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  1. How do u play as a dark jedi and the other classes?? I have been playen jedi master on online but playen against the computer witch is fine im kinda lost, ive looked at the readme a bit and ive looked at the screen shots but i caint get the skins to work like boba fet, i think i might be doing somthing wrong??
  2. Hello all while playen forcemod2 i found somthing that hopefully will be fixable:) i noticed when playen using darth mauls saber and it gets split in two u then have two whole darth maul saber hilts, shouldent it be just to halfs?
  3. Ok guyes again i did download some char. skins and put them in my forcemode2 folder , then went to play and i had darth maul to play as enemy but it wasent the darth maul skin what am i doing wrong. Also i did notice when saber fighten and u saber lock somtimes u can see the saber blade is on the handle when locked up, i would think that the handle then would be destroyed.
  4. Ok now that iv downloaded some skins where do i put them in my forcemode2 folder is thier a special place they need to go? They are dark and reg jedi char. ????
  5. ok so do i put the file in the forcemode2 folder???
  6. I was wondering if i wanna play let say a dark sith player say darth maul do i need to download the file and put it in the forcemode2 file, and also for a jedi player other than what is availble?
  7. I think anything is possible anymore this forcemode 2 is awsome, but im kinda lost on a few things.......where u can pick your classes i caint seem to find out how to do that.
  8. I was thinking in an up comming update maybe that thier could be different saber sounds to choose from like for example Darth mauls saber sound, yodas saber from epo.2 also when saber fighten u could in knock the saber out of the players hand then while fighten try to retrieve it. Just a thought for updates
  9. so how long before its going to released???
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