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  1. I have 51k xp in Teras Kasi Student! Only 75k left till TKN. EDIT: I saw a Teras Kasi Monk yesterday south west of Bestine. He was amazing, he said to get the monk title you need to have mastered balance. Anyways he was hitting like crazy soloing rontos and bull rontos easily! EDIT: You should be the host of the dojo. EDIT: I just aquired a pair of knucklers that are 23-111 @ 1.8
  2. I like Naboo, I use the CR as a base of operations and to drop my fat lewt. I'm going to be heading to Dantooine soon, to explore there And if we can get a shuttle port everything will be better, oh and when mounts and vehicles come out it won't be a 5min hike at all.
  3. Well then.....I feel stupid Ocyrus, i'm still planning to be a TK, it's just a long road of 125k xp!! That's crazy, isnt' it? Thanks for the forage tip too!
  4. Hi guys, i'm not sure if i am, 'cause i haven't seen anything on the boards about it, and if there is, i just missed it! But, Ebik, is the first =A= Creature Handler!! I really need some help on food, i just picked up artisian so i can survey for oats and make food for my pet. But, if anyone has some spare organic food give me a /tell. Within five days my pet wll be full grown, and i can't remember his species so i'll tell you all later!!
  5. Yeah, i need survival xp bad. I'm half way through survival III. I'd be interested but the problem is, i'm always gone when these hunts happen. I'm usually doing something at the time, whether it's working or with the g/f. ..... or
  6. Exar, give Grask (Jackrabbit) a /tell when you are in game. He can do it for you...increase damage or attack speed by slicing. It's permenant.
  7. Yeah- that one is good but you may end up getting different parts from different companies, all coming at different times. http://www.newegg.com is the best. They are in CA- and you don't need to buy extra shipping. I live in Rochester, NY and I got all my packages in 2-3 days once confirmation occurred. They sent me tracking numbers so i could see where it was with Fedex. Honestly, 2 days from CA- that's freaking awesome! This is my online cpu store!
  8. Ebik Working towards Master Teras Kasi Master Scout Pistoleer
  9. Ebik just placed his house, compliments of Corzip! I'm right next door to Grask, Ebik does not want to relocate!
  10. Now that my house is now in our neighborhood i'll be spending a lot of time on corellia and our neighborhood. So, i would greatly appreciate a general store- that way I won't have to run into town for misc. stuff. Thanks for the armor, it rocks! Chitin armor is soo 1337! -lol; there's always something better than what you have.
  11. I'd probably be like the guy hazing young intitiates in a Fraternity. Will Ferrel Your my boy blue! I won't kill you!. Lol- I'd be interested in this position. Maybe we should have two of them. One guys handles these planets and the other handles the others.
  12. Lisa: That's so unfair, I can't believe the judges were captivated by glowing rods. All it is, is a plastic tube that glows. Homer: Look Lisa it glows!! WEEEEEEEEEE HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lisa: Rolls eyes
  13. Yeah, but come on, JKO is just a little different than SWG. Do you realize how much time it would take to port it over to the mac?
  14. Each org. chem allows you to make other medicines. Org. Chem I allows you to make stimpak A's, while Org. Chem II allows you to make Stimpak B's - which require more resources but are more powerful. Yes, if you join a faction you can eventually join the other one, but you have go back down your latter and up another. Sort of like, I've killed 100 thugs, now they aggro on me and it's annoying. I'll kill some townspeople to balance it out so they won't aggro on me.
  15. Yeah, I'm going to be TK- i'm thinking my second will be pistoleer or something like that. I need to be skilled up close just as much as far away- that way when a PA war breaks out I won't be left with my pants down when they Kite 'cause I'm a bad mofo wrecking their grills with my unarmed hits Thanks, I'll miss you guys too!
  16. Alright, I'm leaving for Canada Sunday morning and I won't be back till thursday late night. I'm just letting you all know so you don't think i've sailed off the edge of the world (Go Magellen!). I'm counting on a lot of you to train me when i need it, 'cause you'll be ahead of me in skills.
  17. Yeah, junk dealers, or just keep advertising. Or....put it in your safe deposit and keep it there till you need it, or forget about it.
  18. Go to best buy, I just looked in their ad for this week and they are offering a nice package deal for $699. It's an AMD XP 2600+ with monitor, and printer. Either that or check out local PC stores. Here's one in my area: http://www.soyata.com http://www.newegg.com - great place to find cpu stuff, ships from calif. to NY in 3 days with regular shipping.
  19. Nice! I wish I could move to London, that way i could see Man Utd. beat up on Arsenal! But, I'd love to be in a place that calls soccer football EDIT:I can wait, i'll be in france in a year and a half.
  20. Yeah, i agree. I hate it when stuff like that happens in a group. EDIT: Now that i have actually found it, I am going to go there all the time! EDIT: Now only if we could find an exploit for unarmed xp.
  21. Nice! I like it. Things are starting to come together with the leaders getting on. Oh, Dow_30-- thanks for the bone armor!
  22. Lol- i was wondering who that Zarker guy was. He's always with you and he never talks! Lol. Thta's cool, two diff. accounts, eh?
  23. Uhhhh, what did you just say? Trying to subscribe to the game? Well, get the game, install it, then subscribe when you try to play. Or just go here: https://swgbl.station.sony.com/launchpad/index.jsp
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