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  1. I thought you might like some perspectives on banning from an admins point of view. The Prime Directive on my servers is: "Maximum fun for the maximum amount of people". People who add to the fun are good, people who subtract from the fun are bad. Skilled, talented players can only add to the fun in my opinion. The people who subtract from the fun are usually the mediocre or worse players: the whiners, arguers, trash talkers, suiciders, killtrackers, etc. I can't be on my 3 servers all the time, but I do read the logfiles daily. Every player I have banned has been banned based on what I read in the logfile. They whine, curse, argue, taunt, and generally annoy the hell out of people. Anybody who has their chatbox up that much can't be getting any kills. People like that really stand out in the logfile. They literally hang themselves with their own words. They leave chortling to themselves, thinking they got away with something. I read the logfile that night, and then the next day when they try to join the server they discover they've been banned. Actually, good players who are too busy playing and scoring to chat are the LEAST likely to be banned on my servers. Griff, I've seen you on one of my servers (Chop Shop Disruption), and I hope you know that's true. As for idiot admins, the best thing to do is let their servers wither away from lack of traffic. I have learned a lot about how NOT to run a server from reading these forums, and on my servers: 1- Voting is disabled so the weak cant kick the strong 2- I have disabled slap, punish, kickban, empower, terminator, and teleport so none of the admins can use them. 3-None of the subadmins can ban a player. Only I have that power, and I do it after dispassionately reading the logfile, not in the heat of the moment, and NEVER because they beat me (I would have to ban everyone if I followed that practice, lol!) As I said before, I usually wasn't even there when they were making an ass of themselves. 4-One of the rules is you have to sit to legally chat. Hopefully this decreases chatting by making it more inconvenient. I make it clear in the MOTD: if you are on your feet you are a legitimate and legal target, saber on or off, chatbox up or not, it doesn't matter. If someone complains they are getting "lamed" too much, they are probably chatting too much and fighting too little. It also avoids the "saber off then stab you in the back after you run by" scam and the throw the chatbox up 1 millisecond after you have already started your attack and then cry "lamer!" accusation. Lamed? Were you sitting? No? Then too bad, it's a legal kill. Not that I condone cheap killing of the defenseless. Someone who is sabering away ineffectually on someone sitting down, saber off (which gives you some immunity from sabers) is clearly a weak, pathetic person so desperate for kills that they attack the defenseless. People like that are warned and then slept or bunnied if they persist, but not kicked or banned. I don't attack people who clearly aren't fighting, but I don't care if people do it to me. After all, you come back to life 1 second later with 125 health, 25 shields, and a lightsaber in your hands, so what's the big deal? 5-Admins punishing people for beating them is disgusting. If any of my subadmins did that, they would no longer be an admin. I even tell them to ignore insults and taunts. I usually go on my servers undercover with different names and characters, and people have beaten me hundreds of times and called me names. I never punished anyone for that. The only thing I do when someone kills me is say "lol". 6-I have bots on my FFA-CTF server named Whiner and Crybaby who say the following when they die (to shame the whiners): "Waaa, let me tell you exactly how to fight- no force, no guns, etc." "Waaa, you can only attack me from the front" "I hate this map and every other map when I'm losing" "It's only laggy when I'm losing" "I whine so much I seem like a real human player" "I'm only losing cuz I have TOO MUCH SKILL for this server" "Does anybody have some cheese to go with my whine?" "Guns are gay when I get shot" "Everything that kills me is gay" "Anyone who kills me is a laming whoring cheating noob fag" (Can you tell I'm tired of all the whining I read every day in the logfiles, lol?!) Anyway, I am sure there are some other servers out there that aren't run by morons. One of the problems is that people stick to their Favorites list too much and don't check out what else is out there. Even now, there are still new servers starting up. If you get banned from a server run by idiots, aren't you better off? There are plenty of other servers out there, find one that actually appreciates skill and talent.
  2. First of all, great mod, I am nagging people on my server like hell to download it, and I'm directing them to another server that I am running Duelers Mod on so they can try it out. Some people have complained that the Orange and Purple stances are TOO WEAK. Typical comment: "2 sabers look cool but dont do much". I enabled all stances for special sabers (saber staff and 2 sabers) so they would do SOMETHING, but I agree that makes them too strong when using Red, Yellow, or Blue. Orange and Purple are useless with single sabers and I agree it just complicates switching stances. Ideally there should be 3 stances for special sabers that correspond to the single saber stances (strong, medium, fast), but each just a little less powerful than the single saber stances to provide balance. Using single saber with a small character like Ugnaught or Yoda defeats most normal-size characters with saber staff or 2 sabers. My players figured this out very quickly and the server soon looked like The Battle of the Midgets with a bunch of Yodas and Ugnaughts darting about. Also, the Duelers documentation is superb, EXCEPT for the part about installation. I wish it was more detailed and explicit about putting the entire Duelers folder in the GameData folder. I have nagged a lot of people into downloading Duelers Mod, but then they don't install it correctly and get frustrated when they cant join the server. I think the problem is that they are used to installing skins and maps, not mods, so they take the .pk3 files out the Duelers folder and put them in the Base folder, as they are used to doing with maps and skins. Please make the installation instructions more "noob-proof" with step-by-step instructions, so more people will use your great mod. I am hoping that all my regular players can get it working so we can use it for an upcoming tournament.
  3. The cvar you want is "g_timeouttospec n" where n is the number of seconds before an inactive player goes to spectator. If youwant this to happen after 5 minutes \set g_timeouttospec 300 If you never want it to happen \set g_timeouttospec 0
  4. Try the http://www.gamerunners.com forum. Usually, to run a mod you need to add the argument +set fs_game (modname) to the jk2ded.exe or jk2mp.exe command line.
  5. Your problem appears to be clientside (your computer) and not related to the server. I believe protocol 15 is version 1.03, protocol 16 is 1.04. Make sure you have the latest video card drivers and try the most basic video settings (under Fastest category), i.e. 640x480 res, dynamic lights and wall marks off, etc.
  6. Are you trying to install on a remote server? You can't run programs there. Just extract the files on your computer, then COPY them to the base folder on the remote server.
  7. The motherboard is hardware, not software. It is the main big printed circuit board inside your computer. But if you are a gamer, I assume your computer has a separate video card and isn't using the (God forbid) integrated video built in to some motherboards. If so, go the videocard maker's website for the latest drivers. Most videocards use chips from nvidia or ATI. If your card has chips from one of those manufacturers, go to the appropriate website (i.e. http://www.nvidia.com or http://www.ati.com) and they will have the latest driver. Now please don't say "How do I find out what videocard I have?". Right click the desktop, Properties, Settings, Advanced, Adapter, it will tell you there.
  8. Where are you trying to run your server? At home? Are you using a router at home to share your internet connection? Are you using a firewall program like ZoneAlarm? If so, probably your router or ZoneAlarm is hiding your server from the outside world. Lucasarts has some info about this here: http://support.lucasarts.com/trg/tgd.asp?id=2381&g=120&s=8
  9. You may be trying to join a server that is running a mod that requires the mod to be installed on the client (your computer), such as Force Mod. You should be able to join servers running "base jk" or server-side mods such as Jedi Academy Mod or Vulcanus Adminmod.
  10. You need to enter the following line in your server.cfg file: seta g_forcepowerDisable "n" where "n" is a number that determines what force power(s) will be disabled. To disable push, n is 8. For pull, n is 16. To disable both, 8+16=24, so n is 24. Here are two calculators to make it easy: http://smc.woodoomagic.de/jk2forces.php http://www.jediservers.com/help_articles_force.asp If using Jedi Runner, go the Game tab, Force Flags subtab, and click the powers you want to disable. It also shows you the number you need.
  11. People, if you are going to rent a server for JK2, there is no better place to go than JediServers.com. Astyanax2 and his crew are unbelievably nice, knowledgeable, and helpful. What a difference from what I was used to! I have no connection with them except as a very happy and satisfied customer. I rented one server from them, and the experience was so positive I rented another even bigger one and I will be moving my public server from my current vendor to JediServers.com this weekend. The fact that they are the least expensive too is just icing on the cake. It's their attitude that makes them the best.
  12. May I suggest that you get a 5-button USB mouse for your Mac? It will make a world of difference. I have tried Logitech, Microsoft, and Memorex 5-button mice (on a PC), currently using the Logitech. Look what you can do with all the extra controls: Mouse 1: attack Mouse 2: alternate fire\saber throw (and subtract force points) Mouse 3 (under mousewheel): Force Seeing Mouse 4: Force Heal Mouse 5: Lightsaber stance (blue\yellow\red) Mousewheel UP: Force Push Mousewheel DOWN: Force Pull If you play Dark Side you reassign buttons to grip, drain, etc. You can also reassign the mousewheel to scroll through weapons, inventory items, or force powers, but I like it for push\pull. By using a 1-button mouse, you are needlessly handicapping yourself. While looking at 5-button mice at CompUSA today, I noticed that one of the packages said "3-button support under MacOS". If that is true, there is no point getting a 5-button mouse. Save some money and get a 3-button mouse. You will still have the mousewheel and two more buttons than you have now.
  13. My server is like that, mixing FFA and Team FFA. I am thinking of adding CTF, both with and without guns. But will FFA players get pissed if they finish a FFA game and begin a CTF game, perhaps a gametype they have never played? Or vice versa, somebody who likes CTF joins a server that is in the middle of a CTF map, then it ends and becomes FFA? In other words, do people generally like to play on a server that has only one (their preferrred) gametype?
  14. As a server admin, I would like to know what you think makes a good public server good. What about it makes you want to keep coming back? Think about your favorite servers, what do (did) you like about them? If you have trouble explaining it, think about these things, but don't limit yourself to them: Maps: do you prefer alot of different maps, even if you hate some of them, or just a few of the most popular maps, even if it gets repetitious? What is your favorite or most hated map? Timelimit\Kill limit: should time or kills determine how long a map should play? What should the kill limit be? What is the best timelimit for a map? 10, 15, 20? Force\No Force: Full force? No force? Partial force? If partial, which force powers to keep and which to definitely avoid? What force level (Jedi Master, Knight, etc.)? Normal or faster force regeneration? Guns: No guns? Guns? Or guns on some maps and not on others? Number of players: Do you only go to servers that can take a large number of players? Or is a more moderate number OK? Gametype: Always the same gametype (FFA, CTF, Team FFA, etc.) or a different gametype on some maps? Mods: Jedi Academy? Omnimod? Jedimod? Vulcanus? None? Rule enforcement: strict rule enforcement by admins to kick and control punks and lamers? Or does the power go to their heads and turn them into petty tyrants? Voting: How important is voting enabled? I can tell you voting to change to a random map stops custom map rotations, so you have to vote to change maps each time. Bots: Of course nobody likes bots, but admit it, nobody goes to empty servers either. In my playing days, I used to filter empty servers out of the server browser list. If bots are a necessary evil, what is the ideal number if only one or two humans is in the server, assuming the bots will be automatically kicked as humans join the game? Extras: voice communication? Double-bladed light sabers? Emotes (animations)? Dueling enabled or disabled? Server website? Player stats? Increased kick or saber damage? Performance: what is the maximum ping you will tolerate before excluding a server? Changes: should a server stay the same (maps, force, weapons, gametype, etc.) like a trusty and reliable friend? Or does that get boring, and should things change from time to time to keep things fresh? Don't just say "all that sounds good". Server admins have to make configuration decisions that some will love and others hate. I have added someones favorite map to the rotation, then have had others bitch about how much they hate that map. Same thing with force powers. Any feedback you can give here will help any admin who cares about making their server a "good server". Thanks in advance for your comments.
  15. Hello all, I have been running a 1.04 server with high saber damage for about a month. It also has fast force regeneration, dismemberment, and a few other tricks. A lot of people who have tried it say they love it and it is their favorite server now. It's called "Chop Shop: HIGH SABER DAMAGE" if you would like check it out. Edit Taos - I'm glad we understand each other.
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