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  1. from the screenshots, theres definitly executor, but it looks like a background object, but in another screen you can definitly start blow it up hardpoint by hardpoint. Here's what I am finding there: Shot 1 Executor New Mon Cal class(maybe just home one) Pirate ship with weird projectile Shot 2 Felucia Tyber Zann or whoever Pirate troopers Shot 3 Aforementioned pirate ship and viragos Shot 4 Felucia Dark Troopers(either that or the empire has some new super tall troopers) droidekas pirate tanks, firing another weird projectile Shot 5 3-way battle New blue projectile Home one is bigger(which is why i think the mon cal in shot 2 is a new class) New pirate ship firing those orange-yellow projectiles b-wings Shot 6 Pirate Heroes(one looks like IG-88) Shot 7 Observe small home one ships looked rescaled that planet doesn't look like endor to me Shot 8 Pirate airspeeder with new type of laser Shot 9 Yoda Boba Fett ground units in addition to the hero some weird looking hero new trade routes that can extend into enemy territory(maybe the pirate's victory condition is to get teh yellow glow around everything) Salucami Honghor THe Maw Felucia Mandalore Shot 10 Ig-88 jungle troopers juggernaut
  2. I bet the second death star has some different rules, planatery shield, and maybe you just have to win the battle above it, who knows? I'd bet they have some Galactic Conquests that are DS1 only and some that are DS2 only.
  3. I was playing on corellia on galactic conflict and I saw something new, a black hole, I recognized it from its model, and apparently doesn't do anything, but I haven't heard if anyone had found this out yet so I figured I'd post.
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