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  1. Well OJP doesn't work with jasp.exe, but you still can simulate SP with co-op Hope to see some good anims
  2. You were the one who did the website? Nice job, and thanks
  3. Simple and nice. Better than "with a tendency to the bizzare" Me like
  4. Wasn't there a singleplayer mod that used MB2's combat system?
  5. I think they're using MB2's combat system, since they've credited MB2 for their help
  6. What do you mean vanilla JKA? As in, with JKA's combat mode and not OJP's?
  7. Oh I thought you meant you were going to talk to someone from filefront
  8. Bit of both, me thinks. Apparently someone's decided to heed my advice, be good and stay in school
  9. As in, latest version of internal beta. Max refuses to tell me on MSN
  10. Tanqexe had a great design for an OJP website. Shame no one actually took up the challenge back then
  11. Up till now, I still have no idea how quick parry works. It would be good if we had animations to show what exactly the move does, but we all know anims for JKA are teh suck to make
  12. Hi welcome to the OJP community. There are many more updates to come, so enjoy your stay!
  13. The slow-est movement speed thing won't over-complicate. It's going to be quite self explanatory - press just one button to cycle through available movement modes - unlike the complex "step this way to riposte, do this do that to parry" moves
  14. Well on hindsight I think you two are right. The dual wield thing can be a bit tacky. But I think rechargeable needs to be in to make armor at least more useful than what it currently is. Right now armor isn't something you'd go to great lengths to get Also added another idea to the list - Slow walking mode/speed selection Slow walking mode: A walking mode that's even slower than the current walk function. This one is slow enough so that you can't even see your character moving unless you look really hard. Saber fights look more KOTOR-like, but that's not the point. It helps to promote fights on smaller areas like ledges, without you falling off just to parry an attack coming from the side. To differ it from the normal walking mode, benefit involves less DP lost when hit, but you don't inflict as much DP damage as well Speed selection: Just like how games such as Rainbow Six, Call of Duty and SWAT let you cycle through available "firing positions", so does this idea allow you to cycle through different speeds. I made the HUD shaped in such a way so that if anyone wants to implement this feature in, it will not look out of place like an afterthought.
  15. I kinda got bored this one day, so I've got a new list of ideas for OJP (one of which is a win idea imo) - Rechargeable armor It seems to me that armor is practically useless in OJP. A saber hack will cut off most, if not all, of your armor easily if you're low on DP (so whatever percentage of armor that you have is superficial). Furthermore, with armor being so scarce, this advantage that mercs have isn't really very helpful at the end of the day So the solution? Let armor recharge on its own, slowly but surely. I propose armor recharges at a rate of 1 point every 2-3 seconds, so that mercs don't quickly gain the upper hand, but after a fight they're still allowed to "heal up" the armor, especially in maps with fewer armor drops It also offers an opposing side to the Jedi, who can force heal. It's not fair that Jedi can force heal, but not mercs - Console feedback for inventory item respawning I haven't played the latest version of OJP, so I don't know if inventory respawning is in yet, but if it is, this should be a helpful feature. Let's say I'm a merc and I have a forcefield in my inventory. It takes 1 min 30 seconds to respawn. Upon using it, the counter ticks, and when it respawns back in my inventory, I get a message informing me that the forcefield is back. For example: "Forcefield can be used again." or "XXX-item can be used again" And now the idea that I'm pretty excited to see in the game: - Dual wielding saber + pistol Saber on the left hand, pistol on the right. Stance is the dual wield one. Primary attack uses saber, sec attack uses pistol (so no kick or secondary fire for pistol). You know the rest. I have a feeling that merc hybrids will use this a lot
  16. lol if people had a Q3 exporter for Lightwave...=\ Some of the stuff I've already done and textured are still sitting around on my desktop waiting to be exported. Even though I'm aware of the way to do it (which is from Lightwave to Blender to md3), I really don't have the time to do trial and error for lightwave exporting because I'm getting lots of weird stuff while exporting
  17. Er what? I'm missing something here, because I don't know what you're talking about
  18. I'm with your stand too. The really sad truth about this, though, is that the JKA community lacks people who are willing to help make contributions for the mod only I agree, though, that all this "borrowing" of assets is starting to make me feel uneasy
  19. You're a pussy Max! *goes back to crying* Well I personally am not too free myself too these days, but I'm still trying to participate. I know where Hock's coming from. Real life eats in all the time
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