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  1. Sorry if I sounded too harsh, I just don't want anyone to misunderstand me, leading to getting banned from these forums for ''revealing too much'', when that info was actually on any site...
  2. Well after all, if you are referring to the fact that I have it, and that it is downloadable as I have heard, it is no problem. I borrowed it from a friend who tests for a gaming magazine. I wonder why he doesn't tell me the magazine he is working for!
  3. Pissed I am not, just telling the truth I am! I was just pissed that minute Anyway, it's not like I am wrong, haven't you seen stuff like ''UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004! The new features in this great first person shooter is: - Vehicles as cars and futuristic planes can now be used! - New weapons!'' You know what I'm talking about, right?
  4. So you are saying that if you didn't know about that you could customize your character then you would have jumped on me for ''spoilers''?
  5. These are not spoilers, do you think I revealed too much? Mods can edit it out in that case, the information is not anything that is super secret. Stuff like that is used to brag about the game, by the company.
  6. Answer to the first post (the thread maker) - no.
  7. I already know, and do not expect the sabers to be hitting perfectly or the duels to be precise. It's just swinging around with sabers and just hoping you're gonna win. That's how it is the mostly, but you can pull in some special tricks to make it more accurate and more ''making sense''.
  8. While I can confirm that it is the same engine, it is at the same time very much re-coded and many other smaller engines has been added to improve stuff in the main JK2 engine. -Enemies hit the walls if you kill them near one -Stances are actually refreshed, not exactly the same as before -New acrobatic tricks - I can promise you, when you reach the highest jump level you can get in game, you will see how much I enjoy jumping and walking upwards on walls. I won't reveal anything more, but I am sure all this that I saw in game could not be added in just an expansion. I do hope they make an expansion for Jedi Academy though, seeing as the two different (dark and light path, it is not a spoiler - it is official information, I knew about that before trailers were even out, so no blaming me for spoiling here, it is common knowledge!) ends tend to make one believe so. EDIT: They doubled the polycount on many places, atleast some guns
  9. Ok Nobel Jedi, you just pissed me off to 100% If you were reading info about the game, you would already have KNOWN THAT YOU COULD CHOOSE DARK/LIGHT PATH! I knew this before I even saw trailers goddamnit! So it is not a spoiler. Maybe that info is hidden now, but I remember reading it way before trailers were released.
  10. Hmm, I'm posting to discuss how people with female models/skins get treated over games, like JK2. I see a guy, (I know him) wearing Jan Ors model, and suddenly all guys gather around him. He moves to another spot, and they all follow him like they were bee's and he were hunny. Get my point? Now, in MP, I will surely pick Female Twi'Lek, and I WILL slash any guy attempting to pick me up (and I will also tell him I am a guy, because I am) =
  11. I won't need the demo, my tester friend gave it to me (he writes about games in some gaming magazine, and then he got to test the game and he took it to my place and installed. I am just borrowing it though, and I have almost beaten the game in light path, I already did it in dark path. [Edited to remove possible information of game that has not been released. Any more of this and you WILL be banned since any information sent through PMs is STILL considered a part of the site.] EDIT: I got pms about that I have a demo, it's not the demo I have, it's the full game I have (and no, I didn't get it illegaly )
  12. I know what the Stormtrooper says. I understand the SW symbols quite good, so I know that it is ''Hey you there''
  13. I heard complaints from a guy, and from my self ( ) that some species are Male only or Female only. Now that sucks, I was looking forward to be a Male Zabrak. So my ''thing that popped in my head today'' is What if they fix this in a patch? What if now is a bit too late to fix that, so patch by patch they change it? Maybe even add more species? Who knows what they will do (Ravengames) Oh my! Damn that AD with ''Are you ready to go to school?'' is blocking my post...
  14. Whoa, the maps and models/skins from JK2 are compatible with JA? Man, that's COOL! This could be used to save time... I will transfer many maps to JA as soon as I get it hehe... And no, I won't play JK2 anymore, because I already stopped doing that anyways.
  15. I did not download that illegal beta, I heard from a friend who got it, and he sent me some screenies, hehe... Well, no, it is not a dinosaur.
  16. Okay, sorry about signature, and thanks to you for the information. I guess I mostly posted the thread so people can see me rather than me just reading the FAQ, which I just did
  17. I am totally fine with his new look, it is after all the age that makes him change. And I also heard he kept suffering of Anakins death, so the looks of his face could be sadness or anger because of that. I mean, The Chosen One died! His Father! [Removed due to Information retaining to the Illegal Beta]
  18. Sorry... Unless a mod or admin complains about it, I won't worry
  19. Thanks for the welcome, but I actually registered some time ago, just never posted anything... So I'm a newbie, but not a n00b.
  20. Another question - when is the demo released? I need more details, not just ''in a couple of weeks'' I need to hear if it is this week, next, or perhaps the one after next.
  21. I saw that the Zabrak race only is female? Why?!?! I wanted to be a male zabrak! How r00d! (rude) And also, will I be able to customize my saber and character for Multiplayer as well, or is it just like JK2 where you pick premade models? I might come up with more questions. When I have no gases After I dropped some stink bombs (farting) Oh, my!
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