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  1. OK, WTF?! Honestly, Josh is one of my best friends on the forums, we need to break his sorry ass out! WE'LL GRAB THE SHERIFFS NUTS, AND PULL UNTIL THEY RIP OUT AND FALL ON THE GROUND, THEN, WE'LL DISEMBOWL HIM AND HAVE SEX WITH HIS LIVER AND LUNGS. IF ANYONE TRIES TO STOP US, TOPSHOT WILL DANCE EROTICALLY SO THEY GET EROUSED, Then, we unlock his cage, and bust his ass out! Ok Now to be serious: Ever since I got kicked out of school, everythings getting extremely F'ed right up, This would have never happened if stupid whores kept their mouth shut, It's all my fault Edit: Lol...I guess I never saw the second page
  2. I know how it feels man. It's a good thing you're talking about it though, you need to get this out, and I'm sorry for your loss. I lost a friend, who was blood to me, and it's not easy. I blamed myself for over a year, and screwed so many peoples lives up. All I can really say to you is, God has a plan for everyone, looks like your brother was sooner needed than anyone else.
  3. Oh Pie, I never knew you felt that way about me! Edit:You're mecca gay, lol
  4. I finally got a picture guys, it's kind of dorky lmao, I don't know what I was doing >_>
  5. A little early in the year for this, But, is anyone going to dress up for Episode III? My friend and I are going the first day it comes out, hopfully to the sneak preview before that, and we're dressing up as Our Star Wars Characters, I've already put together 3 costumes for it, and this summer when I get some neon, I'm going to make my lightsabre ...anyway. Is anyone else dressing up? Cause like...THE LAST MOVIE! OUR LAST CHANCE! They'll probably release all the movies together like they did n 95 But c'mon..
  6. EPISODE 3 (For EPISODE:III My best friend and I are dressing up as our Star Wars characters Möbius and Navrax, it's going to own, we'll be the only ones dressed up, xD VAN HELSING RESIDENT EVIL APOCOLYPSE SPIDER-MAN 2 GHOST RIDER BATMAN 5 METAL GEAR SOLID CATWOMEN DAREDEVIL 2 Movies I'm not so sure If I'll see include Hulk 2, and the new superman movie, Batman and superman...Actually I might see that. And YES, METAL GEAR SOLID FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED, It was said to come out sometime in 06/07 Ghost Rider--->This summer, if it doesn't come, I'll kill Marvel.
  7. Gotta have this one too >_> This chicks my guardian angel >_>
  8. I f-ing hate Active X, when I first made this computer, I caught it..and couldn't do crap, had to re-formatt, :@
  9. I don't get it, I tried it, and was rushed to the hospital with 13 different pieces of glass shoved into my brain,And I'm still pissed.
  10. Star Wars Seph versus kenshin, Seph wins, hands down, I know both, and Sepiroth only died by getting thrown down into a f-ing mako pool, honestly?! And, Spider-man Versus Wolverine, Wolverine clocked the crap out of him, it was in a venum issue, and many x-men and spider-man issues, but I got the Venum issue where he does so..yeah
  11. This was the first one I've ever seen by StormHammer..it was etched in my mind... :@ Anyway, Looking good, on a female perspective, add some Boobs >_>
  12. Coupes, dude..for old times sake, you have to make me a set, YOU NEED TO! I despretly love you, I mean...>_> heh..ah haha.. ^_^; Dude, could you make me a sig and avatar with pics of Vanessa Carlton and Michelle branch ( ) the avatar saying Exodus in red, and the sig saying Snake in red, pleaaaaaaaaaase.....>_> lol
  13. Sup, Ex, I remember you, although I never confronted you, How's that for one
  14. Destination,Ilum. The Strike force rounded up by General Windu, packs up their last rations, and weapons, as they set foot on their first journy. Mission discription is, A Failed Secretive place over-whelmed by the droid armies. "Sir, We're ready to set off in about Five minutes, I was told to give you the mission outline." Turning around, from checking the engine temperaturs, Matrix let's the soldier Speak. "Our mission will be set on Ilum, it is my understanding that the secrets of it's power were found out, and the destruction of it would be overly powerful against the jedi forces, Master Yoda went there in search for two jedi, who were found and rescued. Our mission is to get behind enemy lines, and destroy them before their troops regain power, and move into the rest of the caves." Looking up, Matrix closes his eyes in Thought. He softly speaks. "Ilum, havn't been there in years...Alright soldier, get yourself prepared, I want this done as quickly as possible, and I'm taking a team of 3, not including myself, I want you to stay at the ship and leak us information, understand?" "Yes sir, I'll round up the soldiers you would see best for this mission." "Thank you commander." Matrix turns back to checking the engines, then continues over to the weapons area. 10- 15 minutes later. "Sir, We're here!" The four Soldiers rush to the weapons department of the ship, grabbing Blasters and Stealth units which were constructed by a bounty hunter known by Matrix. "Get ready." Matrix says, as the platform drops. The soldiers then leap out into the air, landing in the snow, and flipping their stealth units on. "Alright, I want No.33, and No.4 to go around to the back of the droid units, setting charges to go off in about 6 minutes. No. 893 and I will go to their control tower, and take that down with charges, then we'll randevous in the middle of their forces, and start a distraction of some sort, Now let's MOVE!" The soldiers break up into their teams, and take off. Unit one, consisting of 33, and 4, get to their point, setting the charges around the barracks and facilities run by the droids, they set their timers as they move to their radios, telling their leader their Current Status. "Over-And-Out. Soldier, their on their way to their area, forget the charges, we need them, set the self destruct, and over ride the system so they can't change the data." 893 works on doing so, as a red alert symbol goes on, droids rush into the room, and look around, seeing nothing, then, flipping their heat sensors on, the glass window looking out on the planet explodes, as a blast is shot by Matrix. "Not this time, you freaking machines!" The two jump out, as Matrix focuses his force ability for them to safley land, then, as of one motion, take off to the randevous point. The bombs set to go off in 1 minute. "SIR!" "Soldier, a salute isn't needed, 4, set these charges here, 33, 893, set the becons, Let's get our ride down here as fast as we can, this place is going to blow in less then 30 seconds." 4-"Sir, what should I set the charge for?" A blank draws on Matrix's mind..."Damn, set it for 4 seconds, now! let's get the hell out of here!" With the charges set, and the becons place, the soldiers are pushed out of the area by Matrix's power just as the place blows. "Matrix is down! Wait?!" A shadow comes running from the wreckage just as the ship sets down, and departs, the shadow leaps into the air, landing on the platform just as it closes. "Jeez, I havn't been in that much trouble since I was serving padawan to Master windu." Taking his helmet off, the 4 soldiers sigh in relief, as they fly back to courascant to find out their next mission area.
  15. I wish I could use something like that but..Unlike you guys, I got kicked out of school
  16. Uh..Does anybody have the game? I'd like to play with some People that I UM, Semi know and stuff...>_<
  17. Star Wars Kid kicks ass, William sucks it
  18. Riddler-He kicked major ass Liquid Snake....ah I don't know, I like Solid Snake More than liquid, but Liquid was amazing. That nazi in DMC, he was wicked. Exar Kun,
  19. Hell, people die. I respect your choice about not releasing his name though, but it really doesn't seem like a big deal to me, people die. But anyway, sorry for the loss.
  20. I was hoping for some Silvia saint
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