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  1. lynky, you can play on the hdtv!! just adjust the size to 4:3 i do that to play castlevania legacy of darkness
  2. OBJECTION!!! Panties arent a discussion topic in this place.. PANTIES are legally obligated to enter this site!! and the girls on this forum MUST send theirs to us...
  3. guys.. we were talking about downloading RS!! but again.. being aresen doesnt matter
  4. and i know the milk fu... so your choice...?
  5. megaupload mom? and scar... no... you arent the one
  6. wait.. im still ignoring you kjo but yes im handsome i still know that sexy bastard
  7. i still know that handsome guy who can share it
  8. i KNOW somebody who can share it *wink wink
  9. thats why we need to get pregnant ladies to play video games and transfer all the info via USB Umbilical System Baby
  10. got it... just tell me what kind of pictures you want? views? scenes? lasers? battleS?
  11. I did it !! i tweaked my pc for the sidewinder joystick !!! and i can play it again!!!! system Spec Pentium Core Duo 2.66 Ghz 2gb Kingston Ram Nvidia Gforce 8800GT 512 MB PCI-ex Windows XP enjoy the memories Rogues
  12. i m starting to love this girl but now.... OMG!!!!
  13. just remember to include mr weasel and the aresen panties
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