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Komari Vosa XII

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    Ex-Jedi Knight, turned Dark Jedi.
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    Kohlma Throne Room.
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    Commanding mindless slaves.
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    Leader of the Bando Gora.

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  1. I can't keep my eyes off Steve Fox from Tekken 4... God, he is so hot! Glad to see that Austin Powers 9 has 'made his mark' on this place. Don't worry, you would definately not recognise him in the flesh: he is nothing like Austin Powers at all! It's kinda wierd, knowing that he wrote all that... ah well... But, yeah, Steve Fox from Tekken 4. Any girls in here who agree?
  2. Hello, good people of LucasForums. I am Komari Vosa XII. As you have probably guessed by now, I am a girl. Correction: I am a girl who loves Star Wars and playing my PS2! My favourite character is Komari Vosa from "Bounty Hunter" because she kicks ass and (very nearly) kills Jango Fett. Plus, she uses two lightsabers. Yay for her! I'm English, in case you have not twigged. I heard about LucasForums from my boyfriend (who should be around here somewhere... his name is Austin Powers 9, and is also relatively new to here), and he told me that everyone was quite friendly! I hope he is right... whoopdeedoo!!!
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