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  1. I got it yesterday and started playing and when I stopped my save file said I'd been playing for over 8 hours. It's really really really good.
  2. I have one of the decks, and each card unfortunately doesn't have unique art. Each of the suits has the same art on the face cards (same jack, queen, king) and the number cards, whatever they're actually called, only have a few different graphics that are repeated. They're still really nice though. I can't decide if I should use them or not
  3. Jake is aware the domain has not been renewed but he has no money in his bank account right now so he'll renew it when he gets a chance. That, or I'll renew it and hold the site hostage...
  4. Hello "Jake". Yes, it is I, "Mixnmojo reader remixor".
  5. I suspect there'll be more than a page or two of new stuff. I don't remember Mignola's exact words, but it sort of seemed like there was a good amount of material Purcell had been working on.
  6. Yeah, except that it doesn't cover any of them.
  7. I don't think the point is whether someone playing Grim Fandango is gay or not. Adventure games do not involve interaction with other humans, so they don't really relate to the guy's article. While I do agree to a point that this article isn't hugely necessary, I will absolutely confirm that the mainstream gaming community (particularly the action gaming community) is intensely homophobic. I don't even know if the individual people making up that demographic are homophobic, but as a collective they sure as hell are. It's so rampant as to be offensive to me just as a person, sexual preference aside. Quite frankly, I don't care if I come off as some kind of bleeding heart, but I think it's appalling and a bit frightening that to call someone gay or a fag, or a queer, or what have you, instead of using some generic insult, has become the norm. I think that young children (in particular boys) who grow up in this environment (which seems to be just as common in elementary schools) and who think they may indeed be gay are going to think there's something seriously wrong with them. Regardless of whether that's the intent or not, if you're struggling with the possibility that you're gay and you learn to equate "gay" with "stupid", that quite simply cannot have a positive effect. That worries me, and it seems completely and utterly unnecessary. There are a myriad adjectives one can use that go beyond sexual and racial slurs, but those two categories seem to make up by far the most common among pre-teen and adolescent (particularly young teen) males. Perhaps I'm making too much of a big deal about the whole situation, but I quite simply can't help but feel disgusted about the whole thing.
  8. Well, so do all major book reviews, which I'm sure is what TRL modeled themselves after.
  9. Fov: it's funny you should mention SoD. When I went to the EB today and didn't find Runaway, I happened to notice that they had both Syberia and Shadow of Destiny, so I picked both up. The guy said it was their last copy of each, and he had never heard of SoD. After the bloody enormous SoD thread at the old forums, though, I've been really itching to play that game. It took a respectable amount of willpower not to read any of that spoiler text. As soon as I finish TLJ...
  10. There are two EBs within walking distance of me (and I don't have my car right now, so that's all I have access to). One of them only had one copy, which has already been purchased. The other doesn't carry it, and the clerk to whom I spoke had never heard of it, nor could he find it in the store computer. Unbelievable!
  11. I knew that remi/remixor thing was bound to crop up eventually. And, just for the record, I am completely aware of the usage of "spilt" and "spilled"--I was merely continuing the wordplay that Kingz established in his post. Believe me, I pride myself on my proficiency with the English language. It's been drilled into me from a very early age. Tamz: I imagine I must have a bigger version, since I remember scaling it down to make my avatar. It's only one of two pictures I have of myself (the other being the one in the old "Post your picture here" thread), so I'll have to do some digging. If I can track it down I'll send you a pm.
  12. I know that this is ridiculously off-topic, but I figured that since this thread has pretty much divulged anyway, I'd mention how awesome both of those are. EDIT: ARggh, I feel bad about an entirely off-topic post. Fine! Here: I agree that there should be mandatory enfofce rating systems on games. Of course, in theory, all parents should monitor their kids for what they're watching and playing, but give the kids some credit. My parents certainly didn't know everything I was doing as a kid. There's no way to make sure kids aren't exposed to things that aren't suitable for them (particularly because that judgment is subjective anyway), but I believe that as a society we should still strive for that goal. Call me paranoid, but I'm really worried about a society in which every young kid has killed virtual thousands by the time they're in the third grade. I'm serious, too.
  13. I didn't think Unbreakable was a particularly great movie. It certainly didn't surprise me with any of its revelations, which I think it was trying to do. When I saw it, I couldn't help feeling that Shyamalan was sort of making the same movie again. I saw Signs and appreciated it more than Unbreakable, mainly because of its direction. I still felt like he was kind of retreading the same ground, however. So even though I didn't think The Sixth Sense was the son of God or anything, I did enjoy it and seeing as I haven't seen any of his prior work I'd have to vote for it. I've no idea if he's in the process of making another film at the moment, but if he is, I really hope for his sake that he breaks himself out of the pattern he's established. I acknowledge that this guy has directorial talent, but I'm kind of getting tired of the whole "Here's the amazing and surprising ending that validates the entire movie!" deal. It seems like Shyamalan is quite adept at finding his way out of complex situations when he's made the rules. The Sixth Sense to me is not so bad in this regard, since the rules seem to be pretty established throughout the movie (which sort of dilutes the shock of the ending). Signs, however, is the worst offender in this department. While I thought much of the actual movie was well-constructed (moreso than Unbreakable), by the end I felt like the guy was pulling this stuff out of his ass but not actually grounding anything. He could just sort of do whatever he wanted then make up an explanation at the end. So it culminates with aliens being fatally susceptible to water--yet somehow they've managed to survive staying in Earth's atmosphere for extended periods of time, despite its heavy makeup of water vapor. I'd also expect that SOME of them would have encountered large bodies of water and realize that some protective gear is in order. Humans were depicted as less technologically advanced than the aliens in the film, but I think even if we were to launch an attack on an alien world we'd put a great deal of thought into that sort of thing. It came off as sort of a weak H. G. Wells ripoff, but not as plausible (or obviously groundbreaking) as Wells' work. I'm not going to go into this kind of detail with his other two films that I've seen. I saw Signs most recently so it's most fresh in my mind. I just feel that Shyamalan's style can get extremely derivative and repetitive, and he's basically relied on the same cinematic tricks to carry him through what have been essentially three box-office successes (though I seem to remember Unbreakable not doing as well as the others). P.S. This isn't really related to what I was talking about, but I was very disappointed to discover Signs was about aliens. I hadn't heard any hype when I saw the film, so I didn't know that going into it. Aliens felt like the easy way out to me. This is entirely a personal thing, but I felt that some other realistic, or even less-obvious-but-still-supernatural, explanation would have perhaps made a better movie if treated well.
  14. I know, but I have a laptop. That's why I was wondering if I need to start saving up for a new PC (and after Trep's post, it looks like maybe I should). Also, Trep: I don't have an Xbox. I have a PS2 but I won't be able to play it until late December (I don't have a TV where I'm living right now and there's zero chance of me getting one). Do you think the PS2 graphics will be sub-par as well? Basically, I'm trying to find the most practical way for me to play this game as closely as possible to how it was intended to be played.
  15. Quite coincidentally, I just had this same...ah...discussion...with one of my roommates who, after realizing he and I shared many common favorite movies, asked that all-too-familiar question, "What do you think of Donnie Darko?" Needless to say, it wasn't quite what he thought of it.
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