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  1. Dark Forces MOD is back up. It was a joke. Everyone can calm down now...
  2. Would you like to see cooperative Single player incorporated into JK3?
  3. Come on Ya'll. It's an April Fools stunt. When April 3 rolls around, if it still is down, I'll be concerned. If LucasArts did that they would be insane. There is no other single act they could make to boost indignation and fuel boycotts and piracy of JK3. I'm a little hacked that you don't play as Kyle apparently in JK3. I bought DF 2 wks. after it's release. The DF series IS Kyle Katarn. BTW, I was on the DF mod site on the 31st until about 5:00. If they DID shut it down, it was sometime that night. Let's just all chill until April 3. --------------------- Jedi Outcast should be called Dark Forces 3. Long live DF!!
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