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  1. I wish i was there, i had RL things going on so I wasn't able to make them as planned Next time though Iwok you dreaming, APST = pwn j00
  2. /target -A- /brandish Licet nobis esse VICTOR!!!! APST sont le mieux que vous!!! Nous vous tuerons!!!!!!!!! /flex
  3. /bah You couldn't even hit the broad side of...... Ebik receives |337 damage from Keldor's uber sliced rifle. Ebik is now incapped. Ryxxorz heals Ebik for |337 Damage. See how nicely that would work out.
  4. /target ebik /scratch Hmmm..... Kill or be killed.... I opt for kill... but i guess if Ryxx is around i can always get a rez And now that i have Grask's blessings (lol) I'll be slicing 'n dicing! Licet nobis esse Victor!!!!! Nice quote Jan.
  5. Tebs i can't fight you. That'd be dishonoring grask Besides, I didn't kill Arianna, my gun (and possibly my frenzied Graul) did. I just happened to be holding the gun
  6. *Stands behind Ryxx nodding his head* /target everyone; /brandish; Damn right.
  7. <--- is so uber he is beyond |337. Ebik = extreme Pwnage. OCY- what's your profs? Leading up to unlock?
  8. I'm up for rapping some Kryat. Just give me a few days notice, and I'll do it. Gotta let the g/f know that she shouldn't expecting some cuddle time I think.... Sunday night is good for me......
  9. Bah, one time heading itno KV a ST stopped me. I wasn't buffed and I had that wack stats 400/400/1100 so i was in no way ready to take down a platoon of ST's (i could then cause i was TK 4443) so i just ran away and pulled out my speeder and he followed me. SO... being the scoundrel that i am, i circled around and jumped on the next transport to Cnet. :-D
  10. Hey guys this is how i found out: Btw- I have no imperial faction whatsoever... at least positive that is. I was traveling to a shop just north of Cnet the other day. The shop I wanted to was surrounded by ST's... so I just went in, I got a notification that I was being searched; regardless i just walked into the shop and the trooper followed me in and said that all everything is okay and return to my normal business. Now the strange thing is I was loaded with sliced gear (who isn't), and the next strange thing was that I got a notification that I bribed the ST ala "you have tipped ST [enter name] 365 credits". Has anything like that ever happened to any of you?
  11. That's a great idea, depending on how much we want to advertise, we could place them in bazaars in cnet etc.
  12. thanks....disappointed, thought there would be more.
  13. I would start now because I think the new jedi system is still in the natal months Also, I agree.... start at Kor Vella, and then head north to Cori Celesti. My name is Ebik in game give me a tell we'll do something.
  14. Anyone go to the bottom of the cave that is to the right of the main building at the Imperial Prison? I went as far as 100m in then all the Gaping spiders uncovered my mask scent. I think it would be cool to take a group hunt there just to see what is at the bottom.
  15. I think it's great that wookies will finally have armor! It looks alright, but I'm wondering... didn't the wookies get the huge health bonus because they couldn't wear armor at first?
  16. /target all /hug /target tebra /wookiehug Right on Grask.
  17. Nice. I built my 1337 machine with the financial aid money I got last spring I just got another 512 PC2700 RAM- that puts me to 1 gig of ram Not much lag anymore!
  18. Word! I love the idea Froo- I'm in, if i'm not doing much or if i have the schedule in advance I'd like to attend, be on the security detachement or even race! RP ROXXXORZ:D
  19. Awesome guys, I like Tusken Camp -I was in a group on Dath. hunting enraged rancors last night and i was getting 1k ch xp with my peko peko and Cu Pa. That's awesome! -Never thought about Talus, never been there actually!! Isaac, thanks- I'll give you a /tell
  20. We need to plan a whole invasion of the Geonesis Cave on Yavin IV. Some say we shouldn't do it until we have a few masters of professions. I should be master TK by wednesday or thursday. I say, once Corzip is back let's put this into action. Master Doc, with Rez is a nice thing to have
  21. Hey, is the CH XP location still wayfar and the tusken camp? Any other places you all would recommend?
  22. Umm... I'm really confused by your use of words. Macros don't help you get something, they just performe a task faster or easy. This taks does not involve earning experience.
  23. Will do, I don't work tomorrow and the g/f does = time to play I'm not whipped so don't think it
  24. Wow, cows must be really sophisticated in Sweden to be able to spell let alone hold a pen in their hoof. 1) In general, it is fantasy. Witches, Wizards, Bards, Monks etc.... magic, not the force, bows not blasters. Hot beermaids, not hot twi'lekk dancers. EQ is not like SWG- EQ = HUNT, HUNT, HUNT. EQ = Quest focused. 2)EQ = legalized Cocaine, minus the whole needles and sniffing. Or your daily supply of legalized crack. 3)I think in general, EQ2 will take the best from all the MMO games that are in the market now. So it'll be a mix of EQ, SWG, AO, DaOC etc. 4)Non! J'aime SWG!! woot. I'd check out EQ2's webpage for more information. I do know that the setting of EQ2 is actually like 4k years beforeEQ. Hope this helps.
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