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  1. why does humans disturb the slumber of the dead?
  2. eyy you didnt tried with me now im married with a son
  3. Ey Rogues! DD the official spanker is getting married!!! Lets all form up and congratulate her in this new stage of her life... lets hope she gets an Ace medal on this one DD: We know each other for a long time, and I wish you good luck, may God bless your new life with the lucky husband (yea right.. ) and welcome to the next level gamer girl. FREE DSS MILK FOR EVERYBODY!!!!! Heilz Out! <I've Seen Enough Hentai To Know Where This Is Going.....>
  5. Title accepted! Now on my behalf everybody in aresen drink a full glass of milk! fresh from the recipient
  6. milk anyone? there lots of bottles at the freezer
  7. guuuys!! wake up damn it!!! stop jeking it it wont grow anymore!!! time to bring the insanity back
  8. milk man standing by.... guys wake up! lynky!! call mr weasel!
  9. guys!! wake up!!!!! now is the time of the year to come back! *sounds alarm.... WAKE UP!!!!!!! sanity is coming over here!!!! WAKE UP!
  10. damn good first time!!!!! too bad they canceled the Mexican goal!!!!!
  11. alien vs predator!!!!! FF XIII Bayonetta and DanteĀ“s inferno!! rock on 2010
  12. ha!....... randomness... randomness could be: DSS goes to chastity.... milk factory closed Mr weasel beaten by the freezer
  13. i think we should post our gamer tags here to play
  14. yep one more year gone to hell next year!!! alien vs pred on xbox and final fantasy 13
  15. play xbox, edit videos, images.... facebook... boobs... etc..
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