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  1. Go to this page http://www.chopshopservers.com/education/ and click on Jedi Knight FAQs. The answer is in there. You will also find the answer to almost any other question you might have.
  2. Uninstall with Windows Add\Remove Programs (don't just delete the directory) then reinstall and update with the 1.01 patch.
  3. If you actually read the posts after Kurgan's you would already know the answer. Use the script that acdcfanbill gave you or go to the link I gave you. You can download demo recording script files and instructions how to use them.
  4. http://www.chopshopservers.com/education/demo_recording.htm
  5. A patched version of the Linux dedicated server to fix this exploit was made available to all customers of http://www.escapedturkey.com back on Feb. 18 http://www.escapedturkey.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2034 http://www.escapedturkey.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2033
  6. You'll have more luck posting in this thread http://www.chopshopservers.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=244
  7. If we had 20 active "real FFA" servers that would be about 15 more than we have now. Sure there are lots of so-called "FFA" servers now, but most are really chat-and-duel servers. Making a new gametype just recognizes that reality and eliminates the confusion and false-advertising caused by "honor" chat-and-duelers running so-called "FFA" servers that aren't actually "Free For All". It's a win-win solution with no downside.
  8. The Jedi Knight games don't currently use CD keys. I just included that in case for the next game they go to a different engine that uses CD keys to ban players. LucasArts wouldn't have to spend any time or money policing mods. Just making modders sign that agreement would send a clear message that the company doesn't want kids playing their games to be abused and humiliated. What company would want their customers to be treated like that? All they would have to do is provide an special email address where people could report the existence of an abusive or inappropriate mod. It would take less than an hour for someone at the company to verify that the mod is in violation of the license agreement. Then they send a cease and desist email to the modder, and emails to the admins at lucasfiles.com, jk3files.com, pcgamemods.com, etc. to pull the file. Done.
  9. Every router is a little different. Read the manual or go to the website of the router's manufacturer to find out how to open ports. Usually, you use your web browser to connect to the router, but you usually need to know the username and password.
  10. LucasArts wants their products to be as profitable as possible (as does every company) so they copy what other game companies do and release the source code, hoping modders will make another CounterStrike or Team Fortress, which expand the game and greatly increase the longevity and market for the game. Unfortunately, JK2 and JA ended up with two admin mods (JA Mod for JK2 and JA+ for JA) that helped to reduce the popularity and longevity of those games. They also must realize that there are a large number of "honor" players who like to duel and chat, and they need to cater to those players. Unfortunately, the only way "honor" players can do what they want to do is to pervert and misuse the "Free For All" gametype, leading to the whole "laming" problem and the admin mods and the abuse that have followed them. So-called "laming" and player abuse are problems only on "Free For All" servers. It isn't an issue on Siege, CTF, Team FFA, Duel, or Power Duel servers. Unfortunately, "Free For All" servers are the logical place for new players to go when they get JK2 or JA. And whether they are total newbies or vets of other games, they are likely to have no idea what "laming" is. They get abused and humiliated when they start going to JK "FFA" servers, and many of them uninstall the game or never play JK MP again. So the game never becomes as popular as it could have been, and the "honor" players become even more dominant, both by brainwashing and assimilating some new players, and by driving out others. If it was up to me, I would do the following: [*]Create a new gametype specifically for the chat-and-duel honor players. Call it "Multiple Dueling" or whatever. Make it automatically saber-only and with the usual duel-challenge and multiple simultaneous duels that the mods have. BUT, only players who are actively dueling could ignite their sabers or use Force, if Force is enabled. No one on the server would have guns or explosives, and people not actively dueling couldn't ignite their sabers and couldn't use Force. So-called "laming" would be impossible. There would be no need for admins patrolling the server like prison guards, looking for "lamers". [*]Restore "Free For All" to its true deathmatch nature. g_weapondisable, g_forcepowerdisable, and g_forceregentime would all be cheat-protected or eliminated altogether. All FFA servers would be full-weapon and full-Force with default Force regeneration, for consistency. By creating the new saber-only, "no laming" "Multiple Duel" gametype separate from full-weapon, full-Force unrestricted deathmatch "FFA", everyone would be happy. The chat-and-duel "honor" players would have something designed specifically for the way they like to play, and it wouldn't be mislabelled as "Free For All" as it is now. "Laming" would be impossible, and abuse would be unnecessary. New players who went to a "Free For All" server would find exactly what they were expecting, instead of what they find now. [*]Incorporate some of the admin mod features into the game: expanded ban list in an external file, client IP address or CD key logging, multi-line MOTD, and subadmin accounts. Subadmins could only silence, kick, or ban. This is to deal with the spammers, hackers, cheaters, and griefers in every game that must be dealt with. But subadmins wouldn't be unnaturally powerful as they are now, and they wouldn't be able to humiliate players with the silly amabuse commands on a whim. [*]Instead of freely distributing the SDK, require people who want to download it to sign an agreement that states what things (such as abuse-prone commands) can't be part of any mod made with the SDK. Make it clear that LucasArts reserves the right to revoke the license of any modder that breaks the agreement, and gives them the power to have file hosting sites remove offending mods from their sites. [/list=1]
  11. RpTheHotrod, you are probably already aware of them, but I still feel the need to make sure you are aware of Movie Battles II and ForceMod III. Both are class-based mods that restrict jetpacks and grapples to "merc" classes, and both have reworked saber combat in different ways, with additional styles, revised blocking, etc. You are probably aware of them, but if you haven't actually tried them out, I urge you to download them and try them.
  12. That's right. And is it reasonable to expect new players (kids) who don't know how to sort servers by ping or number of players, don't know how to change their name from Padawan or know how to put colors in their name (another frequently asked question), don't know what "laming" is, or even know how to chat so they can ask why they are being amslept and amslapped to know that they should open the console (another thing that many of them don't know how to do) and enter /amaltdim or /refusetele??? How would a new player know they were supposed to do that, even if they knew how to open the console?? That's why *VaS* Buffy is right, the first\initial\entry\default dimension should be the "lamer's" dimension, and the special\reserved\exclusive\no laming\"cool" dimension should be the alternate dimension. Server operators can change it if they want, but that makes the most sense as the "default" condition.
  13. slider, as I already mentioned, there are only around 200 servers that aren't totally empty (of course the number fluctuates, but it's approximate, and even counts servers that have only bots) so if they actually went to 50 or 60 of the most active "honor FFA" servers that's a pretty representative sample. It wasn't meant to be a "scientific" survey. And it is way more evidence than simply saying "i know a lot of JA+ server where this is alll the taime real gaming and no rules of antilaming set..." and "i also see a lot of basejjka servers with hnour rules" with no names or IP addresses or any data at all to back it up. And even a new player can "kill" someone pretty quickly if the person being "lamed" just stands there, saber off, and doesn't fight back. And that's exactly what many of them do. They are so suprised that someone is attacking them, or they are so used to just crying out "stop laming!" and waiting for an admin to amslap-ampunish-amslay-amsleep-amtele the "lamer", they don't do fight back or even turn on their saber. In fact, many servers have rules forbidding "laming back" a "lamer", players are told to let the admins handle it. And by the way slider, I saw this post by *VaS*Buffy: Even though she and I are on opposite sides of the "honor" fence, I think it is significant that both of us think that the default dimension (that a new player would enter) should be the "no rules" dimension, and the alternate dimension should be the "exclusive" "rules" dimension. I know you want to make it configurable, but I hope you will listen to her since you hate listening to me (lol) and make the default setup entry dimension = no rules\competitive dimension, alternate dimension = exclusive\no laming\RPG dimension. That would minimize the amount of abuse and misunderstandings regarding new players. The alternate dimension would be the "cool people's" dimension, and the "lamers" wouldn't be allowed in and would be forced to stay "outside" until they understood and agreed to the server rules.
  14. I know slider, you would think so. You and I and other experienced gamers sort servers by number of players or ping, but a suprising number of people, especially new players, apparently don't know they can do that. They sort servers alphabetically by name, because that is the default way they are sorted in the server browser. That's why so many servers, including your CTF server, have so many "€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€" in front of their names, trying to get to the "top of the list" alphabetically. I see questions about it from server operators in the forum that I moderate: And, most of the busy "FFA" servers are running JA+ mod AND are "no laming" servers. So whether new players sort by name or by number of players, they are likely to end up on a JA+ 2.2 "no laming" server. They will go there, maybe notice a MOTD that says "No laming", or maybe not notice it, either way the new player doesn't know what "No laming" means. They start to play "Free For All" and the next thing they know: amslap-amsleep-ampunish-amslay-amtele into lava, while several people on the server say "lol" and "lol, look at that noob lamer, lol". Often they aren't even told what they did "wrong", the admins are just so eager for a chance to "feel important" (you were right on with that observation) by using their admin powers. A CTF player that plays on both of our servers, Mith, did a survey. He and some of friends went to different "honor" FFA servers and pretended to be new players who didn't know what "no laming" meant, to see what would happen to a typical new player. He described what he found here http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=1731864post1731864 That is what happens to new players to this game. People often say "well, if a server abuses you, go to another one". They do, and they are abused there too. And the next one, and the next, and the next, until they say "forget this" and give up, long before they get to a non-abusive server, JA+, or Movie Battles, or ForceMod, or basejka, or whatever. That's how the abusive (overwhelmingly) JA+ servers hurt basejka servers (and non-abusive JA+ servers). It hurts the game, it hurts everyone. This has been going on since Jedi Academy Mod in JK2, and JA+ just carried on where it left off. And, as you well know, players aren't abused just for "breaking rules". They are abused for beating a clan member fair-and square in a duel (that even happened to you) or FFA, for having the name "Padawan", or just because the admin is in a bad mood:
  15. slider, I'm sorry, but when you make such a long, rambling post, I have to use quotes so people know which of your many points I am responding to. I'm sorry, but you leave me no choice. And how can you say that I quote you "out of context" and then also complain that I "quote every word"? That's contradictory. Everyone can read your posts to read everything in context. Again, how can you know that? How do you know what the JA and JK2 communities would have looked like without abusive admin mods like cHoSeN oNe's Jedi Academy Mod and your JA+ Mod? Yes, there would probably be fewer "no laming" servers, but that could have been compensated for by many many more "real" servers, running base games or non-abusive mods, just as there was in the early days of JK1 and JK2. Too bad we'll never know and we never had a chance to find out. slider, you also said "i know a lot of JA+ server where this is alll the taime real gaming and no rules of antilaming set..." and "i also see a lot of basejjka servers with hnour rules" and I asked you to list some. We're still waiting. Of course out of all the servers using JA+ there must be some using it in "good" way, like your CTF server and probably some others. Sure, there must be some JA+ servers that aren't abusive. That's good. No one ever said 100% of them are abusive or 0% are using JA+ in a "good" way. But that's not the point. There are "lots" of abusive JA+ servers, as you yourself have finally realized and you are finally starting to do something about it. Too little, too late, but better late than never. The few other mods that have abusive commands are hardly used, they are an insignificant part of the problem. And saying you are "rarely abused" where you play misses the point. It's like saying you are "rarely robbed" or "rarely beaten up" in your neighborhood. Who would want to live in a neighborhood like that? This is a GAME, as you pointed out, it's supposed to be FUN, not a place where people are abused, even "rarely". And before you say again "well, people can be abused with rcon", then can be abused 5x more ways (amslap, ampunish, amsleep, amslay, amtele) with JA+ mod 2.2 and earlier than with rcon. slider, please make up your mind: Now I see why you don't like me quoting you, it points out your inconsistent statements. But I agree with your more accurate description of history in that second quote: "honor" began as a small "cancer" in the game, and admin mods like cHoSeN oNe's and yours made the cancer bigger and spread farther with each new game. cHoSeN oNe realized and took responsibility for the damage he did, and removed most abusive commands from JA Reloaded, and you are finally doing something about the abusive commands in JA+. Both of you are too late to undo the damage that was done, but maybe some people will learn from history and we won't have to go through this again. But we probably will have to go through it again, the lure of the Dark Side (abusive commands) is too strong if they are made available to people. That's why they shouldn't be made available to people in the first place. And I can understand why you are puzzled how abuse on JA+ servers can affect servers with basejka and other mods, so I will try to explain more clearly. Servers, including basejka and non-JA+ mod servers, need new players to come into the game to take the place of players who tire of the game and leave. Most of these new players aren't "basejka purists", they aren't anything but just plain "new players". They don't know what "laming" is, they don't know about "basejka vs. JA+", they are just new players looking for a busy server to try out their new game. And the logical place for them to start is a busy "Free For All" server. And that means they are likely to go to JA+ "no laming" servers first. After being mistreated at those servers, many of them leave the game before they even find or try a basejka or other mod server. That's how the abuse on JA+ servers ends up hurting basejka servers, by driving away potential "real" players before they can find a server where they aren't amslapped-ampunished-amslayed-amslept-amteled into lava. I hope you can understand that. I agree with your first statement, but not your second one. Without JA+ mod 2.2 and earlier (or the rarely-used other mods with those commands), they couldn't amslap-amslay-ampunish-amsleep-amtele into lava, so they couldn't have as much "fun". Simply kicking someone isn't as much "fun" for them. Look how much they are complaining about losing only two of those commands. Some have even said they will keep using 2.2 because they "love" those abusive commands so much. One more time, I'll explain this. Abuse on JA+ servers drives new players out of the game before they can even find or try a non-JA+ server. That chokes off the flow of new players that might have ended up playing on basejka or non-JA+ mod servers. slider, I'm not listing every clan that has died. I am simply quoting what a former big big fan and supporter of JA+ said what happened when he left the safety of his own server. He was "horrified" by the behavior on other JA+ servers, that's why he said "I can honestly say that this mod has ruined JKA". And he was a big supporter of JA+ mod, not some "JA+ basher". basejka is used a lot, but it simply doesn't have the ridiculous amslap-amslay-ampunish-amsleep-amtele commands that JA+ has. To compare abuse on basejka servers to JA+ servers, and blaming basejka servers for driving players out of the game with abuse is really ridiculous. The weapons in this game are just fine, and this game adds Force powers and the lightsaber to make a magical combination when the game is played as it was designed to be played. It's circular logic to make a mod that helps gun-hating "honor" saberists drive "real" players (many of whom use guns or at least aren't afraid of using them or hate using them) out of the game, and then say "see, gunners don't like this game, they like other games". Many of the players on my servers have played UT2K4, DOOM III, Painkiller, Halo, and other games, but they still come back to full-weapon full-Force Jedi Academy because the game is that good, when it is played "normally". All the mods in the world aren't going to bring back all the players who were driven out of the game by JA+ mod. Making yet another mod is pointless, and doesn't treat the problem. The problem, as we said from the very beginning http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=119796&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 is the abusive commands in JA+ mod. It's those commands that cancel out the good features of your mod. Only you can fix that problem, not me or anyone else. And I am glad you are finally just beginning to fix that problem, late as it is. lol, just can't resist those ad hominem attacks, can you slider? Just like an admin who just can't resist using amslap-ampunish-amslay-amsleep-amtele. Oh well, it's always evidence to me that someone is losing an argument when they sink to that level, so have a nice day slider.
  16. slider, you are always nagging me about quoting you, when quoting is a totally legitimate feature of any forum (see there is even a button), yet you frequently double-post (you did it twice in this thread). Notice there is no "make a double post" button. Instead of telling me not to quote, why don't you learn to use the button instead of double-posting. Thanks. As long as you are going to double-post, I'm going to keep quoting No slider, you are totally wrong. According to the All Seeing Eye, tonight there are 489 servers, 308 of which are totally empty (not even any bots). Qtracker shows more servers, 582, of which 380 are totally empty. In either case there are only around 200 servers that aren't totally empty, and many of those have only bots in them, no humans. Not only is the number of active servers pitifully small, but the diversity you keep claiming is so important to you isn't there. Where are the full-weapon, full-Force, "real Free For All" servers? And where are the players to play on them? I'll tell you where: driven away by the abuse, silliness, and boredom on JA+ servers, that's where. You can't just count total servers (even though you over-estimated them) you have to look at the number that are being used. Having servers with no players does no one any good. At least have the intellectual honesty to admit that the game is much less active than it was even less than a year ago, even though you refuse to take responsibility for JA+ mod's contribution to that decline. Meanwhile, older games whose servers don't abuse and humiliate players for playing normally are still going strong. You are probably right, in the beginning there probably were more "no laming" players than "real" players. And what did your mod do? It made an unbalanced ratio even more unbalanced! Not so much by increasing the number of "honour guys" as you call them, although that did happen because naive, gullible, inexperienced new players went to "no laming" servers and were coerced and brainwashed ("stop laming!" "don't lame" "only noobs lame!"), but mostly by providing the means to abuse, humiliate, and drive the "real players" out of the game. So what started as maybe a 60\40 ratio of "no lamers" to real players is now, what, 90\10? If you really cared about "diversity" as much as you claim, you should have been trying to strengthen the real\competitive side of the community, instead of giving the "honor" side the tools to become even more dominant. JA+ servers didn't affect real players directly, because JA+ was\is rarely used outside of "no laming" servers. But servers using it drove off the new players who might have become real or competitive players. Even "honor" players got sick of the abuse and use of empowerment when they went to other servers, and they were driven off too, like former JA+ fan [sSC]NuTinmuch: Whether naive newbies, veterans from other games, or even "honour guys", servers with and users of JA+ mod have driven untold numbers of players out of this game, never to return. You don't have to agree or admit it slider, because it doesn't make it any less true. Everyone in this forum knows it (and so do you, if you are truly "open-minded"). And slider, I don't just "claim" to be a real player, I am. Always have been, always will be. Maybe not the greatest player, because I don't have much time to play, but 100% real nonetheless. slider, the only people who say that are the sycophants, ring-kissers, and admin-abusers who hang out in your forum. They know that posts and threads that are critical of JA+ or you are deleted and the people who posted them are never seen there again (banned). Of course they love amslapping, amslaying, and look how much they are whining about losing only two of their precious abuse commands. Of course those people love grapplehooks and jetpacks, they are crutches that help them think they are actually good players. You are right, if a lot of JA+ users couldn't ampunish-amslap-amslay-amsleep-ammindtrick-amghost-amtele-amempower, and actually had to play without crutches like grapplehooks and jetpacks, they probably would stop "playing". How would you know? Actually, the Jedi Knight games, when played to their fullest as they were designed to be played are some of the best action-first person shooter games ever made. Ask anyone who has actually played all of them. It's not that UT2K4, Q3, or Half-Life are better games, it's it's the players and communities that are so much better. The mediocre players, chatters, whiners, and wannabes know that they will not only be accepted in JA, they will actually be the majority, whereas in other games they wouldn't last 10 minutes if they acted like that. And yes, now that the users of JA+ have driven away most of the real players, they are all that is keeping this game alive. But it didn't have to be that way. We can thank you, JA+ mod, and the people who used and abused it for that. Again, how do you know what real gamers like to play? The only reason they wouldn't like such a great game is because of what they would encounter on most "FFA" servers, and most real gamers aren't going to put up with that. But it's not Jedi Academy's fault. Again slider, how do you know? Are you psychic? Yes, the abusers and mediocre players might have left after 6 months, but the real players would have kept on playing, just as the CTF and Siege players are, joined by all the players who wouldn't have been driven away if JA+ mod had never existed, just as there are older games that have managed to thrive somehow without JA+ mod. It's kind of sad and scary that you actually believe what you said there. And finally slider, do you know what an ad hominem attack is? Here, let me show you: Ad hominem attacks are used by people who have weak arguments, so they attack the other person instead of the other person's arguments and reasoning. Examples would include: "Amidala you are pathetic" "perhaps JA+ will let you come back to your real nature ^^^ : a better open minded real player that do not bash everything like a jerk ^^" "Well amidala i keep convinced you are not open minded...." "this is egoist and not open minded.." "if you don't want to recognize it, it means you lack something (for me this is the open minded spireit which you lack of)" "your only problem Amidala is that you often can't stand the difference... i continue to say you lack open minded spirit... you often can't stand that people don't think like you.... i often see you speaking as a fanatic person trying to force people to think like you think...." "Amidala the only silly person is you because you can't understand other peoples tought......... more precisely, you can't understand that people don't think like you...." "Amidala you terribly lack maturity with the way you speak...." and, paraphrasing, "Amidala, you quote too much". Ad hominem attacks are a classic sign that someone has weak arguments. They can't attack someones arguments, evidence, reasoning, or logic, so they attack the person. I love when people use ad hominem attacks on me because it tells me their arguments are weak and they have little else to say. While I have severely criticized your mod and your actions, I haven't criticized you as a person. In fact, I went out of my way to say that you are a competent programmer and probably a nice person in real life http://www.pcgamemods.com/forum/topicdisplay.php?t=95971&page=5 I don't need to use ad hominem attacks against you as you do against me, because I don't need to. My arguments are strong and sound. So keep right on telling me I'm "pathetic" and not "open-minded" and a "fanatic". It just shows everyone who has the better arguments.
  17. slider, as I said, I hope all JA+ servers upgrade to 2.3, although some won't because they just love ampunishing and amslaying too much. But even if all JA+ servers switched to 2.3, it still won't undo all the damage caused by the abusive commands in JA+ mod versions 1.0-2.2. Too many people have been driven away, never to return. Do you think all of the people still playing Quake III and CounterStrike have been playing since the first days those games came out? No, of course not. But those games have stayed alive and popular because as veteran players leave, new players come to take their places. And, the new players aren't abused and humiliated for playing the game the "normal" way. Those games are older than Jedi Academy but they are still alive and vital. It's because players aren't amslapped and told to "go play UT2K4" or "go play Jedi Academy if you just want to chat and whine". But for the past year and a half, JA+ servers have been using abuse and humiliation to drive off the new players that Jedi Academy and any game needs to stay alive. slider, look at the activity on this forum. It used to be busy and active. Look at it now. Good job. If the majority of the servers were "normal" or "real gaming" and there were a few servers where people disabled almost everything and sat around and chatted, no one would care. If there were some servers where people put a password on the server so their pretend Padawan training sessions weren't interrupted, no one would care. If they were a strange, weird minority of the servers, no one would care. But slider, you and your mod have created a world that is upside-down. The servers that are normal and play by the real rules are a tiny fraction of all servers, and are empty because almost all of the real players have been driven off during the past year and a half since your mod came out. The few survivors are taking refuge in CTF and Movie Battles II, but without a stream of fresh new players, they are dying off too. All that is left (especially on JA+ "FFA" servers) are the chatting, dueling, whining "honor" players. Your mod has made things totally upside-down and unbalanced. And bragging about how "open-minded" you are and how much you enjoy playing both ways isn't going to change what people using your mod have done to this game the past year and a half. You spent all of your time up until now catering to the abusive honor noobs, until they are virtually all that is left. It's too late to change that now, although I am glad you are finally doing something. Anyone who wants a sad trip down memory lane should read this thread http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=119796&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 Who correctly predicted what happened, and who didn't?
  18. slider, I have only one account on every forum where I am registered. Your forum is the only one where I don't use Amidala in my user name, because I know several people who were banned from your forum for criticizing JA+, and I know you would love to do the same thing to me. Don't kid yourself that all the criticism of JA+ you see is really only one person (me) with multiple accounts. Those are all real people, many of whom have posted in this forum. Not only have you said that other critics are really me, you even accused me of really being =X=MasterHex I almost thought you were losing your grip on reality for awhile. And slider, I had to quote your post here because it was made in your forum and otherwise people wouldn't know what you said or what I was talking about. The community of modders, mappers, skinners, etc. (God bless them) is small and getting smaller all the time. Compared to other similar games, the number of servers and players is small, and much less than it should be with an ACTION-FIRST PERSON SHOOTER GAME based in the popular Star Wars universe. The abusive "honor" servers have given Jedi Academy a reputation in the gaming world as a game full of chatty, whiny, abusive crybabies who actually make fun of people who use the weapons (guns and explosives) found in every other game. Because of that, veterans from other games won't go near Jedi Knight games, which they might otherwise enjoy and help to keep the game alive. JA+ is the most popular tool that the abusive, chatty, whiny crybabies use to impose their tyranny on their servers. You say "i know a lot of JA+ server where this is alll the taime real gaming and no rules of antilaming set..." Besides your CTF server and Padamon's two pwn servers, name some JA+ servers with real gaming and without "laming" rules. List some please. Should be easy if there are "a lot" of them. You also say "i also see a lot of basejjka servers with hnour rules". Name some please. Give some examples. You keep stating you "know a lot" of servers that are this or that, but you never list them. Go ahead, lets see some names and IP addresses. Everyone here who is playing or who has actually played the game knows what you are saying is nonsense, so prove us wrong by listing "a lot" of servers that "you know". Otherwise, quit making that ridiculous claim if you can't back it up. You keep saying that "most people like to play both honor\RPG and real gaming". That's just nonsense. Where is your evidence? Yes, there are some people who play both, like you claim you do (how much time have you played on your own "real gaming" CTF server? As little time as I play, I have probably logged more minutes on that server than you have), but most "honor\RPG" players tend to stay on those servers because: [*]They are mostly interested in dueling, chatting, and fooling around with grapplehooks [*]They absolutely HATE guns and think "only noobs use guns" [*]They think "the Force is cheap and noobish" as so many of them say in forums and on full-Force servers like mine [*]They like hiding behind the "no laming" rules because they would get slaughtered over and over without those rules [*]They like "no laming" rules because it justifies the existence of "admins", who so many of them want so desperately to be [/list=1] Most real players stay away from "honor\RPG" servers because they are: [*]Boring. No guns, no explosives, almost no Force powers on most of them. People are standing or sitting around chatting, with a few no-Force saber duels here and there. Yawn. [*]Silly. People shooting grapplehooks up each others butts while chatting about their dogs and homework. Why don't they do that on AIM, MSN Messenger, or at least The Sims Online for goodness sakes [*]Abusive, as you yourself described above. Not only are people abused from breaking server rules, but also for having the wrong name, beating some clan member in a duel, or just because the admin is bored, wants to show off his "powers", or is "having a bad day". [/list=1] You keep saying "most like to play both ways" and it just isn't true. Just because you and a few others claim to like both doesn't mean "most" do. slider, this game isn't a Lego set. Lego isn't a game, it's a toy, can't you tell the difference? Jedi Academy is a game, like chess, checkers, poker, bridge, croquet, basketball, etc. Games have official rules. Do people play basketball and say "no shooting baskets is allowed"? Do they they slap and punish other players for shooting baskets and playing by the official rules? So you were kicked from base servers for winning duels. That's unfortunate. Can you imagine how much worse you have made it by giving admins the ability to amslap-amsleep-ampunish-amslay-amtele players before kicking them? Why on earth did you give people even more ways to behave badly? I'm glad you are finally realizing that the things we warned you were going to happen a year and a half ago when you first released JA+ mod have happened just as we predicted they would happen. We went through this before with JK2, and we didn't want it to happen again to JA. We warned you and pleaded with you to not put abusive commands in your mod, but YOU weren't "open-minded" enough to listen to US. Now that you can no longer ignore the truth, you are finally taking SOME of the abusive commands out. Unfortunately, it is too little, too late. Way to go, slider.
  19. Sorry I have to respond to slider here, but if I debate him in his own forum he will probably delete the posts\thread and ban me, as he has done to others who criticize JA+ "too much" Like I said earlier slider, I'm glad you are finally making your mod less abuse-prone. Too bad you didn't do this a long time ago. Unfortunately, after all of the destruction to this game caused by people using the tools you gave them in JA+ mod (as described by you yourself above), it's too little, too late. cHoSeN oNe came to the same realization, too late to save JK2. You have also come to the same realization, too late to save JA. Now, before the next Jedi Knight game comes out (if there ever is one) and is destroyed in the same way, can we all agree that abusive commands have no place in these games, and only end up destroying it?? Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  20. When I played CTF on your test server, a lot of the bots were just standing around. They didn't move or shoot at the other team (as I recall). Reminded me of an "honor server", lol, only the whining was missing. I haven't been on my server yet (just started OJP this morning) but I checked my log. It looks like the bots are using my .jkb files because I saw some distinctive chat. But I'll have to check later to see if they are behaving normally or just standing around. I do miss having the names I gave them like Hugh Jass and Assfighter. My regular players know all of the bots by name and make threads about their favorite ones. I don't know if the same bot AI that is good for Siege is also better for other gametypes like CTF. I think what would be perfect would be an external text file where the admin could define the names that would be randomly selected for bots. If the file was empty the default names would be used, or you could just supply some made-up names with the file.
  21. It would be great if that was selectable with a cvar. I have separate new botfiles with optimized settings for CTF and customized chat in new .jkb files, as well as customized names. So they probably aren't using my .jkb files because I made new ones with new names. However, the mod is using only the TABBots, and I would rather use my own. I'll probably have to turn off the bots completely. I'm running OJP on my CTF server right now, but I wouldn't use it on a regular basis if I was forced to use the TABBots. Maybe they are great for Siege, but not CTF (or FFA). Plus my bots have lots of "personality". EDIT- there also needs to be a cvar to turn this off People doing /meditate on the flagstand in CTF is very annoying. I would say that anything that isn't just a bug fix needs to have the capability to be turned off.
  22. Well, I tried making a zmybots.pk3 but it still didn't eliminate the OJP bot names (or personalities I assume). Where are the bot names etc. kept? I looked in ojp_basicstuff and couldn't find them. Are they in the jamegamei386.so file? I really want my own custom bots (only) back. I can add my own custom bots manually but the mod seems to prefer adding the OJP bots over mine. OJP mod shouldn't make it difficult or impossible to eliminate the OJP bots.
  23. Thanks for your reply slider. Actually I have downloaded and installed the two most recent betas on my home computer and tested the first beta, and I have been following the development on your forum, so I am familiar with the latest changes. I understand that most "FFA" servers have "no laming" rules and that is where most of the players will be, so I understand why some people would want to make that the "primary" dimension and the "competitive" dimension the "alternate" dimension. But looking at it from the perspective of a totally new player to JA multiplayer (even if they are veterans of other games) it would be more logical to make the first dimension that a player enters when joining the server the "competitive" dimension, and the "no laming" dimension the "restricted" dimension (i.e. no "laming" allowed). Players who follow the "no laming" rules would simply /amaltdim as soon as they entered the server. You could probably make it so that if the player has the JA+ client plug-in installed they would automatically go to the "no laming" dimension. It would be likely that someone who prefers "no laming" would have the client installed, and a new player wouldn't. By setting it up this way, the "no laming" players would immediately go to the "correct" dimension (either automatically or with /amaltdim), and the new players would automatically be in the "competitive" dimension where they don't run the risk of breaking rules that they don't understand. They wouldn't have to be amslept and told to enter a command in the console. They wouldn't have to do anything. You overestimate the knowledge level of the new players. You assume they know how to open the console and enter commands. Many of them don't know how to do that. Read your logs, you will find entries like this: and so on. By making the first dimension a new player enters the "no laming" dimension, you pretty much guarantee there will be a lot of amsleeping and amslapping going on when you look at all of the JA+ servers as a whole (yes, I know the commands have flood restriction, I'm talking about the aggregate total). You pretty much guarantee the new players will have to go through the unpleasant experience of being amslept and told to do something that many of them don't know how to do. Maybe instead of amslap and amsleep those commands should just be replaced with /amForceAltDim. I know your preference is to make it "totally configurable" and leave it up to the server operator, but based on past experience we know what will happen, just as they rarely change jp_antiAdmAbuseTimer from 0 (off). It would be great if you would set some value other than 0 in the sample JA+ server.cfg so that feature would actually get used. Left to default values, server operators will make the "main" dimension the "no laming" dimension, and the "alternate dimension" the "lamer's dimension". New players will join and end up in the "wrong" dimension, and start "laming" because they didn't understand what "No laming" in the MOTD means. An admin will immediately amslap then amsleep them. They will be told to enter a command in the console and they won't know how to do that. The admin and people on the server will say "lol, haha, what a n00b". The humiliated kid's character will be immobilized on the floor while everyone laughs at him and calls him a noob. He'll disconnect, uninstall, and Jedi Academy will have lost another player. It would be so much better if the new players ended up by default in the "competitive" dimension first. Then there would be time to explain the rules to them, and how to open the console etc. without having to amsleep them first. They would be allowed to join the majority of the players in the "exclusive" dimension only after they understood and agreed to the rules. It would be like they would have to show they were "worthy" before they joined the majority of the other players in the "exclusive" alternate dimension. The players in the exclusive, alternate dimension will never be "lamed" because only people who know how to get into the alternate dimension will be there. If people make the "no laming" dimension the default dimension, they will be exposed to "laming" at all times. Again, I really support what you are trying to do, but I think that the way things are going to play out is going to defeat what you are trying to accomplish. Your alternate dimension is a very good idea, but as they say, the devil is in the details.
  24. *whispers* I don't know what a "Colenol" is but the rank just below General is spelled "Colonel".
  25. Well, slider has come up with a creative solution to the real players vs. "no laming" problem: two "parallel universes" on the same server. Dueler's Mod had something similar: while waiting to duel, players could "FFA" but the points wouldn't count. When two players started to duel, all of the other players on the server became invisible and couldn't affect the duelers in any way, and the duelers couldn't affect the other players. Then when the duel was over, the other players would magically become visible again, and the players could go back to FFA until the next duel began. slider's two dimension setup creates two parallel universes in the same server. Players can cross between dimensions, but players in one dimension can't attack players in the other. The "alternate" dimension is supposed to be a place to send "lamers" instead of abusing or kicking them. The "alternate dimension" is supposed to have "competitive" settings and admin commands don't function there. This is a clever idea, but the flaw is that new players joining the server will end up in the "wrong" dimension by default, where they are subject to rules they don't know or don't believe in, and are subject to amslap and amsleep. It would be perfect if the "default" dimension was the competitive dimension, and the "no laming" dimension had to be willfully entered or was "by invitation only". If you did it that way you wouldn't even need amslap or amsleep. If a troublemaker intentionally entered the "no laming" dimension to break rules, they could be forced back into the "no rules" dimension. If they disconnected, reconnected, and did it again, then you would know you had a real jerk on your hands, not some poor innocent person who just didn't know what "no laming" means. Then kickban would be completely appropriate.
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