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  1. C'jais, no. If you were being sarcastic, then you should know that if you knew how to use fast or medium stance, you could dominate strong stance. I almost never lost against a red stance with those, especially medium, I kept wooping the ass out of the red-stancers.
  2. oh, please, fine. You will see for yourself that single saber will easily dominate the others, and the others dominate single. It just depends on your skills. They didn't make it like it would be in real life, that somebody with a single loses against somebody with something more ''advanced'', like a dual or double-bladed lightsaber. It is probably balanced, but I suspect that you have to change your tactics against them, like doing DFA's or avoiding their powerful attacks and swings.
  3. Well... I guess so, but the maps or skins might need tweaking, seeing as they differ from the JA engine. I think mostly the maps will need tweaking, I think the problem is textures, in some cases. A friend of mine is converting good maps for my clanserver, like jedicouncilgc (the latest version of it). He will of course start to do it when game is out, he says it is easy.
  4. Single saber will easily be balanced against the new, since red stance breaks through anything, I think you should avoid the hits and swings from the others and then quickly side swing with red, like in JK2. Because I know that in JK2 that did some nice effect if you knew how to do it, it should easily be good in this game too. I hope so, atleast.
  5. I agree alot, JO was a bit better, JA is a bit of a mess, just swing and win with the sabers. It's too bad with all the ignorant people not seeing it, pretending the game is the best.
  6. I agree, I can honestly say JA didn't impress me.
  7. Well, I wouldn't myself give it 90%, after all, they are using the same engine, and for who played JK2 ALOT (like me), you won't be feeling that much difference. I would give it 85%, but that's just me I guess.
  8. Well, I see what you are puzzled about... A Sith Apprentice walks in... You are a Sith Guardian. You can choose to still fight, it's not like you constantly have to follow that honour code, but when we have practices, we will have team ffa's, and the Siths go to the red side, and Jedis to the blue... And, we have ''houses''. There is a Obi-Wan Kenobi House, Qui-Gon Jinn house, Darth Maul house, and Mace Windu house (Mace Windu house is likely to be changed to something more dark side-ish, to balance the Force sides. ) If you choose to be in one of the Dark Side houses, Darth Maul or the other one we are working on, you will automatically be Sith. If you choose the Obi-Wan Kenobi or Qui-Gon Jinn house, you will automatically be a Jedi. You will first start as a Padawan, in the Padawan Camp, for 1-2 weeks, to show proof of activity and right mood for joining... Not just joining with no avatar and signature in forums and never posting, you got to be ''one of us'', active and posting like a normal person. I'm kind of bothered by explaining this through forums... This would be easier to talk about in MSN or ICQ... PM me your ICQ/MSN and I'll add you. Did you check out our forums by the way? (There is more questions I can answer)
  9. I guess so... If you have the rank of a guardian in Sith/Jedi, your primary objective is to always protect people, and follow the description of your rank, which is found on the clansite. (made by me) And of course, only certain people can enter certain places in the forum, depending on rank mostly. You can get promoted aswell. Just head over to our site and see for yourself if you want to.
  10. I think we do have one, you'll have to explain what that means though, we could have it while not knowing the real name of it or so.
  11. Dream? ah well he was probably half-asleep
  12. I made a clan for us Jedi Academy players (ok I didnt make it, a friend did, I am the Co Leader anyways), and when the game is released, the section will start playing it. We have a clansite which I made, and forums, provided by the Jedi Master in the clan. It is called Dacre Jedi Academy, and me and Chris, (the leader) use the last name Dacre for our names because that's our 'Star warsy' name. We have problems with how to make the clantags look... http://www.dja-clan.cjb.net is the clansite, you can find forums and all that there... Anyway, we have ''houses'', I own the Obi-Wan Kenobi house, and there is Darth Maul, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon houses. We need members, and you will be placed into a house, as a Padawan at first, and then after prooving you want to join our clan, and will come at practices when JA come, you will be accepted, and placed into one of the houses, currently the Obi-Wan house or the Qui-Gon house, since it is the only one having masters. I have msn or icq if anyone wants to discuss this further.
  13. Sigh, I give up about what I discussed in the first place. Too many simpletons
  14. Why? I as a guy think girls should enjoy seeing males in game aswell I think its unfair
  15. Ok guys, stop being OT But I really don't care how female bodies look in games... They always make females look so damn half naked and still the guys are completely dressed on... They should ask girls what they like and make the characters look like that
  16. I remember a hacker I played against. He had some cheat that made the damage he made double. Someone even caught him, but he wasn't an admin, but the admin who is my friend, kicked that cheater. He used something called ''Double Damage'' or something. He touched me with saber and I lost like 70 hp at once, and he never died, I even did the red special attack at him and hit him, he still ''survived''
  17. Too bad, I mean, not everyone wants to start with the medium stance. I would prefer the blue/quick stance to begin with, but oh well.
  18. Yep, that will do it. No problems. Heck, that laptop is better than my home computer... Gah I hate my life
  19. I agree with you, and I won't post anything more about this. As I said, I returned the game and was this close to actually slap my friend because of... You know.
  20. Well, I shouldn't be guilty (and stop flaming me btw) because HE gave me a version I thought was real, he said ''Hey man, guess what?'' I said what ''You know the game Jedi Academy?'' I said ''Yes?'' ''I have it!'' I asked him: ''How? The game is not even released unless you got it from warez or something?'' He says ''No no, I got it from a gaming magazine I am working at!'' I asked ''Which one is that? Sounds cool'' he just ignores that question and goes on how good it is, etc, and I let him install it, I guess he put a sticker or something on the CD, because it looks like it COULD JA, but it probably isn't. So, he installs it, and lets me borrow it. You now say that it is illegal, and that I will get my ass sued off. He let me borrow it (his suggestion) and I did. I played it, and tell people I got it, and get flamed and threatened, etc. How was I supposed to know it's illegal? I'll just uninstall and give the CD back and never trust him again, and buy the game. I am after all starting a clan for JA, so I will buy the game. So the question is, do I really have some illegal warez **** installed on my computer, or not? I will however return it, since only the fact that I have it is illegal, it seems. *starts process* EDIT: Ok, I returned it, and got really mad at him for almost getting me into troubles with illegal stuff, after all, I never download games at all, I always buy them or burn them. It's uninstalled and returned, so don't worry, and again - I will buy it because I will have a clan for it (clansite already made by me ) So, don't bother anymore, I apologize to all who got mad at me, or disliked the way I got the game, talked about it, etc. I just couldn't resist, seeing you guys talking about stuff I already knew. Ah well. It's all forgotten now, I'll see you later
  21. For gods sake, must I post a screenshot to proove that I DO NOT HAVE THE BETA! It is not a beta for heavens sake! And I will buy the game for the Multiplayer part. And again, I don't have beta, say it again and I'll spam your PM inbox. EDIT: And again, you are being ignorant! What I have posted can be found in magazines, sites, well, you get it. The following can be spoilers, as some people said so, so I'll just hide it. But sure go ahead ban me, it's not like I would die.
  22. Mike, stop being so ignorant... I didn't spoil anything, what I have said so far can be found anywhere on the net, the dark and light path for an example were already known by alot of people. I guess you just like insulting people, so who cares? I wanted to say that it IS 1.0, since it went Gold a while ago, and that means that it goes 1.0 (I think so atleast) and the .txt file I found says 1.0 even the console shows 1.0 Anyway, Mike, I hope you can stop being such a jerk What, did I reveal the name of the boss or something? I remember someone else doing that, not me
  23. The path of the dark or light side can be chosen,
  24. I WILL buy the game, LucasArts won't lose on it, because the multiplayer does not work in this version anyway (some strange error) so I will buy the game so I can play multiplayer. So, LucasArts is not losing. EDIT: Let me explain more... Before I'll get banned, I want to say WHY I want to buy it, because anyone could say that and they still could get it burned from a friend. I am one of those guys who always does it the clean way, I just MUST have the cd's, that's the only way I'll experience the game, if I play some non bought version, it will feel like I'm playing some cracked illegal buggy game. That feels dirty. It feels cleaner if I buy it, so, you get the point. No one is losing on it (in my case)
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