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  1. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=114283 For Team FFA: /rcon set g_gametype 6 /rcon map whatevermapyouwant
  2. Or the admin can configure the server to have faster force regeneration, so if you get drained it doesn't take so long for your Force pool to replenish. I am a Force whore so I like fast Force regeneration. I've always thought that the default setting was way too slow, so my servers are set for 10x faster force regeneration.
  3. Set g_maxForceRank "7" and all remaining Force powers will have level 3 available, but clients still have to configure them, the server won't do it for them.
  4. seta g_saberLocking "1" seta g_saberLockFactor "20" The first cvar enables saber locks during duels. The second determines the frequency, and 20 is the maximum according to Raven. By the way, thanks for that very interesting history lesson about the origins of "saber off = peace". It's amazing how something that started out reasonable and practical has been blown all out of proportion by overzealous fanatical teenage boys into an "honor code" religion.
  5. There is a player who comes by the servers from time to time, uses the names Buck Futter and [HUMP-U] Law. This guy is amazing. He is on a server with jacked-up saber damage and he doesn't use a saber during the FFA games! He takes the Saber Offense, Defense, and Throw points he saves and uses them for Force powers. He is constantly in motion, using guns and Force only, and owns pretty good players that have sabers in addition to guns and Force. He used every weapon available including mines, det packs, thermals, etc. Then it changed to CTF but he just used a single saber Red Stance, guns, and Force and outscored everyone. So it is possible to win on my servers if you are fast and good with guns, despite the increased saber damage.
  6. Why do you think Raven made the g_privateDuel cvar available, hmmmm? So admins like me can set it to 0 ZERO ZIP NADA Every map loading screen has a different MOTD, and one of them says "Dueling is for Duel servers, this is FFA and CTF". An automated message says "Dueling is disabled, dueling with one-hit kill lightsabers is pointless". Actually, that isn't entirely accurate. I used to run a JK2 dueling server with increased saber damage and very high saber-locking frequency. A lot of people preferred it because you didn't have to wait so long for the duels to finish, it was a quick 2 out of 3 each round. It was more challenging because you couldn't just flail away and leave yourself open to attack, because that meant instant death. And unlike most duel servers where 90% used Red stance, all three stances could kill so you saw people using all three stances successfully. But people used to JK2 1.04 weak lightsabers couldn't adapt and therefore called it "gay" and quit.
  7. Chop Shop #1 INCREASED SABER DAMAGE FFA-CTF Chop Shop #2 INCREASED SABER DAMAGE FFA-CTF The servers are set-up the same way: full Force, all Weapons enabled, increased saber damage, dismemberment enabled, fast Force regeneration and increased gamespeed (run 20% faster). Private dueling is disabled (go to a duel server if you want to duel) so everyone is in the fight. Voting is disabled so superior players can't get kicked for winning. Map rotation is all 5 FFA maps followed by all 5 CTF maps, repeat. I try to synchronize the servers so when one is in the FFA part of the cycle, the other is in the CTF part of the cycle, so you can choose which gametype you want or jump from one to the other to stay in the same gametype, if there's room. When the servers are (rarely) listed by the Master Server List, they are both full and I restrict sv_maxping so there are no high-pingers. Use The All Seeing Eye and you can always find them, or use New Favorite to enter the IPs directly. You can use powerful lightsabers, weapons, or the Force to kill, the choice is up to you. All kills are legal, although you don't have to chatkill or saber-down kill if you don't want to, it is permitted and no whining is allowed if it happens. About the only rule is no chat spamming or extreme racist\vulgar\taunting\being an asshole spamming.
  8. I have automated messages on my servers that say the following: This is a war zone, not a chatroom Chat at your own risk, don't whine if you die Wait until you die to chat or change settings Only chatters get chatkilled It's noob to whine about the Force in a Star Wars game. Go play The Sims instead People saber off then stab you in the back when you run by. None of that saber off = peace BS here Saber off = easy kill 'You are unwise to lower your defenses'. Hmm, where have I heard that before? Remember when Obi-wan lowered his saber and Vader didn't kill him? Hmm, neither do I. Remember when Qui-gon, Obi-wan, and Maul all bowed to each other before power dueling? Hmm, neither do I. If you bow to duel, you probably sit to pee Who really made up all these 'honor' rules anyway, George Lucas or a bunch of whiney teenage boys? All kills are legal on this server. Whiners deal or leave. Saber off = join Obi-wan's ghost Lower your defenses at your own risk, then take the consequences like a warrior, not a whiner After reading these messages, the following conversation occured: say: >)O(< ENmiTy: thats retarded....: / say: >)O(< ENmiTy: the person who wrote that should be shot say: >)O(< ENmiTy: mindless fighting doesn't prove anything.. say: CanisLupisLupis: yes it does say: >)O(< ENmiTy: promoting mindless FFA and SD kills promotes disorderly conduct amoung the online community say: CanisLupisLupis: hmmmm say: CanisLupisLupis: oh go lag yourself Tsk tsk, we can't have "disorderly conduct" on a Free for All server, now can we?
  9. Please please please post your improved bot routes at http://www.pcgamemods.com. If you are registered there you can post files instantly. I run two Jedi Academy servers that have customized bots. I don't run pure servers so I would be willing to alter my assets0.pk3 files if the CTF routes in particular are better. Or please email me at adminamidala@comcast.net so I can get my hands on your wonderful enhancements. Or please send me the one you finished so I can at least have one good bot CTF map. Thanks!
  10. Type cmdlist in the server's console. Here's what it lists: cmdlist status set kick touchFile fdir dir path map vstr svsay clientkick seta sets exec forcetoggle killserver devmapall devmapmdl spdevmap spmap devmap sectorlist map_restart dumpuser systeminfo serverinfo heartbeat vminfo vmprofile in_restart writeconfig changeVectors quit wait echo zone_details zone_stats cvar_restart cvarlist reset setu toggle 43 commands 2 others not listed are addip to ban a player and removeip to unban them.
  11. It's not possible from the server. You have to somehow direct players to the URL so they can download it the normal way.
  12. The default value for com_hunkMegs is 64, so setting it to 32 actually decreases the memory available to the game, which would make it less stable, not more. Leave it at 64. sv_maxRate is one of the most important cvars, and it is dependent on your upload bandwidth. The higher it is set, the fewer players you can host. If sv_maxrate and sv_maxclients exceed your bandwidth, everyone will lag out. The formula is sv_maxrate = bandwidth (bytes per sec)\ sv_maxclients. So if you have 256Kb upload bandwidth (DSL or cable), 256,000 \8=32,000 bytes per sec. If you want to host 8 players, 32,000\8 = 4000, so sv_maxrate should be 4000. If you use sv_maxrate 10000, 32,000\10,000= 3.2 players.
  13. I'm still running 1 map of CTY on my JK2 server. As far as I know it is the only server that still offers CTY. Since it comes between two CTF maps, the players usually stick around and play it, so you can sometimes get 10-20 people playing CTY. Use All Seeing Eye and watch If you see it is a CTF game (g_gametype 7)on ctf_bespin, there is a 50% chance the next map will be CTY on ctf_yavin. Make sure it is CTF on ctf_bespin though, because I also use ctf_bespin for Holocron FFA and Jedimaster games.
  14. In JKII: Jedi Outcast, CTF was gametype 7 and CTY was gametype 8. In Jedi Academy, Siege is gametype 7 and CTF is gametype 8. They also changed Team FFA from gametype 5 to gametype 6. Who knows why Raven didn't keep it consistent, probably just wanted to make things harder for those of us running both JK2 and JA servers. But Gamespy is probably using the JK2 gametypes in JA. So Siege is showing as CTF and CTF is showing as CTY.
  15. There is a more detailed explanation here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=113231
  16. You can do all that now. There is a tutorial at the end of this thread: http://www.jediservers.com/forums/thread-view.asp?threadid=23&posts=20 My servers have always had customized bots, and you can make them for yourself if you like playing against them on a home server. My bots are enhanced and are stronger at skill level 1 than the strongest stock bots are at skill level 5 (Jedi Master). They help even out the teams in CTF if there are few humans, and they usually end up scoring in the middle, not nearly as good as a good human, but as someone said recently, "that bot is better than a lot of newbs". At least their bot routes allow them to know what to do with the flag, unlike a lot of CTF newbies! I also gave them fun names like The Dominatrix Reloaded (Tavion skin), Hugh Jass, Oliver Clothesoff, and Phillip Uranus. They talk trash and whine just like human players, and they fool a suprising number of people. Yesterday a human was yelling at two of his (bot) teammates to quit running around and go get their flag back!
  17. Register here and they will post your file immediately: http://www.pcgamemods.com
  18. I would assume Force Sense\Seeing level 3 would allow you to see them if you knew where to look, but I haven't tested it. But it still allows them to shoot\rocket\detonate\saber throw you while they remain hidden and untouchable. I haven't tested it and I don't usually play Dark Side, but I assume Lightning, Grip, and Drain would also go one-way through the wall. So a flag carrier could go in there and wait safely until his own flag has been returned, then simply walk through the one way wall, go a short distance and score. This map bug isn't far from each of the flag bases and it's on both the Red and Blue sides of the map.
  19. Add\edit these lines to your server.cfg file: seta g_saberLocking "1" seta g_saberLockFactor "20" That will enable and increase the frequency of saber locks.
  20. I'm sure everybody remembers the map bug in JK2's ffa_yavin (Massassi Temple) that let you get outside the walls so you could go around the map and stand on top of one of the temple entrances. You could see through an invisible wall and be seen as well, but you couldn't shoot through it or be shot at. And it was a FFA map, not a CTF map. I don't know if you can shoot through the mountain on the Hoth bug mentioned above, but the bug I am talking about not only lets someone hide with the flag, but it's a one-way wall: the person behind it can't be seen or attacked, but they can shoot, saber throw, throw out mines and detonators, or walk back out through the wall. I've seen jokers on JK2's ctf_ns_streets hide on the rooftops with the flag when the score is tied, preventing the game from ending if no one else knew how or was able to wall float up there and get them. The same thing or worse will happen with this bug when it becomes common knowledge (which it probably will very soon). That's why I hope Raven will fix it in the upcoming patch.
  21. What MuRaSaMuNe said is correct if it is a skin, model, hilt, sound, or map, the .pk3 files go in the GameData\Base folder. But if it is a true mod like Jedi Academy Mod, Dueler's Mod, Disruption Mod, etc. unzipping the .zip file usually creates a folder that contains one or more files. The entire mod folder goes in the GameData folder, not the GameData\Base folder.
  22. Actually, what I think he wants is to be able to lock the server with a password so only those with the password can enter the server. In that case you need two cvars in you server.cfg file: seta g_needpass "1" seta g_password "yourpassword" This prevents anyone without the password from joining. If you just want to reserve a few slots with a password and leave the rest open to the public, then create "private clients" with: seta sv_PrivateClients "n" seta sv_PrivatePassword "anotherpassword" where "n" is the number of reserved slots. These are subtracted from your total number of slots, and the rest are open to the public. Of course, "yourpassword" and "anotherpassword" are replaced with passwords that you make up.
  23. I know folks from Raven sometimes visit these forums, so I am posting here and on the Ravensoft forum so that hopefully someone from Raven will see it. Raven, please help!! There is a major bug on a certain CTF map that is worse than the rooftop bug on JK2's ctf_ns_streets! There is an area that is not meant to be accessed judging by the missing textures. However, you can get into this area and it puts you behind a normal-appearing wall. No one can see, attack, or walk to a person behind this wall. However, the person behind the wall can not only see through it, he can shoot, saber-throw, and walk through it as well! Makes a perfect hiding place for a sniper or flag-carrier to hide and be totally safe from detection or attack. I don't want to give any more details so people won't start exploiting it. If someone from Raven contacts me I will be happy to send details and screenshots.
  24. There is already another thread on video cards farther down the list. I will quote myself from that thread: To get better performance, select Video Quality "Fastest" under Video setup, and make sure Shadows are Simple or Off, and Dynamic Glow is Off under More Video.
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