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  1. doh but thanks man, I guess it aint so bad, now to get the hang of flying down...
  2. I have battle front for the PC and its awsome! the only thing is I cant get rid of those damn objective details, ya know the ones that pause the game and explain what u need to do I CANT GET RID OF THEM! I've gone into the options menu and I dont see the "Always show objective details" I gone into the options menu both in and out of the game and still nothing! a little help plse other then that the game is awsome! I love the story of the 501st
  3. hey its cool lynk Loopiness is always welcomed here...I think any who this whole fighting over da net is kinda dumb and useless but it does remind me of a vid I saw hope the link still worksReal life VS the Internet
  4. I want to lose my sainity not bleed my ears to death
  5. eh cant complain.....I keep wanting to loose my sainty but it aint working..... help!
  6. yeah Lynk is right, its all bascily the same thing now wit games, but there are a few games that pre-date ep 1 and 2 for example Knights of the old republic, this game really rocked it was great and it felt like the player was in the sw universe and u decided the out come of the game. As for the games beining orginal, that would be nice and great. As for your comment on u would like a game based on the trillogy, that would be cool too but if u think about it; they've done all they could wit the orginal trillogy, We've flown through and destoryed the secound death star, we've been on a spider bike chasing scout troopers in endor. What else is there to do? as for the games based on prequels those game are basicly not as good cuz we havent seen them in the movies and some time they are lame but once we see the prequel trilliogy and the end of the colne wars some of us gamers are gona want to go and fight battle droids and what not. Just wait and see but I do agree tho an orginal engie or idea would be nice:D
  7. COOL ARESEN HAS A CELLAR! (starts dumping dead bodies) ahhh my work here is done!
  8. true I third the movement! but the battle between obi-wan and Anakin better be the best thing and longest in the world!
  9. hmmm its a so so title, but it makes the movie seem its gona be action packed and full of awsome space battles and shizzle, lets hope its non stop action
  10. Hey red, Anita blake is a hunteress, she hunts zombies and what not its a really cool book check it out man! and red dont get a job its the worst thing in the world, or dont work in retail it sucks (instert noun) really bad I dont recomend the experince to any one...well maybe my enemies but no one else:D
  11. Hey DS vampire are intresting charaters have u ever read a book wit the charater Anita Blake? I think the author is Anne Rice
  12. Music from Inuyasha is always good and most of the gundam wing music, duno artist or other info but its good music
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