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  1. I got to the part where you go to the Airport, go to the country where she is being held hostage and then been told to go and steel the Mona Lisa... but what do I do now on this great fan game? Thanks in advance
  2. I need an artist. For now you will be drawing charcters, that is all. You will be listed as a member of the team and given full credit. If I'm impressed with your work I will keep your name for future games and maybe help me with Backgrounds and objects. Let me know
  3. I need to get a mic first. I'm going to work on my own until I get a mic then I think I'll be open to voice acting for games
  4. Where is the bird? I can't find anything, the only things to select is the worker and the Port-O-John
  5. lol... I rushed reading that and thought you said they'd announced a release date
  6. It looks good but some of the pages can't be found. In a few months when everythings up it should be great
  7. I'm new here but have a wide range of pratice on Adventure games. From Monkey Island to Broken Sword. I have the programs most of you used and all the add on's. What I don't have is experience, I need someone to show me the ropes and how to do it right and along the way create a good adventure game. I can wright stories. Once I get my new PC and mic I'm a good actor for Talkie versions. I can path backgrounds etc. But I need someone to help me while I help them Anyone interested? If not I can go it alone but it would take me a long time to learn and it would take less time for your game to be created.
  8. I used to love the game. I tried to install it an hour ago, but I can't get the speech sorted out. It says the first part... then goes silent (Can anyone help?) So has there? And am I the only person who would like one?
  9. Yea I've brough Shakespeare back and need to do something on the construction site, can you help me?
  10. Monkey Island 5: LeChuck's Tale... Yea, sucky name I know but its the idea that counts. We've seen the whole series from Guybrush's view and really don't know much about LeChuck apart from that fact that he's had more changes to his look then Dr X has... In this game you play LeChuck. You have to get out of where Guybrush killed you last. (To be honest I can't remember, anyone help) Get your evil dead crew together. Travel to one island... pretty much lioke Guybrush but your trying to stop Guybrush and get his girl. Of coure LeChuck is beaten but they could fit in jokes like LeChuck meets with Voodo Ladie. "Greetins LeChuck" "Oh just stop!" "What now my child?" "The game creaters have told me you talk to Guybrush to, its just not funny." "They did not tell you that I talk to Guybrush" "Becuase of you I've died four times! Its doesn't help my love life!" "The Jedi Mind trick doesn't work" "I'm dead..." Yea, thats what a min of free time gets you but you get the idea of what I mean
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