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  1. Why would they do it for detpacks and not for tripmines? The secondary fire for trip mines WILL cause them to auto-destruct, but when you use the primary fire for them they do not. Also, you can only have so many detpacks out at once, otherwise they start disappearing, I think I would rather lower this number and make detpacks have an infinite life. Siege sure would be a lot more fun that way EDIT: Oh, and tow cables would be really cool, I'm not sure how much code would be required to implement them though, I think it's safe to assume that it would require a lot of code.
  2. They're making it for themselves, it's not like they're here to serve you.
  3. I still think it could be done well It would require a lot of work though, however, most of the new "big name" engines coming out seem to feature this, Far Cry, Stalker, I *think* HL2 features it too, not sure if it is just part of the Havok engine or you can touch it with mods. I wonder if Doom 3 has IK?
  4. Not too high if done correctly (Good use of LODing on the trees would keep the polycounts low enough probably). Of course the cryengine probably wouldn't be used, but it already can do treehouses and stuff etc.. It is in one of their official maps and it runs very well. Only problem with the CryEngine is that the online play is fairly laggy client side, and the netcode isn't exactly great yet. That's one of the bigger advantages of Source IMO, because they will be using netcode similar to half life, which has very good netcode since it has been out for so long.
  5. Then we would have one wierd game including tons of NPCs, a new sabering system, and lots and lots of bugs
  6. What I didn't like about the demo: - Glow was too big, especially with dynamic glow on. I couldn't see a thing! - Too many saber styles for single saber, consider doing what someone suggested earlier, adding a menu with checkboxes to select which stances you want. - Seemed laggy... Hit detection seemed even more off than base JA. - I didn't really notice anything different, besides the enabling of some single player maps and already included maps. The sabers were there though, I liked the RGB saber stuff, except you could make a super-ultra-mega bright sword by turning everything to the top and turning the blade to "supreme." Other than that, keep up the good work I am eagerly waiting to see some of the gorgeous looking content you have on your site.
  7. OK, after reading ALL of that, I think I'll post what I wish JK4 could be. Saber Combat Technical details included For saber combat, I hope they use an inverse kinematics system. Someone before said that you could not use this due to having a 2d movement and needing to move in 3d. Normally this would be true, but through some thought I have figured out a way to do this. All you have to do is imagine a circle. You have a circle around your hand, now, when you move your mouse to the left, it moves the tip of the blade to the left on the circle. When you move it to the right it moves it to the right, up goes up and down goes down. There you go, one part done. That takes care of right or left click (when you hold it). The other button (left or right click) would then move both arms left/right/up/down. Holding both left click and right click would cause you to do both at once, allowing you to really swing your sword, moving your wrists and arms at the same time. To calculate damage: Time spent swinging adds to damage, if you change direction of your swing, it lowers damage. You would have to add a little buffer to this to account for imperfections, but you get the idea. This system would also be used to calculate the "power" of your swing, used for parrying. Parrying would have the physics calculated using the already existing physics engine in the game engine. All movement would be disabled while swinging your saber, this would allow you to concentrate much more on attacking instead of running around like a doofus. When you start to control your saber though, you would still continue moving in your direction for a moment. This would allow you to keep moving while you're deflecting blaster bullets. Attack and defence buttons would be the same. This system is feasible, the only hitch is with netcode, I don't know how well this would perform over dial-up. Damage should be one hit kills for torso, neck and head, and two hit kills for limbs. When you hit your enemy's limb, it would cause his attacks to slow and attack power to lower, making his attacks easier to parry. Leg shots make the enemy slow down. Movement All walking. Map sizes would have to be tweaked to make walking not too annoying. You would have a meter for stamina, and you can use this meter to run. It doesn't run out too slowly, but it takes a long time to regenerate, hopefully this would make people save it for chasing gunners. Guns Blasters, maybe grenades, but all blasters. Blasters, if aimed skillfully enough, can beat a lightsaber. Just like a lightsaber can beat a blaster. If you catch someone off gaurd they're dead in 1 shot, or close to it if you only hit their arm or leg. How will you block blasters you ask? Simple. All jedi get a "force sense" power (not like the current one) that draws a line along the bullet's path. The color of this line increases intensity when it gets closer, so once it is bright red you know it is just about to hit. Bullets would still travel at roughly the same speed they do now, this would have to be tweaked. Shooting speed would be reduced, mainly to about 2 shots a second for the fastest weapon. It would be more about aiming your shots instead of trying to get lucky. Force Powers Force powers would mainly move objects. They would not be a dominant thing in the game, but used more in a stealthy manner. Used most of all to set traps and move things from afar. No lighting, no mind trick that makes you invisible. Just straight forward powers. When you use a power, you are stationary. You put your hand up and face the object like your are concentrating on it. Force Telekinises - Pick up and object and control it from a distance. Somewhat like grip without damage, this allows you to pick up and object and move it. The amount of weight you can lift lowers as the distance between you and the object increases. This is for picking up stuff up to around 100-150 pounds TOPS. That's within like 5 feet. Useless against Jedi/Dark Jedi. Force Push - This also only works on inanimate objects and droids. Same as the above. You hold down your force button to scale the amount of power, and wait as a meter fills up. You let go when you reach the desired power. This makes a delay between when you start using the power and when you use it, making you vulnerable for that time. If something is real close, just tap your force button. Useless against Jedi/Dark Jedi. Force Pull - Same as Force Push. If aimed at merce Useless against Jedi/Dark Jedi. Force Jump - This is a bit different from the current force jump. It is not for moving forward, but almost exlusively for moving up. You crouch on the ground and prepare to jump, a meter shows up just like force push, and you let go when you reach the desired jump height. This allows for accessing higher places, without making it a superhero flying banana peanut circus. Force Mind Trick - This does not make you invisible. It allows you to persuade enemy AI to do things they wouldn't normally. It only works on stormtroopers for the most part, but you can convince the stormtrooper squad leader to take his men somewhere else while you sneak past them! No use in multiplayer, not available in multiplayer. Useless against Jedi/Dark Jedi. Force Regenerate - Allows you to slowly regenerate health over time. Force Sense - Adding points to this force power increases the radius in which you can see incoming bullets. Those are all the force powers. When you have your lightsaber down, your force pool regenerates faster. Maps Cities would hopefully boast lots of NPCs walking around. If an engine like the CryEngine was used, you could just imagine Endor with little ewoks all around in treehouses. The game would be largely darker than JA. A little under half the missions would be set at night. Gratuitous use of weather effects like rain would be used. Gameplay In multiplayer, you could choose to be either Jedi or Mercenary. Jedi can't use guns, only a lightsaber and a simple blaster like the one in JA. Jedi get points to use in force powers. Mercenaries get points to use on equipment. Equipment would include mandalorian armor with jetpacks, guns, grenades, flamethrowers(maybe) and deployable turrets(maybe). They could also use equipment points to buy "gyro packs" which would give them improved balance. Because of this they would be harder to knock down with force powers. Jedi would always have single sabers. Duals and/or staves would be too hard to work out with the combat system. Player Customization Using bones set in the model's face, a customization system like TopSpin would be worked out, allowing for massive customization of the face. Increase the width and height of your cheekbones, move your nose and resize it. Move your lips or make them wider. Raise your eyebrows or make them further apart. Clothing would be one piece. Creating two-set pieces of clothing isn't worth it, being able to customise your face is enough, plus, when the whole set of clothing is modelled it looks much better than mixed up torso/leg combos. Clothing would be dark too, consisting mostly of cloth clothing for Jedi. Well... I think that's it. This post is getting a little hefty now so I think I'll stop. Turned out a lot longer than I wanted it to be heh. Good luck reading it, hopefully it isn't to unorganized.
  8. Maybe slow down bolts just a little bit? Maybe you could have any direction of manual blocking block bolts, but if you do it in a certain direction you're gauranteed to return fire to the sender.
  9. For blaster blocking, maybe you could keep it manual if you added a "force sight" to blaster shots that shows where each bullet will go, so when you shoot you see a little line show up, which shows you the trajectory of the blaster shot.
  10. Couldn't you use the current saber "bounce" code and just make the bones unable to go past a certain radius of the last bone (making sure the whip doesn't "stretch"). By bounce code, I mean when you throw your saber and it bounces off the ground, right now it bounces a little bit too much, but put a damper on it and it could look good.
  11. I would like to see it on the source engine or the cry engine, but it almost certainly will be done on the Doom 3 engine. Oh well, real time lighting along with lightsabers will look very cool anyway. Assuming they make a JK4 of course. I would just love to see all the physics interaction with force powers in the source engine. Although I hear Doom 3 has physics, I have a feeling they will not be quite as big a part of the game as in HL2. I would love to see a new combat system, one where you can control exactly where the saber goes (using inverse kinematics). Think about how cool that would be, REAL parrying!
  12. Well, I was just kidding as to my "suggestion," I just tried to make it as outrageous as possible I would like it if you couldn't move at all while you swing your saber, and at the end you have a sort of half second pause... so it would create a more "you attack, then I attack" setting. It would sort of make it more like Tekken or Soul Calibur 2 (I love that game). However I can see that many people might not like this... plus I wouldn't be programming it, so only do it if you like Can you elaborate on your saber system? Sounds cool
  13. Is this for gameplay changes to the saber system (I.E. I want some system where I can move my eyes and I attack exactly where my eyes point, as well as having massively cool special effects and twirls) or things more related to coding changes?
  14. My views on lightside powers: Absorb - Fine the way it is Protect - Needs to protect more, and last longer while protecting. Look at Dark Rage, it protects FAR more, and it adds dmg, speed etc... Heal - I like it, unlike drain it is more of a "use after fights" power, because it uses so much force. It is really a force power to get you back into the fight faster, instead of keep you in it longer. Mind Trick - Good, except that level 1 Seeing reveals a level 3 Mind Trick. Make level 1 Seeing reveal level 1 Mind Trick, and level 2 Seeing reveal level 2 Mind Trick etc.. Then it will be balanced.
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