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  1. splat splorch splat... charger empty!!! reload!! *flap flap flap flap flap
  2. im going to laredo this weekend and this is my check list dragon ball raging blast, cod4 probably the bundle of dead rising, lost planet and dmc4 and here in mexico ill get the preorder cod6
  3. i just borrowed a wii from a friend and im waiting for Badcompany2 next year and cod 6 this month
  4. ejem...!! shut up lynky!! i want a shadows of the empire and rogue squadron remakes for XBOX 360
  5. in fact show some respect for luka....
  6. milk cannons lock and loaded... waiting for orders of deploy.... headshots marksman xd
  7. whatswhat you think!! everybody PARTY!! 15 lost his V word
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