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  1. Dunno I was drunk, it felt good to say at the time!
  2. I managed to talk to Garry Gaber about why more civs weren't added to the COnfeds and Repubs in the xp, and he replied by saying that they had planned for a Gangster civ, similar to what you had outlined with idea 10. Hopefully they might be in SWGB 2.
  3. Bah, you only say that because Bond is a Brit and not American. Shame on you Artoo.
  4. I say no because death provides us with the only definate in our lives, providing us with the strongest reason to live. So I guess I will take death, in whatever form it comes.
  5. Resolution 1441 contained 'no hidden triggers' and that is the only reason it received uninimity in the council. Personally I am pro war, but I fail to see why France is not justified in doing what they have done. It was clear from the beginning that the US and UK would go to war regardless of the UN, so it is no wonder that France threatened to veto anything leading to war through the UN. All of this talk of blaming all on France is ludicrous. It is simply a machivellian ploy to deflect blame away from Bush and Blair for defying international law. (for once I actually feel sympathy for Chirac!) The reality of the situation is that the US pulled the diplomatic plug because they knew they would not receive the backing of the UN, the longer it goes on, the more embarrasing it appears for the worlds sole superpower, and the harsher the conditions for the US & UK soldiers fighting in the deserts of Iraq.
  6. Spot on. Stability is the true cause. Peace is a dream, and if anyones cared to notice, no democracy as ever invaded another democracy. It's a worthy cause. Here in Europe people are able to dream the dream of peace because we allow the US (although I really think the Bush administration could have done a better job of maintaining diplomatic realtions post 9/11) to make and back up harsh decisions. I'm just glad that here in the UK we have a leader who is willing to make a responsible sacrifices.
  7. I'm in. I've never played it online yet. Should be a laff.
  8. Unfortunately here in the UK more money is made in stealth taxes on tobacco than is spent on the relevant health care on smoking related illnesses. That is not to say that is the same all around Europe (afterall the UK is not a good example of social healthcare!). On the filpside smoking causes the immune system to operate less efficiently, less smokers would surely create a higher level of productivity!
  9. A ban in public areas would suit me fine. I also don't for a second believe any of this nonsense that passive smoking is harmless. Spend some time with some chain smokers in a bar, and see how much you cough. Notice how these new studies surface at the time when smoking bans could be enforced? Or are you surprised that they are born from corporate interests?! People choose to smoke, therefore if or when they die from it, it is there fault. Wonderful. I wonder when children take up smoking, become addicted to the chemicals, if they have choice to reverse their decision. Smoking kills. Advertising is expoitative, & IMO implicitly eradicates freedom of choice. Things have to change. I would propose a ban on smoking in public areas, and a complete ban on advertising smoking. But then again I am a European and am all for more government involvement. Take it away and others will assume control - Corporations perhaps. We are social animals, it is in our nature.
  10. I would have prefered it left as it was. I found EP I & II to be absurdly weak films. Don't get me wrong I was excited when I heard about the prequels, incredibly so. But I don't think I'm on my own when I say that I feel that they let the 'saga' down.
  11. LotR all the way. George Lucas made a mistake when he decided to make more star wars IMO. I thought EP I & II were terrible. If it was just down to the original star wars and LotR I would have called it a draw, but greedy George tried to eat too much pie.
  12. Gandalf leading the Riders of Rohan down the mountainside at dawn. Legolas mounting *THAT* horse!!! Gollum singing a song which roughly goes like this: 'The rocky pool, is nice and cool.' Very touching.
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