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  1. ObiKast

    Jango VM

    There are no words to describe such good model like this! Fantastic work Marz.
  2. ObiKast

    Jango VM

    Looks great Marz, your modelling and skinning skills are getting better every day, keep it up Marz.
  3. Good models VM team. Marz you did separated glm files for each model, I would enjoyed to add the pistols and the waistcoat to cody model.
  4. Ahh, but I alrdy finish the game, and my last saved game, is on the duel with Keira. :/
  5. What you mean on "play the content in TSL" ?
  6. Does anyone knows if there is any after ending mod for kotor2 as there was for kotor 1? I searched one net, but I didnt found any.
  7. lol, you just finish to do a double post Ninja. Good model Mars! it rocks in the game,
  8. Looks fantastic Neo, I cant wait to get it on my hands.
  9. Hey Hatrus, good job man. I particulary enjoyd alot that dragon head hilt, when will you release it?
  10. Heres other example of the greatest models by NeoMarz. Good job man, cant wait to test them in game.
  11. Not bad, I d'like to see a SSJ 3 Goku.
  12. Nice work man. Now get the hands on Darth Revan! The Darth Viper one looks pretty nice, but also looks strange. Isnt perfect.
  13. Isnt that the imported young Malak model from kotor?
  14. Yah I hope to, and I hope you start working on Boba Fett model again, you dont touch him like ages. and it looks soo cool!
  15. ObiKast

    Otto Octavius

    Wow Hatrus, thats really nice, good job. BTW its nice to see you finely doing Player Models, I dont see a good released model as along time besides Obi-Wan ep2 model, and masterchief. You should think in the propose that I sent you by PM a few months ago.
  16. Check out Obi Ean episode 1 model and Mace Windu model by Psychopat, the shoulders are well done.
  17. Its awsome model, and the textures are just perfect! I dont like the shoulders, they are like the Quinlan Vos shoulders.
  18. ObiKast

    New WIP's

    Wow man, thats great, expecially the TPSV N-1 Bomber/Starfighter, I love them! Thanks to them in SW: Galactic Battle Grounds, I won lots of times.
  19. lol Hatrus. Very good ideia kman.
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