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  1. I wish i was there, i had RL things going on so I wasn't able to make them as planned Next time though Iwok you dreaming, APST = pwn j00
  2. /target -A- /brandish Licet nobis esse VICTOR!!!! APST sont le mieux que vous!!! Nous vous tuerons!!!!!!!!! /flex
  3. /bah You couldn't even hit the broad side of...... Ebik receives |337 damage from Keldor's uber sliced rifle. Ebik is now incapped. Ryxxorz heals Ebik for |337 Damage. See how nicely that would work out.
  4. /target ebik /scratch Hmmm..... Kill or be killed.... I opt for kill... but i guess if Ryxx is around i can always get a rez And now that i have Grask's blessings (lol) I'll be slicing 'n dicing! Licet nobis esse Victor!!!!! Nice quote Jan.
  5. Tebs i can't fight you. That'd be dishonoring grask Besides, I didn't kill Arianna, my gun (and possibly my frenzied Graul) did. I just happened to be holding the gun
  6. *Stands behind Ryxx nodding his head* /target everyone; /brandish; Damn right.
  7. <--- is so uber he is beyond |337. Ebik = extreme Pwnage. OCY- what's your profs? Leading up to unlock?
  8. I'm up for rapping some Kryat. Just give me a few days notice, and I'll do it. Gotta let the g/f know that she shouldn't expecting some cuddle time I think.... Sunday night is good for me......
  9. Bah, one time heading itno KV a ST stopped me. I wasn't buffed and I had that wack stats 400/400/1100 so i was in no way ready to take down a platoon of ST's (i could then cause i was TK 4443) so i just ran away and pulled out my speeder and he followed me. SO... being the scoundrel that i am, i circled around and jumped on the next transport to Cnet. :-D
  10. Hey guys this is how i found out: Btw- I have no imperial faction whatsoever... at least positive that is. I was traveling to a shop just north of Cnet the other day. The shop I wanted to was surrounded by ST's... so I just went in, I got a notification that I was being searched; regardless i just walked into the shop and the trooper followed me in and said that all everything is okay and return to my normal business. Now the strange thing is I was loaded with sliced gear (who isn't), and the next strange thing was that I got a notification that I bribed the ST ala "you have tipped ST [enter name] 365 credits". Has anything like that ever happened to any of you?
  11. That's a great idea, depending on how much we want to advertise, we could place them in bazaars in cnet etc.
  12. thanks....disappointed, thought there would be more.
  13. I would start now because I think the new jedi system is still in the natal months Also, I agree.... start at Kor Vella, and then head north to Cori Celesti. My name is Ebik in game give me a tell we'll do something.
  14. Anyone go to the bottom of the cave that is to the right of the main building at the Imperial Prison? I went as far as 100m in then all the Gaping spiders uncovered my mask scent. I think it would be cool to take a group hunt there just to see what is at the bottom.
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