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  1. yes you do, niner. you even all of the this
  2. So long as it doesn't go away entirely. I check in from time to time. If there were any interesting Star Wars flight sim games being created (and for PC, mind you), I might do it more. Someday. And then we'll rise again. In the meantime, I'm back to trying to finish my novel... Almost halfway at this point. >_>
  3. True, a kid could pass it... but for someone who doesn't have really sharp reflexes, it could take a long damn time. (Remember how the platforms took forever to rise up again?) Most reviewers were like '**** this'. If I recall correctly they weren't meant to be that hard. Also, yeah. Man, the STAP would have been awesome...
  4. Well, because none of them did complete it. And their frustration affected their reviews. Shame, really - TPM would've been a great game if it wasn't forced out the door, and it already was a good game.
  5. One of the devs who used to post here - Zanzibar, IIRC - told us that the game got bad reviews overall because of that puzzle. Almost none of the reviewers were able to pass that level... and, of course, it was only the third level. The worst part is that the puzzle was that bad because the devs were forced to rush it out the door to coincide with the film release. Which sucked.
  6. I could have sworn I'd replied to this thread already. The Java blue room is really neat. I never managed to get through that door.
  7. Man, it's been so long I hardly remember. I loved most of it, frankly. Espa is the level I remember most, though, besides the first level (because I played the demo a trillion times). I also really liked the swamp creatures running about. Least favorite had to be the anticlimactic final battle tied with Otoh Gunga Jumping Puzzle of Doom. (I used slowmo every time I got there.)
  8. I drink ... no, you don't want to know what I drink.
  9. Hey guys. I didn't even realize it until a couple months had passed, but... ...I've officially been a member of this place for ten ****ing years. Since this forum was the very first place I ever joined on the Internet, this also marks ten years on the Internet for me. Hooooly monkeys. (What have I done?)
  10. You can't get me. I outrank you. Kid. ;( Now, Lynk, on the other hand, has over a year on me. So HE could, in theory, 'get me'. Though it occurs to me I don't really know what 'getting' entails. >.>
  11. Oh yeah, that's right. (Well, not so much 'outdated' as 'inherently ****ed'.) So I guess I'm safe then.
  12. I think I just lost several IQ points just be reading this thread ;( Also I accidentally my THE WHOLE THING
  14. ****, I'm late. Add me on Facebook, ~L! I'm Jake Jesson. (OH NOES MY REAL NAME, IT HAS BEEN REVEALED. Not like most of you didn't know anyway.)
  15. I think I might love that image.
  16. This happened? I had a birthday? ****. XD Thanks, you guys! <3
  17. Redwing

    A reboot:

    ((If it's a reboot, call it something else. Srsly. Else why even do it in this forum? It's not the Cantina if no one's involved but one person, unless that one person is Deac. I know we're not all about copyright law here, but still, as the only active moderator here - even as terribly inactive as I am, I'm still subscribed here - I'm gonna say 'no' on direct thread rip-offs of this kind. Feel free to make a different Cantina-like story with your characters, though. ...Which this is, anyway, so I'm not going to close it or anything. Give it a different title, and I'll sticky it. ))
  18. ((Posting here to remind myself that I'm gonna. Maybe. If other people are interested, I've got a pretty good "reset Cantina" idea. If they're not interested, then nevermind. ))
  19. I was homeless. Now I'm ... still technically homeless, but staying in one place most of the time thanks to a dear friend who offered a bed. So I thought I'd drop in and say hi. HIIIIIIIIIII.
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