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  1. This is not jk2, stop it, stop it, stop it... Just do it the same way you do the yellow DFA in JK2 and JA, you will see it is very easy once you master it
  2. In MP even if you hit the enemy with stab they don't die, not to mention it is one of a million chance to do it.
  3. I found a download site where you can get alot of Jk2 stuff for JA, including a ffa map pack! Go HERE to find maps and other stuff from jk2 to JA... Enjoy
  4. I use single saber, and I know every technique to kick the ass out of the dualsaber- and staffists. I win 8/10 duels against them with single saber. Simple as that, I don't need any patch. After all, patches are made to fix bugs, not gameplay...
  5. This doesn't happen to me... I went in a server, I won 3 matches in a row, but the admin(s) didn't kick me, and no one haunted me. They did sometimes, but it was only for fun, no one freaked out like a puberty kid, no body went crazy and called me a ''lamez0r d00d'' or something. I cannot remember how many times I beat the admin but he was very nice to talk to, a nice person, he didn't kick me at all. I added this server to favorites, and I am not telling you the IP (since it might attract lamers)
  6. Clan/Team Name: Dacre Jedi Academy Structural Leadership: [Committee, Democracy, Just Friends, so on, so on] How should I explain it... We use ranks... And skills are not required to join, all you need is a brain. Founder: Chris Dacre Tag: [DJA] Accepting Members: Yes Ladder: No Type: Ladder Team/Community Alignment: [Republic, Empire, Neutral, Sith, Jedi so on, so on] Sith and Jedi, depends on what House you are in... Main Game Type: [siege, Duel so on, so on] Free For All mostly Website: http://dja-clan.cjb.net (made by me!) Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://lordpain.proboards22.com/index.cgi Other Contact Info: [E-mail, telepathy j/k so on, so on] MSN and perhaps e-mail Requirements: A brain and nice attitude Brief Background: I don't know what you mean with this...
  7. Well, you see, sometimes I am in a mood where I just want to relax and talk, not fight. So I /amsit or /ammeditate and watch the other people fight. It is funny, and a guy with a slashing spree on us is not a problem, since the whole ''relaxing crew'' grips and throws him down. I don't feel like fighting non-stop... Especially in JA, where it is all about swining a saber until somebody dies.
  8. babywax, lol... I mean the am commands in JK2 (like /ammeditate or /amsit) And I did get a grip, but I used Absorb, and slashed him.
  9. I am one of those, atleast I was in JK2, it is a bit stupid when you sit with friends and meditate, and some jackass comes by and slashes you like crazy. Not a problem, since they are disolved by my saber in no time.
  10. Maturity of an 18 year old? How is the world coming? First they used 11-year olds as examples, 12-year olds aswell. Then 13, and then 15. Now 18? So you are saying people will never grow up? lol Uh on topic... Stupid admins, they are the kind that likes to use admin powers, they find any reason to do it. You say ''damn'' they kick you for ''swearing''. You win against the admins, and they kick you. These guys needs to be spanked hard
  11. ''Real players''? Saying are you, that single sabers are only used by real players? True it is not, for the staff is my ally, and I win I do against the red-stance-single-sabers. I know the tactic with staff to defeat red stance, it is hard to kill the opponent if he/she has red, but the secret is to ignite only a part of the staff with L, (so it changes to the way a single saber yellow stance is) and dodge those moves and slash quick. I always do this, it seems that I finally learned some tactics.
  12. I gave it more thought and I decided it didn't sound so good. And by the way, my student is once again weaker than me.. Yay! I didn't want to get a mod like this just because my students can own me or something, I wanted to experience the movies, but I don't feel like that anymore. Besides, it would be too complicated. The normal way is better IMO, and I won't care if even a newbie kills me, it doesn't mean I suck. I guess I had problems facing the fact that my student kept winning. After all, he learned those tricks from me (I taught him the tactics, etc) And I actually promoted him for showing off such skills. He is the best among all students I have... And guess what... I have known him since I was a kid Oh and Prime, I mean punishing them as with the Emperor and Luke in ROTJ (I have always dreamed of punishing some lamer by shooting lightning at him, torturing him to death ) Also, I do not understand how to play JA, ok I win more duels than I lose, but still, when force is recharging for those butterfly and katas, I can only swing. I remember the stances in JO being easy to handle and you could easily learn how to win with them. With the dual- and staff stances, it feels impossible, because it is just swinging and swinging. I guess I will learn in time though.
  13. You're not funny, nor mature for that matter, so stop it while you're at it
  14. You, the finnish guy that just flamed me. Please keep your rude stupid comments out of this thread, I don't feel like talking to people like you, I met your kind on many forums. Who cares, everyone hates the idea, so lock this and live happily in your saber-swing game for all the years that it will last. If it will that is.
  15. Heh, atleast I got one post... Why is nobody replying? I noticed how some threads are completely ignored and end up being on Page 4 in a day.
  16. The Lord forgives you... Don't fail me again, Admiral...
  17. You are confusing AT-ST with AT-AT. AT-AT = The four legged giant AT-ST = The two legged half-giant
  18. I am tired of one thing, and it's the following... A padawan in my clan is on a training with me. We duel, he wins. I used to win all the time, suddenly fate changes and decides to give my padawan luck. And I even taught him all those tricks. Now, what I want to see is some sort of level-up mod, or something with ''growing skills''. This would fit. And for a certain level, you gained a new title, such as Jedi Master, or Sith Lord, etc. You could gain experience in duels, by winning them of course. Now that I am prepared for my division, or a 'house' as we call it in my clan, I want to be able to give off the impression that I am a master. How silly is it to see me lose in a duel vs. one of my Padawans when I am the deputy head of the clan? Very silly... If I could train up, and now since the game is new, I will take in low-skilled and low-leveled padawans, and I will actually be able to win against them, like in the movies. Wouldn't it be silly seeing Yoda duel a padawan, and then he loses? How stupid is that? I am not saying I suck, what I am saying is that any Padawan could come up and just grip or stab you quickly to death. Since JA is a big swing-saber fest, atleast for me, I do not play as an experienced player. Sure, tell me to go play KOtOR, but I sure won't. I mean, just imagine being a Sith Master, after a hard work of playing, and finally be able to swoop lower ranked people just like that, or punish them in new ways. This is how I feel about a new mod... For JA of course. I hope this doesn't bring up a big debate to have it or not... But this is what I wish, a skill system.
  19. I did... He is not responding. His name is Griffinclaw.
  20. I just put the PK3 over to my base folder, and when I try to load map, it shows an error that goes something like ''Error: 7 sound sets missing!'' What's this?!
  21. Where do I find these ''novels''? I don't think they ship that stuff over to Sweden... Is it books?
  22. I don't remember exactly, but... I think I used cg_thirdperson options, there was stuff like cg_thirdpersoncameradamp, cg_thirdpersonvertoffset, etc
  23. Besides, EU are not a part of Star Wars. As I know, George Lucas said that you can see them as alternate universes, because the real Star Wars ends with Return of the Jedi, according to him. I still like a bit of the EU, though
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