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  1. Not sure if this is realistic, but any way to allow for "signpost" threads to be posted in a few of these old forums to permanently direct people to the new forums?


    I ask because I was thinking of posting one in the old Downtime forum of Aresen, but I can only edit old posts -- my supermod powers do not extend to making new threads there! :)

  2. From what has been said in the past by folks over at EA, the two other studios to be working on games are BioWare and Visceral Games.


    BioWare is most likely making an RPG since it's their thing while there have been hints coming out from Visceral to suggest that their game may be about Han Solo or a smuggler character.


    Of course, while BioWare and Visceral have been confirmed a long time back to be the two studios that are working on something big for Star Wars aside from DICE, what they're working on exactly is a mystery at this point in time.


    I'm pretty excited about the potential Bioware RPG, but I have to admit, I hope it's more along the lines of Dragon Age Inquisition than a KOTOR retread. Something new. (Well, for a given value of 'new'.)


    I suppose it's partly that while I adored KOTOR and really liked KOTOR 2, I never cared that much for the Old Republic aesthetic. I'd like a different angle, dammit.


    Of course I'll still snap it right up if it's KOTOR 3, don't get me wrong... and given that DA:I was itself a third entry into a series that it deviated from stylistically somewhat, for the better, there's no reason it can't be both. But I'm just pretty much over the Old Republic setting. Set it at the same time as Aftermath or something! :)

  3. (leXX! Hello!)


    This is definitely an interesting initiative, and I am appreciative of it. The archival process seems ideal; I'm glad no one's trying to just wipe it all. I'm also happy that this community's legacy isn't just going to be dropped, and that we're going to try to meet the new iteration of Star Wars -- and Star Wars games -- head-on.


    (Also, I'm pretty amused by "DownTime: The Pilot's Lounge". Sounds familiar!)

  4. As good of an idea as this seems, it really isn't because the LFN sites/domains aren't very stable at the moment. We just recently lost the xwingalliance.net domain because the owners apparently either forgot to renew it or just didn't want to. Either way, if you're looking for a safe place to put all of your content, unfortunately, this is not the place.


    The unfortunate truth is that this place is going to end up dying sooner than later, mostly because there's not enough people to manage it and not enough money to keep it running.





    Well, there's the small hope that we'll get an activity infusion once new Star Wars games start coming out... that can benefit the old stuff... but, eh, we'll see, I guess. :(


    (double posting oh nooooooo)

  5. Why are you trying to run a one-man ending of "Cantina", in the wrong forum, when it was never your thread to run (since you're not, you know, Deac) and you were never even a secondary or tertiary driving force behind the main plots?


    Which of course makes it less than shocking that suddenly it's become the Irvine Palpatine show. Who knew.


    (Not that you weren't involved, but dude, really, you pretty much always deliberately played side plots to keep your personal focus on your personal characters. Nothing particularly wrong with that, just... makes this even weirder.)


    Either way: This isn't your story to end. Yes, it's unlikely Cantina will actually get a proper ending. But that's what happens when the writers leave.


    If Deac wants to create a new Cantina thread, then he can do so, and hell, I might join in on that.


    And even here, you godmod others' characters (lol, I remember when I thought 'godmod' wasn't a real word, years ago) same as you did constantly during the old RPs, and I had to smack you down for it. Have you really not learned anything in the years that passed? You do have fewer typos, I guess.


    I don't even know whether to lock this thread or rename it or what. It's certainly pretty ****ing inappropriate, just dunno if it matters.


    Eh. I'll decide later.

  6. I don't see the post I made last night. It wasn't TL;DR and I'm pretty sure it didn't violate the rules. Why did the staff nerf it? :wonder:


    Oh, probably because I am a yay vote for giving certain subforum sections the iron sleeping pill.


    Because there are two threads, and you actually posted in the other one; it's still there but with the politics subforum discussion snipped (by Lynk).

  7. Wall of text comment on whatever caught my eye, as Lynk asked for feedback elsewhere.


    @ The Doctor: I'm curious... where are these other forums that have complete transparency when it comes to moderation where the moderators activities are public for the entire world to see? I would actually like to have links posted to these forums because you make it sound as if this is a common thing even when I have never in my life have seen any web community run in this manner.


    The SCP Foundation ( http://scp-wiki.net/ -- too lazy to remember how to do URL coding properly for now) is one such web community. The admin site is linked. Although even in this case, we have a secret IRC chat attached. But yes, every decision and disciplinary action are publicly viewable. As is a large portion of the discussion.


    Granted, though, this is a much smaller community; it's Internet Popular but the actual size of the community is small, much smaller than these forums in their heyday; and those who even pay enough attention to know about the admin site comprise a smaller group. And while non-staff users can SEE everything, they can't comment (except to send staff private messages). Plus we have a tradition of being really harsh (the site doubles as a writing workshop), so it's less of a leap. But it might be of interest regardless.


    (er, edit for clarity: I am an admin there.)




    I can't speak to how this forum was run, but I can speak to the moderation fights you mentioned, since I was part of them. (Sometimes the subject of them.) And while most of those tiny communities are dead, well... many still lurk, and you might encounter some unnecessary drama out of nowhere if you enact a sweeping change, enact new moderation policies & moderators to tiny sub-communities and/or erase those sub-communities entirely [in non-archived form at least]... without first talking to whoever's left, and not just in the TOR forums where these discussions are being had.


    That aside, it's obviously time for change, and reform, regardless. Most of the people who firmly resisted before are either gone, or are probably willing to see that LF has been dead for so long that even iffy changes are better than none at all -- and if they don't, the onus is on them to prove otherwise. Whereas before, the onus was on you.




    Also, another side note: If y'all want a political discussion section, it should at least be one sitewide forum to defuse the drama. a little bit, not attached to a particular community but with everyone else piling in from elsewhere.


    That said, as much as I prefer having places to discuss these topics, I do also recall that the highest drama bull**** always originated from the debate arenas. The Senate Chambers and... well, you know. Whereas while other communities had their drama, it almost never reached the same level -- and if it did, it didn't last as long. I honestly think Lynk's cancer metaphor was a good one...


    The alternative would be to figure out a better way of running them. And that's no easy question. Hell, the same rules may no longer apply any longer! Just look at the gaming community overall; last decade hot topics wouldn't even come up unless someone deliberately pushed for them, such as religion or politics. But now you have people freaking the hell out about gender or sexuality or race topics which used to be stuffed under a rug -- and now are openly discussed and relevant. Mark my words, those will be discussed unless you forbid the topics entirely -- but you don't want to go the way of, say, the Bioware forums, described as "toxic" by game writers themselves! And then you'll get the "hate spiral" that last decade could at least be partially contained to debate forums, except this time, not so much... You get the point.


    But on the other other other hand, it still wouldn't be as bad as full-blown debate forums.


    Also, I think some of us are conflating "debate forums" with "place for serious topics". You can have topics with personal advice on serious issues and such and still ban political/religious debate. Yes, that's limiting, but it's a possible compromise.




    Consolidation is ... fairly mandatory, but it would really have to be done cautiously. Archival could go a long way, but it won't go all the way. I mean... just take the XWA and RSN forums. Two separate communities. I'd say at minimum that would mean you'd need one sub-forum for each, under "Classic Gaming" or whatnot. Except... wait, the RP communities of those forums (what's left of them) are a separate, distinct sub-community using two boards! (Granted, it's still mostly dead, but I'm using it as an example.)


    Is this taken into consideration, or not? I could see cases for both. And even in dead communities there may be unexpected life, and you want to harness that life by luring the lurkers into becoming members again... "seed" members in a new generation... not alienating them by surprise and ensuring that they will never come back.


    Although I guess an easy-ish solution would be to just talk to remaining staff & remaining members and see what they think. Unless I'm misunderstanding the restructure proposal, of course.




    Haha if you think that some of your posts are a reflection on a lack of maturity, imagine what it feels like for this 23-year-old to look back at some of the posts he made when he was 13. /facepalm lol


    Tell me about it. Jesus. I was 15 when I joined in 2001, and I'm 28 now. >_< (And this was my first ever forum -- well, Rogue Squadron was.)

  8. The Network sites seem to have become very much 'secondary' in the eyes of a lot of LF members in recent years, I think.


    The way I see it, the forums grew to be such a massive part of the 'LFN experience' (it is where the majority of the community is based, after all) that the sites seemed to just fade into the background and fell into disrepair.


    As far as i'm aware, a lot of new members come to the forums without even knowing that the Sites exist, which is sad, because there's a lot of really useful and interesting content.


    Focussing on the new site first and then looking at the forums afterwards is definitely the way to go, I think.


    Just saying. >_<


    Recent years? I once was one of the most active people on the site way back when and I was barely aware of the sites attached to the forums.


    Besides that, this is a pretty good point.




    Stating the obvious: What you need, first and foremost, is content.


    • Articles speculating on possible new Star Wars games, and what Star Wars gamers might or might not be able to expect in the future. Including various more specific fanbases, and more general thought pieces, such as: What would a Star-Wars-y Borderlands-style couch co-op look like? How about other currently popular genres? Or upcoming genres? Or bringing back old genres? What might be most promising for the next big new Star Wars games? Perhaps even with competing viewpoints.
    • EA or another company posts an article about a Star Wars game? We post articles in response with analysis -- if we can find people with specific interest in the announced franchises if they're not new (perhaps by "WANTED" forum topics at the very least) so much the better. (For instance, a Battlefront article with speculation or article analysis from a fan or fans of the previous Battlefronts.)
    • Addressing current topics in the gaming community at large. The current "women in gaming" debates, for example: How might they apply to upcoming or past Star Wars games? A dangerous subject to get into if you don't have an author who knows what they're talking about (GIRLS DON'T PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!!!!!!!!1 ITS A MANS WORLD), but it's a subject with high potential if you can get it right. There are many other potential examples (inclusivity is just the one that immediately comes to mind for me).
    • Include the more casual games, like this one: http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2013/11/tiny-death-star/ and Angry Birds Star Wars. Those don't need to take the focus, but they fall under our umbrella.
    • Having a place for fanfiction for Star Wars game universes would be a good thing, even if some want to turn up their noses at the idea. Yes, including silly romance fanfic (the PG-13 & below kind); if people want to submit it, there should be a place for it here.
    • If there's interest, maybe staff (or interested non-staff users) could do Let's Plays of old Star Wars games to cover the lead-up to the coming new generation. If there are people available to do them, anyway. I know I'd love to watch or read them, though I don't know that I could make them. :(


    Full disclosure: I have not been reading the sites in a very, very long time, so apologies if I'm covering old ground.

  9. *interesting




    I actually do have a rough plan for ending these RPG stories if enough people sign on to it.


    1. We'd have a group re-read of the RPGs, with a separate commentary thread for us all to post in. This would also act as a nonsensical get-together, and would probably take a month for each RPG, Cantina month and PtH month. 2 months
    2. Once we all finished (and said so in the thread), we'd make a list of plot threads we wanted to wrap up. 1 week
    3. We'd then make a list of everything we still want to happen in the RP -- leaving plenty of blanks to be played out while we actually, well, roleplayed. Could be either really long or really short (probably a minimum of three things). 1 week
    4. Finally, we'd play out the ends of both RPGs; PtH first, then Cantina. 6 to 9 months


    So the entire thing would probably take a year total.


    It wouldn't be even close to as in-depth as the original plan, but that's never going to happen. I would happily sign on to the plan above, but I'd never be able to resume the way it was before. ;)

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