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    Huge fan o' books
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    Art, Sculpting, War
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    Lazy bum AKA student
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  1. Damn this being a USA promotion only! damn it to hell!
  2. Allo Obi, good to see you back and doing something you love
  3. KMFDM are damm astounding Soilwork also as above And a bit of BB king is always great Three that spring to mind, as if I rember you already listen to System
  4. GOod fun, not a fan of the song though. Trumps Skindred coming out to the imperial march
  5. The man speaks the truth. And since when did we need an excuse to puch babies? *Puts on baby punching glove*
  6. Have fun moving. If you have any expesive china, put it in a loosely closed box with no foam or such. Gwan, you know you want to
  7. Only camping I do is at festivels, which in its self is great!
  8. I carnt seem to get past the windows log in screen on my machine. It loads up till the point where i should be able to choose the user i wish to log in as, but no users apper. Have the same problem in safe mode. Any ideas or solutions that dont involve a reformat?
  9. But they prefer no, much to the EU's shame im sorry Name doesnt realy matter to much, but this bagel powered device intriuges me...
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