraq before the war? Given that after 9/11 there was an obvious gap with Canada do to the fact that it was a wonderful staging ground for terrorist to infiltrate the US. Why would they do anything in Canada that might jeopardize that? Canada is dependent on the USA and our foreign policies. What we do affects them not the other way around. So if you want to kill a dog do you kill the tic first? Defenseless country? I would say most nations in the world would be defenseless by our standards. I would argue it’s us as much as it is the Iraqis. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Well you said line up soldiers and shoot them? I would say blowing up people is worse then idiots making a bunch of idiots pile on top of each other naked. I thought you wanted to line them up and shoot them? Can’t argue with that. Why so when a politician and his corporate butt buddy get the ichin to make some money. They can justify a war the military has no say over and that they have to die for? The president should be removed as Commander-in-chief he is a politician especially this one. Did you know while congress has to approve troops from all other services to be deployed the president w/o the approval of congress can send Marines. In the process start a war that congress may have to approve. It’s a very possible scenario. The Marines Corps amounts to the President’s personal mob sqd wither they like it or not. The American Presidents of today are no George Washington. The military shouldn’t be able to go to war w/o the approval of congress, but also doesn’t have to go to war if it doesn’t deem it is necessary. I system like this might have prevented Iraq. Most military commanders didn’t think we had what we needed to do what we are doing in Iraq. One even had to step down, because of this or he just decided to retire depending on what you want to think. The military is solely commanded by a group of people that will justify a war to make a few more bucks. The militaries only job should be defending the USA, its interests, and attacking when it’s necessary. Not taking a bullet in the head so some fat balled congressman (who screws his secretary) can send his pot smoking kid to Harvard.
  7. Ok Dagobahn Eagle I’m going to respond in the same way you did. See if I can sound like a version of you, but on the other side. If a guy is looking up how to make a bomb on the net then I think that’s red flag. It should be investigated and the Gov. should know. "PATRIOT ACT" “We want to be free we want to be free no mater what.” Why haven’t we taken away the Muslims rights to speak Arabic that surely can be used against us? That is ok in Europe is it not? Ok let’s not focus on Europe’s problems then you might have to hold your self accountable it's better to pin it on the US right? You realize what I was talking about right? No, but respond anyway… Probable Cause should be all they need. I can think of some other things but you wouldn’t like them. Fox News is a company if you don’t like it send them a letter and yes basically. Why expect them to be any different then Al Jazeera? woops Doesn’t seem that you care at all if you ask me. If an American steps on an Iraq’s foot they need to be shot. If Iran hangs a rape victim you say it was an American that raped them. Nothing like a little torture at 3:05 AM if you ask me. I was 5 min late. What I want to know is when we are going to stop. Foreign aid is a money pit. Then what do you want to do with them? We don’t know what to do with them. There are too many and they are most all guilty. It takes time to figure out who are really the trouble makers. They really want to blow things up. I say we let them go and give them free tickets to Europe so they can bathe in the blood of your bleeding hearts. That is the Electoral College job to decide when they think the people are wrong. Looks like they were right cause like you said he was elected the 2nd time. I don’t really fear much of anything to be honest. I am however tired and my tolerance of BS is wavering. I could lose count of all the stuff you don’t need to know. The press is to the point where it puts Americans in danger if you ask me. Do you really need to know the names of CIA agents or US troop movements in war zones? If you are unhappy learn Arabic and tune into Al Jazeera. I’m sure they are more along your line of thinking. Islamic fundamentalism is funded and protected by Muslim countries. It is in their best interest to keep them fighting us. That way it isn’t their fault the people are suffering it is the USs. We are in the shape we are in now, because of thinking like Europeans and thinking like you. Maybe instead of accepting the Middle East for what the Europeans left it as. We should have forced democracy before we had the type of fundamentalism there is now. Now it is too late I think. We have abandoned Afghanistan? I need to tell my old Unit they are alone. Are you the kind of person that needs to get beat? If so I would say don’t resist arrest that really ticks cops off.. I doubt that the info came from an informant more like a president bent on going to war. That’s just logic on my part. All the so called tortured informants were political refuges that had their own agenda. If you have any proof that there were tortured informants please point it out for me. How many terrorist attacks have there been in the US sense 9/11? We do and we are that’s not the question and we have a long way to go before we aren’t. Helpless prisoner pore pore helpless prisoner. If it wasn’t for all the BS there wouldn’t be any prisoners they would just be shot. Have you talked to any military that have been over there? I work with one that just came back from Baghdad. He worked as a Nurse in the hospital there. He was disgusted with the fact he had to help enemy combatants and US soldiers’ 1st come 1st serve bases. If an insurgent came in with a serious wound before an equally ingered American he had to help the insurgent. What would an insurgent do to a captured wounded US soldier? It’s one thing to have rules when both sides take part it’s another when only one side is expected to. We have a long way to go before we are to their level, but most people on this forum is routing for the insurgents and anyone anywhere that wants the US to fall. Abu Ghraib wasn’t close to what Saddam did. I hear the Iraqis have been caught doing some of that stuff and are mad that we won’t let them do more. I say let them run the show. Do what needs to be done, because Saddam did and that was ok with the world. I feel that way about a lot of people. Rape is about the only thing I think should be punished to be honest. Anything else in a war is a joke. Civilians have no place telling solders what they should do. I think the military should have its own legislative branch. Run by and elected by Veterans only. If you are so unhappy why don't you look up how to make a bomb on Google. Then drive or walk up to a US military base gate and blow up? I say drive walking with a back pack might look suspicious. Well Iraq is the big thing with this. If we weren't in Iraq and doing as bad as the media makes it out to be. I would bet his rating would be way higher.
  8. This is all I have to say is I don't believe women crapp. There is a lot of scientific proof I just don't like the idea. The thought of women crapping is really unattractive. So I believe that a fairy comes in the middle of the night and hits them on the stomach with a little magic wound. This makes their poop go away.
  9. I watched this report this morning I like how the EU cries wolf only to end up as part of the pack. Who is really at fault the USA or the EU nations for turning a blind eye? The only problem is EU's right hand doesn't know what its left hand is doing. The rest of the world are our subjects? The American hegemony? The Europeans were a strong power in the world for many years. It imported by force its culture on each other and the rest of the known world. Sorry we stole your thunder. If the US has pushed you out of the way that is your fault. Hypocrisy? I honestly don't care if the rest of the world hates me or the USA. If they are so unhappy as to strap a bomb to their back then their problems are a lot closer to home then the US. Maybe they should use that anger for constructive purposes make their own nations a better place? Ok let’s see…….. 7-8 Billion would educate every uneducated person in the world to at least a BS. Doesn’t sound right could you do the math for me? If it could what would all these educated people do with nothing? They would come to Europe and put you out of a job? Most are in pore countries with little or no real infrastructure. I will guess the US gives more aid then any other country in the world. Add that to what the rest of the world gives and you will find very little has changed sense WWII. Pore countries are still pore. They are pore not because the US doesn’t rip out its heart and give it to them. They are pore because their governments are corrupt and the people don’t have the ability or the will to change their lives. I don’t think you would like if we started hoping around the world overthrowing corrupt governments of pore nations for the sake of making the whole world a better place. It’s impossible so let’s just stick to places we have something to gain. I’m a firm believer in Darwin and the survival of the fittest. If the US or any other nation falls that’s just the way it is. If millions of people die because of starvation / overeating then that is an obvious sign of inferiority as a culture. If the people there really don’t have what it takes to make life better for themselves it is their fault. Frankly I’m more worried about the Penguins then people. Dagobahn Eagle and ShadowTemplar it is your job to open the eyes of the almost 300 million filthy rich Americans in the US. Tell them why their tax money should go to whole world’s wish list. The cold hard truth like it or not is this.
  10. Ok here is why it’s an opinion… This is the type of Government most Americans want. The conservatives put Bush in office and Republican controlled Capital Hill. Living were I live it’s hard to believe so much scandal was needed. So if most American feel like Bush then yes you have a quarrel with the American people. Reason is subject to perspective and fact. I think the unprecedented development of 9/11 was unprecedented justification for war. Afghanistan was more then called for it begged. Iraq was engineered as a bid to have more control over the Middle East. If you like it or not our enemy is fighting us in Iraq and not in the U.S. I don’t think U.S. Leadership has what it takes to win Iraq. The country needs someone like Saddam to keep it in line. Ruling with uter Fear is more powerful then what we can do. It’s not expectable for us to make a mistake, but it was exceptable for Saddam to intentionally do what he wanted. The US in any way you want to look at it is the lesser evil. The big difference is if we control Iraq Europe doesn’t. Saddam was our puppet before he was Europe’s I don’t believe in witches, but I do believe in terrorists. It is also unprecedentedly justified. What have American lost in the way of real freedoms? No war? Really…. 9/11 was a hoax like the lunar landing right… Sorry the US is on the offensive and not in the defensive with our tale tucked between out legs. This must be a European quality that started after the end of the colonial period. Let’s just sit and hope nothing else bad happens maybe if we ignored Sept 11 they would just leave us alone? No coup d'etat is going to happen don’t let me stop you from hoping. If it does I’m sure you have more to fear then me. No you are telling me that Republicans are in office? Well it seems hardly fare to compare honest thieving Americans to hypocritical Communists. Where in the world is there honest news 100% unbiased in any shape for or fashion? I do like the atmosphere better here. I get a good feeling that religion’s real power here is starting to come to an end. I can visit my GF and stay with here and nobody cares. Back home I’m on my way to hell. I would think it’s a wrong assumption to think it is gone. Most cases in the US are less about reality and more about winning a court case and getting money. Most discontent with the scientific establishment in the US is religiously driven. From my experience the religious segment in the US is the majority. The republican party is driven and funded by them. Police in this country have way too little power. I don’t really see it as torture to be honest. How do you get information from people who would rather blow themselves up then breathe? By giving them unconventional motivation. How many of these people have been disfigured or watched there family slaughtered? There are a lot of countries in the world that do that type of torture but yet it’s the evil US once again. Abu Ghraib wasn’t torture it was hazing. Except this was hazing of enemy combatants instead of the typical BS a lot of the military does to itself. It was a little more degrading and a little more personal then typical hazing I’m sure. Guantanamo Bay you are right we should let them all go. As for the CIA If you have to do something bad to do good…. Yes I’m sure it was necessary to still the vote given all the religious nuts in this country. As for corporation stilling money what’s new? I like your stance really. From what I can tell you know everything that goes on in the US, you know how the majority of Americans think, and you have better intelligence then the old Soviet KGB. Hell if they knew as much as you maybe the Soviet Union wouldn’t have collapsed. So see it’s your opinion about your perception. In my perception all of this is normal or necessary. The only difference is I’m an American and you are not. If we play by your rules then this county will end up like Israel. If it does then USA under conditions like that would disintegrate into a true Fascist State. Maybe even go down Hitler road.
  11. I never thought they held planets in any real way. They were always on the run for fear of being stamped out. Hoth and Yavin I bet took some easy negotiation/conquering given that nobody lived there. No Planet would really join the Rebels that would bring an all out invasion by the Empire I would think. Look what happened to Alderan… So if this game was really accurate to Star Wars the Rebels would have to travel from uninhabited system to uninhabited system running from the Empire. They would just be trying to build up enough forces and equipment to keep fighting another day. The Empire would have almost total control, extensive resources, and fear to work with. That would make for a really fun game.
  12. I don't remember a lot of Diplomacy going on in Star Wars. Did you remember this line? "Darth Vader says.. I suddenly had a change of heart; I don't feel like Crushing the Rebellion, and enslaving the Galaxy today. Care to chat about it over a spot of tea." I thought there were only 2 sides in Star Wars so incase you want to make up some stuff? Only having 2 sides doesn’t ruin the game. I might see the Rebels trying to get other planets to join their cause, but the Empire never seemed very diplomatic. I have played IG2 and Birth of the Federation. To me EAW falls into that area of games that isn't really populated. I would ask that it had full planetary systems orbiting stars and the whole system be the space map for that area. That's what I had hoped for IG3, but that turned into a different game unrelated to IG. It ended up in the bargain been in like a week. So now I will keep my hopes up for more depth in EaW 2 if there ever is one. EaW doesn't have the depth I would like to see, but it's good for what it is.
  13. ShadowTempler I see all of what you have to say is opinion. Not just yours but, opinion none the less. There has been far worse times to be an American. This is a hiccup far from the end on the US and as easily as things have been put into place they can be removed. All we need is for the Democrats to win the next elections and everything that Bush has done will be removed in favor of the extreme opposite. Most people seem to think that the USA should be totally benevolent. We should give freely, help all we can when asked, and be totally unconcerned with our own interests. I look at it like this. If you have to do bad in order to do good that is what you do. What’s good for the US may not be what’s good for the rest of the world. I’m sure with as little as our politicians care what is good for the US population they are even less concerned with what’s good for the rest of the world. Anyone who thinks their Countries Governments are benevolent are fooling themselves. The world’s problems are far from the fault of the US. If the US has influence were you live that is 100% your fault, the fault of your Nations people, and your government. Stop gripping about what the US should do, what’s wrong with the US, and start doing for your self. Work on making your country independent from the US. South America is doing a pretty good job if you ask me. For added convenience. I have been called a fundamentalist on here a few times I see so I will point out what I really think. I’m for gay rights I’m for the Death Penalty I’m for the right to Bear Arms I’m against Religion across the board I’m a Democratic Socialist, but I believe in having a strong military. 1. I believe all have the right to be free from harm with Safety, Security, and Equal Rights. 2. I believe in freedom of speech. As long as it doesn’t go against 1# 3. I believe everyone is initialed to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As long as your pursuit doesn’t go against 1#.
  14. After posting in a little thread about the 12 warning signs of fascism. I started thinking to myself with all the things wrong with American are we really fascist Nazi hopefuls and how does Bush stack up to Hitler. Here is some fun comparisons I’m sure well be disagreed with. 1. Hitler was very well spoken and with only speeches could inspire people to do horrible things. Bush can’t inspire a starving man to eat. 2. Hitler pointed out the enemy of the German people the Jews. The enemy of the US pointed it’s self out to us. 3. Hitler made Jews wear little stars to point out who they are. As of right now we still haven’t made Muslims wear little crescents. 4. Hitler concentrated all the Jews he could find in concentration camps for extermination. The US concentrated everyone that shot a gun at us (and had funny beards) into Guantanamo. There are still around 6 million Muslims walking around the US freely. What the hell Bush get off your @ss! 5. Hitler evaded all his neighbors and collected Jews along the way. Ok we evaded 2 countries, but thinking like Hitler he would have just eradicated all the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why bother to rebuild the country when you can just go in take what you want and kill everything that stands in you way? Would the other countries in the world really do anything? America as a hole has never really changed it has always had the same mind set it has never been the friendly free place it is made out to be. It has never deviated from that course it has always been on. Is it an Evil Empire bent on world domination? This is truer in the past then it is now. If so then we are defiantly watered down fascist I would say 40% Fascist, 50% water, and 10% hot air. http://mvp-seattle.com/pages/pageFascism.htm What can be seen in this is what you want to see. Is it true I would say Yes. It is also a manipulation of perspective. Like my 5 points above. If this is true then we have always been fascists from the start, but no more then any other government in the world China, Russia, or the EU. The France riots someone isn’t happy there I wonder why? With all the Evils of the rest of the world the US is a bunching bag. Not only for the people looking for a fight, but for the countries that want to take the attention of themselves. If it gets too hot in the kitchen blame America for something. I say don’t be a hypocrite the USA isn’t perfect and never will be. There isn’t many places as good and a lot of places that are worse.
  15. Whay stop at 12 lets go to 14. http://www.oldamericancentury.org/14pts.htm
  16. Good morning all you wonderful US bashing people you. Nice to see I skip town only to find it’s more of the same. I’m shocked ShadowTempler I think your post are most US bashingest ever. Keep up the good work, but watch out for toms he is close. I do have to disagree with you on this. Exuberant Nationalism = Has Americans never been? Enemies Identified = When has the US not point out people we didn’t like? Native Americans, Blacks, and Hispanics Oh my? Rights Disappear = Funny thing people have more rights now then they did when the country started. Last I checked it was just upper class white men at the beginning. Secrecy demanded = Has it ever not been? Military Glorified = Well I know that isn’t the case now. Corporations Shielded = When haven’t they been? Corruption Unchecked = Someone was keeping track? Media Controlled = Oh please. I tend to look at is as out of control. Rampant Sexism = The hole world has this problem. Intellectual Bullying = I don’t recall a Time in America were this hasn’t been the case. Police Militarized = What I would give for there to be a Soldier on every corner. Elections Stolen = Do you know about the Electoral College. If not read up on it there is a lot that can go wrong and has in the past with this system. Bush wasn’t the 1st guy to be president w/o the popular vote. http://www.fec.gov/pdf/eleccoll.pdf Looking at the so called “12 Warning Signs” here makes me think that if the opposite of these claims happen then the U.S. will fall. It has operated for its entire existence with these issues. So I guess it will last another 200 years. If anyone can find one case in American history when none of these things were the norm I’ll give you credit for it and admit I’m wrong, because I would like to know about this golden era myself.
  17. Oh give me a break from the 1st time I posted on this forum if you aren't chanting "Down with America" you are all, but banned and sometimes that for having a different frame of thought. All this forum is a collection of Non Americans and disgruntled American kids in a tug of war to see who can trash the US the most. There really isn't much discussion here you either agree with the majority or whatever you have to say is wrong. As for the war again. There are three kinds of people in a war. The people who fight and die. The people who talk about it. The people who watch and keep their mouths shut. It's kind of like a Ball game you have the spectators saying "why the hell didn't so & so do this or that", but they haven't the skill, ability, or the dedication it takes in the first place to be on the field. That's basically who all of you are. Then there are the ones who buy the tickets and are happy to just watch the game. I'm not there and don't know what the solders go through. I can say this they are all better people then myself. I will never volunteer again to take the chance of getting killed for people like the ones on this forum. That idea almost makes me sick to think about.
  18. There is a reason I don't post on this forum anymore, but every once in awhile I see something that gets my attention. The forum is about a far left as you can get. I don't care much for the right either mind you. I hate Religious freaks as much as I hate anti war retards. To think these are the same people that strap blocks of C4 to their @ss and walk on a crowded buses to blow themselves up. Should I really care what they think is desecration. To bad the Christians aren't as fanatical anymore I would love to see Christian/Jew suicide bombers doing counter attacks. It would make good TV and we could kill two birds with one stone. Maybe with luck they would all blow themselves up in a few years. Or maybe they are tired of said IEDs and really don't give a "F" what they do to these people. Maybe if you and a few of your good bodies had to go over there and then you had to see their heads get blown off. Maybe you would be throwing some bodies on the fire yourself. Hell maybe they are just to dam tired to dig a hole for them. Burning is quicker, easer way of disposing of dead corpses, and while your are at you can tick off their bodies too. They are in danger 24/7 doing stuff like this is negligible. I would say if you don't want stuff like this on video don't let the people taking the dam footage there. I don't really care for journalists they make all buddy buddy with soldiers then turn around and say "You know what they did and look I have pictures!" They should tell these guys to go stand in a open field and let them know when they find a sniper. You know what I would like see the Commanding Officers saying? "We did it, I told them to do it, and I'll tell them to do it again. So get the "F" over it or come fight the dam war yourself." If the media would quit trying to demonize us and start demonizing the enemy nobody would be courts marshaled in the 1st FN place. Right now their media is demonizing us and our media is demonizing us and the guys planting the IEDs or killing people going to vote are the heroes. No matter what the US Military has done we are by leaps and bounds far more humane to our enemies then they are to us. As far as I'm concerned what goes on over there isn't anyone's business. They aren't dragging women and children out into the street and executing them systematically. "That's what the people they are fighting do from time to time." If it makes them feel better about the friends they lost or the close call they had themselves to happen to point the dead bodies of the men who did it the wrong direction and set them on fire more power to them. "Do you need light Man" As for this... I will buy you a ticket if you want to go to Afghanistan, pick up a Ak, and start shooting Americans if you really want to go let me know. Maybe we can get a hole bunch of you guys together and you can go help the Taliban. If you are lucky maybe you can get to burn some US Solders sit around the fire and sing songs about your goat and how fun it is to beat your wife for not washing your goat.
  19. I looked forward to Battlefront myself I got it and liked it even with the bugs. I thought they would fix them like they said they would. I now got Battlefield 2. I couldn't play Battlefront if I tried. With all that's wrong with Battlefield 2 it's still 100 times better then Battlefront or what I have played of Battlefront 2. After playing the demo for Battlefront 2 All I can say is a the graphics are a bit better. A Star Wars mod for Battlefield 2 would blow Battlefront 2 out of the water even if all you did was replace the character models. If you going to make a rip off of a good game make a good rip off don't make it half @ss.
  20. Anyone have this problem lately while playing JKA Desert Siege. When all the droid parts are brought to the ship the game doesn't end. This used to be a Person with the part hiding on the other side of the map but now it's happens when all the parts to my knowledge have been rescued. None show up on the radar on any part of the map and all members of the team are accounted for.. Is this a new bug or cheat because I haven't run into it before and now it has happened on two different servers?
  21. The only thing in the game I was disappointed in was the fact that you can't play Battler Droids in MP against the clones or have a regular clone trooper side. It would have also been nice other then the regular MP shootem up if there had been a tactical siege like game play mod. With objectives to accomplish against your enemies. I would have thought that would have been a given with a game like this. Maybe actually have a team leader player giving orders to his player teammates...
  22. I have the same problem crashing to desktop it's pretty random it could happen 5 mins into playing or 1hr. It's really annoying and the fact that they are already making a SWBF 2 should tell you that they aren't going to support this game anymore. Everyone that bought it were just BETA testing for the next one. Seems pretty crappy to put out a game then jump right on to the sequel to be released 1 year latter. Not only does it kill the original game that should have been fix, but reduces the chance of the 2nd one selling any better. Would you buy it after playing this one? ( Return to Castle Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory ) is as good of a game if not better then this is and it's free. Not to mention there is a very good Star Wars MOD for Battlefield 1942. I think all the SWBF fans should have just went and bought BF:1942 on the discount rack and downloaded the mod we would all be much happier.
  23. Oh my.... Saddam's capture was orchestrated by a secret government black ops organization. It was totally fake. Even the President thinks it's all real. Oh and don't you all know that Osama bin Laden is an Alien super solder? He is just preparing the world for the Alien invasion in a few years. Don't you people watch the reruns of the X-Files? Marines didn't find Saddam the Army did. To be precise the Solders of the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. From Texas the Unit that replaced the Marine unit on duty there. Oh here is a link to the page with the info.. http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/12/14/sprj.irq.main/ Oh and he was found on my B-Day:rolleyes:
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