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  1. I am not going to be spending money on any online game till SWG. I could play EQ, but I won't, I could play AO but I won't. I'm saving money so I won't have to do much when the game gets launched. Monthly fees add up, ya know? Once I put together my new cpu (I have all the pieces), then I'll be installing my copy of Morrowind and I'll be playing that till SWG's release. I love Morrowind, it's a great game and it totally crushes NWN even with both hands tied behind its back. I'll also be playing Splinter Cell. I recommend if you love the MMO feel but don't want to pay any monthly fee than play Morrowind.
  2. Since I am going to work my way to Master Ranger, I'm quite interested in the wookiee race. I see their strength as a major advantage. Another good point is that I don't think you'll have to worry about clothing when you are a wookiee. For instance, Chewie never wore anything other than that belt across his chest. Which race do you think would make a good Ranger, and why?
  3. Maybe you can buy some sort of containment suit that will keep the right environment inside the suit. Well, look at one of the screenshots, there is a Mon Cal soldier in Tatooine, looks like he's not hurting or anything. This is a good topic though.
  4. Hey, did anyone ever play Star Wars Rebellion!? -In theory it was a good game. -In reality it was horrible. A lot like Force Commander.
  5. JarJar survived because GL wanted to torture us. He felt having to wait almost 30yrs for another Star Wars movie wasn't enough.
  6. Thanks, I have it on "no" and I still seem to get those emails.
  7. I don't think necessairly it's when Mon Cal's are out of water, I think it's more of the climate. Viz. a Mon Cal would rather be a in a hot humid climate than a dry, hot, arid climate. So, you'll more likely see more Mon Cal's on naboo than you would Tatooine. But I'm sure you'll see a Mon Cal on Tatooine.
  8. With all things said; you will be able to buy a translator to overcome this difficulty. And I don't mean a Protocol droid either. It's my understanding that it'll be a small device that will put out your words mechanically. While we are on this topic: I was wondering how they will impliment the learning of a language. Will it be like in EQ where you just get spammed until you become a master at learning and then create a macro to keep saying it? What do you guys think?
  9. I just built a new system. Baasically, what I would do to see if your cpu can handle SWG is to look at other games that have recently come out; that will give you a general idea. For example, see if your machine can handle Unreal II or Unreal Tourney 2003. I for one do not think that the monthly fee will be abnormally lare, for that matter I think that it'll be competitive with the other MMO's out there. I think the payments will be a lot like EQ- seeing how Verant and SOE are running it. So, payments may be in this format: 1 month - $12.95 3 Months - $30.00 6 Months - ect. They will accept all major credit cards, i for one have used my debit visa card for payments. Also, I believe that EQ sells prepaid cards, but I'm not sure if that will be available upon release.
  10. I haven't figured out how to disable the automatic email that is sent everytime someone posts on a thread I start. I've already looked in my options- please help!
  11. I for one would like to start on Naboo- but which city, i'm undecided. JackRabbit and I have talked about starting at Keren (on Naboo). But that's all up in the air.
  12. Hey, I'm new too! Woot!
  13. I was reading your chater, and my only question is: In a battlefield- a situation where you need to choose factions, what's the deal with that?
  14. Thanks setsuko. I appreciate the mini-guide. Where'd a rugged-ranger find his place in this PA? Maybe at the cantina drinking away his sores and cleaning off the bantha fodder from his boots!
  15. UnfrozenCaveman


    Hi, I have been talking a lot with JackRabbit; when he told me about your PA, I became very interested in learning more about it myself- maybe even become a member. I've been following SWG for 2 years so far, and now that the finished product is so near I can't stop thinking of playing it and what I want to do. Thanks for the chance to post on your PA forum!
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