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  1. I really need help. I am trying to save up for a sig pic, but I just can not get enough money. Please help me.
  2. I like this thread. I am trying to save up for a sif pic. Now I can get free points.
  3. It could be love. If you feel the same way or better in a few months it could be love. But, do not get married when you are 15. That is a bad idea. Haven't you heard all those stories about teenage mothers and divorced parents that married at 10. Do not do that.
  4. I played EE yestrday. I was quite dissapointed. The graphics were okay, but I did not like the camera angles, plus the units were too slow. If you want a good RPS (except for AoE and AoM) det Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. It is an awesome game.
  5. I used to live in California. I never noticed the earthquakes, even thougha there were so many and they were usally pretty big. NOw I live in Washington. I was at school when the earthquake inSeattle went off. It wasn't scary, but weird.
  6. If my parents heard of this reasearch, they would just say all athe bad things about videogames. But, my parents do not think that playing HALO or UNREAL will make ayou kill someone.
  7. I would write ther a very long love letter. Take her out somewhere to hav efun. And show that you really love her. Do not shower her with gifts. That will not do any good. Take her out instead. That is better than gifts. Best of Luck
  8. Do not get it. I do not think it would be much of an upgade. Hey, you live in Washington too. Cool:p
  9. You have not gone to the bathrooom in 12 hours.
  10. I am the best with chopsticks. One time, I was in a chineese restuarant, and a native Chineeese complimented me on how well I use chopsticks. I am not Asian though.
  11. A: becasue Snoopy's head is shaped like a peanut Q: Why do we ask ourselves these questions?
  12. A: Depends on how the person sneezed Q: Why does the world spin
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