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  1. Well OJP doesn't work with jasp.exe, but you still can simulate SP with co-op Hope to see some good anims
  2. You were the one who did the website? Nice job, and thanks
  3. Simple and nice. Better than "with a tendency to the bizzare" Me like
  4. Wasn't there a singleplayer mod that used MB2's combat system?
  5. I think they're using MB2's combat system, since they've credited MB2 for their help
  6. What do you mean vanilla JKA? As in, with JKA's combat mode and not OJP's?
  7. Oh I thought you meant you were going to talk to someone from filefront
  8. Bit of both, me thinks. Apparently someone's decided to heed my advice, be good and stay in school
  9. As in, latest version of internal beta. Max refuses to tell me on MSN
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