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  1. "Literally the only major Star Wars game in market where people have no other options" had better break some records, especially when it looks so pretty. Shame about the rest of it.
  2. It's been a long, long time, hasn't it?
  3. Not sure if this is realistic, but any way to allow for "signpost" threads to be posted in a few of these old forums to permanently direct people to the new forums? I ask because I was thinking of posting one in the old Downtime forum of Aresen, but I can only edit old posts -- my supermod powers do not extend to making new threads there!
  4. I'm pretty excited about the potential Bioware RPG, but I have to admit, I hope it's more along the lines of Dragon Age Inquisition than a KOTOR retread. Something new. (Well, for a given value of 'new'.) I suppose it's partly that while I adored KOTOR and really liked KOTOR 2, I never cared that much for the Old Republic aesthetic. I'd like a different angle, dammit. Of course I'll still snap it right up if it's KOTOR 3, don't get me wrong... and given that DA:I was itself a third entry into a series that it deviated from stylistically somewhat, for the better, there's no reason it can't be both. But I'm just pretty much over the Old Republic setting. Set it at the same time as Aftermath or something!
  5. (leXX! Hello!) This is definitely an interesting initiative, and I am appreciative of it. The archival process seems ideal; I'm glad no one's trying to just wipe it all. I'm also happy that this community's legacy isn't just going to be dropped, and that we're going to try to meet the new iteration of Star Wars -- and Star Wars games -- head-on. (Also, I'm pretty amused by "DownTime: The Pilot's Lounge". Sounds familiar!)
  6. Uh... useless comment, but! I was unaware that RS had gotten a GOG release. That's... seriously, seriously awesome. Next time I have money, I'll need to snap that up.
  7. YOU GUYS IT'S HAPPENING also I'll be damned if that Falcon vs TIEs shot & the in-atmosphere X-Wings (albeit a different design) isn't SO VERY Rogue Squadron
  8. Well, there's the small hope that we'll get an activity infusion once new Star Wars games start coming out... that can benefit the old stuff... but, eh, we'll see, I guess. (double posting oh nooooooo)
  9. Oh man, this is still a thing? <three months later> That's amazing. I need to re-purchase Rogue Squadron... That link's awesome either way.
  10. Why are you trying to run a one-man ending of "Cantina", in the wrong forum, when it was never your thread to run (since you're not, you know, Deac) and you were never even a secondary or tertiary driving force behind the main plots? Which of course makes it less than shocking that suddenly it's become the Irvine Palpatine show. Who knew. (Not that you weren't involved, but dude, really, you pretty much always deliberately played side plots to keep your personal focus on your personal characters. Nothing particularly wrong with that, just... makes this even weirder.) Either way: This isn't your story to end. Yes, it's unlikely Cantina will actually get a proper ending. But that's what happens when the writers leave. If Deac wants to create a new Cantina thread, then he can do so, and hell, I might join in on that. And even here, you godmod others' characters (lol, I remember when I thought 'godmod' wasn't a real word, years ago) same as you did constantly during the old RPs, and I had to smack you down for it. Have you really not learned anything in the years that passed? You do have fewer typos, I guess. I don't even know whether to lock this thread or rename it or what. It's certainly pretty ****ing inappropriate, just dunno if it matters. Eh. I'll decide later.
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